Saints re-signing QB Jameis Winston to two-year, $28M deal

Tuesday, March 22, 2022
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It is no secret that the New Orleans Saints re signed quarterback Jameis Winston to a two-year‚ $28 million contract. But the deal isn't just any deal. This is one of the largest in the NFL‚ with $21 million guaranteed. The deal comes just weeks after Winston signed a one-year‚ $21 million deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Saints were in the market for another quarterback after Deshaun Watson signed with the Cleveland Browns. This deal will eliminate the team's option of selecting a rookie quarterback with the 18th overall pick. Considering that Winston is a proven quarterback prospect‚ it makes sense for the Saints to give him a full season before considering another quarterback. If things don't work out‚ they can always reset and look to the next draft class. If it doesn't‚ the Saints can try the new guy. This deal is a great deal for the Saints. The quarterback is back from his season-ending ACL injury and is expected to start playing soon. He is the best quarterback in the NFL and will be able to make the team compete for the Super Bowl this season. However‚ a lot depends on how Winston plays and how the Saints can use him to their advantage. The deal will be worth $28 million over two years. It will have a guaranteed $21 million per season. The money is good for Winston's development‚ but it is not a massive deal. It is a long-term deal for a quarterback who has shown that he is still a good player. And it will be a good deal for New Orleans‚ too. The deal is a great sign for the Saints. It will keep Winston in the same position as he departed from Alabama. Despite this‚ he is still considered a top quarterback candidate and will continue to be challenged by Hill. Hopefully‚ this new head coach will help him stay at the top. If he stays healthy‚ the deal will be a big boost for the franchise. The Saints re-signed Jameis Winston to a two-year deal worth $28 million. The deal includes the guarantee of $21 million over two years. This is a great sign for the Saints. It also signals an important move for the team's future. It is a long-term deal for a quarterback‚ but it is also a great one. The deal is a huge win for the Saints.

saints re signing qb jameis winston to two year 28m deal re signing two year
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The two-year contract includes $21 million guaranteed in the first year. The money is also significant in that it represents an additional $31 million in the second year. The new Saints will have an extremely expensive quarterback in the next two years‚ so this is a great deal for the team. The team is in the position of need‚ and they can afford to pay him a lot better. The two-year deal with Winston is a great way for the Saints to keep him on the roster. It also gives them an opportunity to keep him healthy. The new quarterback's injury history will be one of the most important factors this season. The Saints haven't seen much in him this season‚ but it has been a good thing for the franchise. The new contract will eliminate the team's option to draft a quarterback with the 18th overall pick in the draft. But the deal does not mean that New Orleans will never pick a quarterback. This is a positive sign for the Saints. It allows the Saints to keep the same quarterback and to upgrade the offensive line. This is great news for both sides.