Saudi Aramco petroleum storage site hit by Houthi attack, fire erupts

Saturday, March 26, 2022
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The Saudi Arabian government blames Iran for supplying the Houthis with weapons. The attack is likely to impede Saudi Arabia's ability to meet its global obligations and production capacity. Teheran denies arming the rebels. It did not respond immediately to questions about the airstrikes. In a statement‚ the coalition said the coalition carried out targeted airstrikes in the city of Hodeidah. The Saudi-led coalition said the Houthis attacked two storage tanks at a major oil facility in Jeddah‚ which is the site of the Red Sea Grand Prix. The Yemeni opposition group claimed responsibility for the attack‚ which also targeted civilian housing. The Saudi-led coalition acknowledged that the attack occurred in Jiddah‚ but added that the fires had been put out and there was no impact on the lives of citizens in the city. The Coalition did not provide any additional details on how much damage was done to the oil facility‚ or whether the attack would affect the race. The Saudi-led coalition issued a series of statements about the attack and its consequences. A spokesperson for the coalition said the Houthi rebels targeted civilian housing during the attack. The coalition also said the fires in two tanks had been extinguished. The statement made by the Saudi energy ministry did not specify the extent of damage done to the oil facility. However‚ it reaffirmed that Saudi Arabia would not bear the blame for any disruptions to global oil supplies in the wake of the attack. The Saudi-led coalition said it had responded immediately to the attack. A spokesperson for the Houthi group told Reuters that the attack was a response to the recent attacks on the Saudi energy infrastructure. The Coalition cited reports that the Saudi-led coalition had put security measures in place in the wake of the attack. The group also stated that the attacks on the oil facilities had been conducted using drones. A Saudi-led coalition said the Houthi rebels attacked the Saudi oil facilities‚ but also struck civilian housing in the city of Jiddah. The coalition's spokesperson said the attack lasted for more than six hours and had hit six targets in the south of the country. The U.S. condemned the attack and called for a ceasefire in Yemen. Several Saudi-led coalition officials released statements about the attacks. They stated that the Houthi rebels had targeted oil facilities and hit civilian housing. The coalition claimed that the attacks had not affected the life of Jiddh's citizens.

saudi aramco petroleum storage site hit by houthi attack fire erupts
Image source : cloudfront

The attack on the oil facilities also hit a state-run power plant in the south. Despite the attacks‚ the supply of crude oil has been disrupted. In a statement released in response to the Houthi attacks‚ the coalition denounced the Houthi attack and said that the rebels had struck civilian housing. The coalition also claimed responsibility for the attacks on Saudi Aramco and other state institutions in southern Yemen. The UAE said it would work with the Houthis to de-escalate the conflict. The Yemeni Houthi group has claimed responsibility for the attack on Saudi energy facilities. The coalition said the two-tank Aramco petroleum storage facility in Jeddah had been attacked. The fire affected two of the storage tanks and destroyed them. No one was injured in the attack‚ but the eyewitnesses reported seeing thick smoke over the city. The Saudi-led coalition has repeatedly said that the Houthi rebels attacked a Saudi Aramco petroleum storage site‚ which is located near the Red Sea coast. The coalition has reinforced security measures in the area after the incident and reiterated that it will not bear the blame for any disruptions in global oil supply. The fire erupts in the Saudi Aramco fuel depot.