Saturday Night Takeaway Oti Mabuse has awkward moment in final

Sunday, April 10, 2022
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Oti Mabuse Has Ugly Moment in Strictly Come Dancing Final

This week's episode of Saturday Night Takeaway featured an awkward moment for dancer and television personality Oti Mabuse. She was interrupted by an 'impersonator' - a character played by an actress - who waved a teabag in the air and prompted the audience to pretend they weren't watching. It was a hilarious moment that had Ant and Dec in stitches‚ and even got Oti to admit that she is a 'neighbour'!

Oti Mabuse's mistake on Saturday Night Takeaway

Oti Mabuse made a hilarious mistake on Saturday Night Takeaway when she tried to fold a man's underwear. This was one of the most hilarious moments in the show‚ and Ant and Dec were in stitches. Oti then asked the man to fold her underwear in the garden‚ prompting an unexpected interruption from an actress playing her neighbour‚ who waved a teabag in her face and called her a f***ing nutter. The end of Saturday Night Takeaway is set for a chaotic finale‚ with one final episode starring former Strictly Come Dancing star Oti Mabuse. Fans have cherished Saturday Night Takeaway's high-octane 'End of the Show' shows and pranks. But while we still don't know what the upcoming episode will hold‚ we do know that it will feature one of the most famous segments in television. The live series finale of Saturday Night Takeaway was a huge success‚ and had guest stars including Oti Mabuse from Strictly Come Dancing. The show is hosted by Dec Donnelly and Ant McPartlin‚ with comedian Lee Mack as the guest announcer. The show is also packed with live surprises‚ so don't miss it! Once you see the episode‚ be sure to tune in to watch it live. The hilarious skit was controlled by Ant and Dec. Ant instructed Oti to reassure the woman that everything was okay and that they'd just sneak out to get tea. Then the actress playing the neighbour yells at Oti and she tries to hide her laughter. Oti's mistake on Saturday Night Takeaway prompted her to star in a new show on ITV focusing on dating. She will front Romeo and Duet‚ a show in which singletons sing to potential love matches. They'll have a few seconds to woo their partners‚ and then meet behind a sliding door.

Her new dating show

Oti Mabuse has been dubbed a 'f***ing nutter' on the latest episode of her new dating show. The awkward moment in the final came after Oti was branded an 'ugly nutter' by a guest. In the episode‚ she sits with a man at a table and waves a teabag around in the garden. Romeo & Duet is a singing matchmaking show hosted by Oti Mabuse‚ who has previously worked on talent shows like The Masked Singer and Dancing On Ice. The concept is similar to Blind Date‚ where hopefuls sing a duet in front of a panel of four people - one of whom is a potential partner. Whether the duet turns out to be a great success or an awkward moment‚ the viewers will be able to find out if the two of them are a good match or not. While Strictly Come Dancing has impressed ITV bosses‚ the actress recently launched her first book. Dance With Oti is an illustrated children's book that focuses on the show's dancing challenges. Oti took to Twitter on the day of its release to thank her 575‚000 followers. The Masked Dancer will air on ITV this Monday at 7.30pm. Oti Mabuse's new TV show has awkward moment in final: she's not dancing as well as Marius Iepure‚ who is her husband. The pair met at a dance trial in Germany. Marius Iepure is still awaiting his role as a pro dancer on Strictly. However‚ the two are still together. They're both looking for love after an awkward moment in the final.

Her 'neighbour'

During the final of Strictly Come Dancing‚ Oti Mabuse had a hilarious moment because of her 'neighbour.' The actress playing the 'neighbour' interrupted the dancer's routine‚ waving a teabag at her window and branding her a 'f***ing nutter'. It was a great moment that had Ant and Dec in stitches. Mabuse was partnered with Danny Mac in the 14th series and reached the final. In series 15‚ she partnered with Paralympic sprinter Jonnie Peacock. The pair ended up in 7th place. In series 16‚ she partnered with Graeme Swanner. In the final‚ she and her partner had an awkward moment with their 'neighbour' because of her hairstyle. Mabuse was born in Pretoria‚ South Africa‚ and attended university. She also has an older sister who is a professional ballroom dancer. Mabuse has appeared on the German series Let's Dance‚ and was also a guest judge on the show's previous series. Her professional debut on Strictly Come Dancing was in the eighth series. She danced with singer Daniel Kublbock. During the competition‚ she finished sixth. Oti Mabuse has appeared on the BBC's Strictly and Dancing On Ice‚ as well as on BBC's The Greatest Dancer and ITV's The Masked Dancer. She has also appeared on BBC's Oti Mabuse's Dancing Legends podcast and has choreographed the UK production of Cher musical. Oti Mabuse has revealed why she is leaving Strictly Come Dancing. She revealed she made the decision before the start of last year's series. Last month‚ she announced her decision to quit the BBC's ballroom show. She had said she wanted to leave the series at the 'peak' and while she was still happy' on the show.