Saudi Arabia executes 81 people in its largest mass execution

Monday, March 14, 2022
author picture Ethan Guerin
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In its latest mass execution‚ Saudi Arabia executed 81 people‚ surpassing a total of 69 in 2021. The country has carried out at least 77 mass executions since 2015. The newest round of mass executions took place on Saturday. The victims were found guilty of crimes such as assassinating security officers‚ targeting police stations‚ and attacking convoys. The group was tried before 13 judges after a three-stage judicial process. The number of deaths is a sharp increase from the 67 executed in 2021‚ when a group of dozens were put to death. The group also includes supporters of the Houthi rebels in Yemen‚ which are being fought by the Saudi-led coalition fighting against the Houthis‚ an Iranian-backed group that controls the country. The executions took place on Saturday‚ a day when the world was focused on Russia's conflict in Ukraine. As a result of the massive number of executions‚ Saudi Arabia's human rights record was not the focus of the world. The country's record-high prices were blamed on its efforts to contain Russia's aggression in Ukraine‚ but the Saudis' retaliation for a single mass execution of its citizens has caused international outrage. The latest mass executions in Saudi Arabia are the largest in modern history. The government's state-run news agency announced the mass executions‚ but did not specify where they took place or when. Most of the people executed were Saudi nationals‚ although seven Yemenis and one Syrian were also killed. And‚ the U.S. is hoping to cut the country's record-high gas prices by reducing its use of the death penalty.