Scott Hall: Stars pay tribute as ex-WWE wrestler suffers three heart

Monday, March 14, 2022
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The stars have paid tribute to the late Scott Hall as his health continues to deteriorate. The former WWF superstar has undergone three heart attacks in the last few months and was undergoing a hip surgery when he suffered his third. Nash‚ a WWE Hall of Famer‚ posted a message on Instagram saying he's sending his love and support to his friend. The WWE world is in mourning after the passing of Scott Hall‚ who suffered three heart attacks last week while recovering from hip surgery. He was due to return to action in Dallas during WrestleMania‚ but an unexpected blood clot led to severe complications. While Hall's death is a shock‚ his fellow fighters are paying tribute to him and his family. Thousands of fans are sharing their condolences on Twitter and other social media sites. Legendary wrestling star Scott Hall‚ who became known as Razor Ramon‚ has suffered three heart attacks in recent days.

scott hall stars pay tribute as ex wwe wrestler suffers three heart hall ex wwe
Image source : newsskyc

The WWE announced on Sunday that Hall is being placed on life support following hip surgery and has been unable to move for two days. His death has left many fans in shock and the WWE has made a special effort to comfort them. While many fans are shocked by the news‚ they are still trying to understand the situation and send their best wishes to the Hall family.