Samsungs advert of a woman running alone at 2am is tone-deaf

Friday, April 29, 2022
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Is Samsung's Advert For a Woman Running Alone at 2am Tone Deaf?

Did you notice Samsung's advert of a woman running alone at two in the morning? It has caused quite a stir. Many women have accused Samsung of being 'tone deaf' and 'clueless' in the wake of the ad's release. While Samsung has since apologized for the advert‚ women continue to be branded as 'clueless' and 'tone deaf'.

Samsung's ad of a woman running alone at 2am is tone deaf

A recent Samsung advert showed a woman running alone in the city at 2am wearing a pair of headphones. The ad has received widespread backlash from women's groups and safety activists who argue that the ad is unrealistic and dangerous. The advert is also tone deaf and inaccurate‚ as it doesn't reflect reality. But a few women's safety groups are not convinced that the advert is tone deaf and unrealistic. A woman's safety group called Samsung's advert 'tone-deaf' and a women's safety group branded it 'offensive' after a woman was killed while running in the Tullamore canal in January. While the ad itself may not be harmful to road users‚ the reaction of users has left some users angry and disappointed. The advert was intended to promote a culture of individuality and freedom to exercise whenever they want. While the ad is intended to celebrate the freedom to exercise and run alone‚ many have criticised it as tone deaf and unrealistic. Some have pointed to Ashling Murphy's death while running in January‚ which ignited a discussion about women's safety. Samsung's latest campaign is a direct response to this controversy. But there's another message in this ad: women don't want to be attacked or robbed at 2am.

Samsung apologises for the ad

A recent Samsung advert showed a woman jogging by herself at two in the morning wearing headphones. The ad caused a lot of controversy‚ as the advert was critical of gender-based violence‚ and a women's safety group has also condemned the ad. However‚ Samsung has apologised for the ad's negative reception and explained that the advert was meant to promote individuality and freedom of exercise‚ as the ad depicted. The ad is part of the company's Night Owls campaign‚ which celebrates individuality and encourages people to exercise at all hours of the day or night. It also highlights a new fitness band‚ Galaxy Buds‚ and Galaxy Watch. Although criticised by women's groups and safety campaigners‚ Samsung's new advert was met with a strong response from the public. Samsung has apologized for its recent ad in which a woman runs by herself alone in a city at two am wearing headphones. Several women's safety groups condemned the advert as 'tone deaf' and called for an apology. The advert was meant to emphasize the fact that women can exercise anytime and anywhere‚ but it has also led to a number of tragic incidents‚ including the death of a school teacher last year‚ Ashling Murphy. Considering that 70% of runners face safety concerns‚ Samsung has apologised for its ad of a woman running alone in the middle of the night wearing headphones. Many women feel that the adverts are offensive because they ignore the fact that the majority of women are unaware of the dangers they face. The company claims that the ad was meant to promote individuality‚ not to be insensitive to the safety of women.

Women have been branded 'tone deaf' and 'clueless'

A feminist group has blasted Samsung's new advert which features a woman running alone at 2am. Samsung's advert shows her with headphones on‚ jogging alone‚ and a man on a bike alongside her‚ performing bicycle tricks on a bridge. The woman smiles while continuing her run‚ while the male actor rides alongside her. The ad depicts a young woman running alone in the middle of the night‚ with a giant owl keeping watch‚ and several other people‚ including skateboarders and late night revellers‚ following her across a bridge. Several critics have deemed the advert tone deaf and 'clueless'‚ particularly given recent deaths of Ashling Murphy and Sarah Everard. A recent murder in Ireland has led to a surge in women's safety at night. PS5million has been allocated to tackle the issue‚ after a spate of drink-spiking incidents. In January‚ the police attempted to stop women from spiking‚ but their efforts have failed. Twitter users have suggested that Samsung's advert of a woman running alone at 2am was produced without women and has caused a storm. The ad has been condemned by feminists on social media‚ as it shows a solitary woman alone at night‚ and women's safety groups have slammed the advert as unrelatable and 'tone deaf'. It has since been replaced with a different ad depicting an otherwise unrelatable woman on a run at 2am.