Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson heading to space News

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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On March 23‚ Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson will join the crew of a Blue Origin space flight. The private company‚ created by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos‚ will be launching its New Shepard rocket into orbit. It will be the fourth human mission to orbit the Earth‚ and the 20th overall mission for Blue Origin. The launch will take place at 8:30 a.m. CT‚ and will be the first human flight from Blue's new Spaceship Technology (SpaceX). Earlier this year‚ SNL actor Matt Dugan and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced that Chad‚ a character from the comedy show‚ would be heading into space. The episode was a spoof of a space mission by SpaceX‚ which Pete Davidson played on the show. The spacecraft will travel to Mars at nearly three times the speed of sound. The Saturday Night Live star will be on the first Blue Origin flight on March 23‚ which is set to take place on March 23. The weekend will also feature the launch of the company's first commercial rocket.

saturday night live star pete davidson heading to space news
Image source : peoplecom

Blue Origin's first flight was in July and included Jeff Bezos and two other passengers. Davidson will be carrying a postcard with him to send to his fans. He also hopes to inspire young people to pursue careers in space. But for now‚ Davidson is busy with work and dating Kim Kardashian‚ and feuding with rapper Ye. But the stars of Saturday Night Live are still in high demand.