Sean penn, a citizen looking for justice, attends the Jan. 6 hearing of the committee

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Sean Penn‚ Michael Fanone‚ and Daniel Hodges Testify Before House Select Committee

As a guest of the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol‚ Sean Penn sat in the audience with two DC Metropolitan Police Officers - retired officer Michael Fanone and current officer Daniel Hodges. The two were present for the hearing in support of their colleagues. In a statement‚ Sean Penn said he had no knowledge of the attacks and he was not involved in any way.

Surprise appearance at Washington‚ D.C. Oscar Winner was next to Daniel Hodges (D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer)‚ who was attacked by mob members and beat that day.

Sean Penn‚ actor‚ sits alongside D.C. officers and Capitol Police officers during the 5th public hearing of the January 6th committee.

-- The Recount (@therecount). According to CNN‚ Penn claimed he attended the hearing just like any other citizen. We all witnessed what occurred on January 6‚ and we now want to know if justice is served. In Thursday's hearing on January 6‚ 2021‚ the attack on the U.S. Capitol by Washington Metropolitan Police and Actor Sean Penn‚ Washington Metropolitan Police Officers are seated with Penn. (Photo: Reuters)

Sean Penn was present at the Jan. 6 hearing. Penn: "I'm here just to watch -- just another citizen." Penn: We all witnessed what occurred on January 6‚ and we are now looking for justice. @AnnieGrayerCNN

— Manu Raju (@mkraju). A House committee has announced that Thursday's hearing will be focused on the former in order to reverse his defeat to President Joe Biden during the 2020 election. This is the fifth hearing of eight. Penn is 61 and one of Hollywood's most active political stars. On February 24‚ Russia invaded Ukraine. He was filming a documentary on the unprovoked invasion and his aid organisation Community Organized Relief Effort.

Sean Penn is a man of integrity to the Core in matters of justice and human right -- rosanna arquette (@RoArquette)

Twitter has trended Penn's Jan. 6 appearance as a topic all afternoon. Rosanna Arquette‚ actress called the Gaslit Star a man of integrity who is concerned about justice and the protection of human rights. More: Sean Penn tells Sean Hannity that there are many reasons why I doubt you.

Sean Penn says to Sean Hannity: There are many reasons why I don't believe you

Sean Penn‚ a two-time Academy Award winner‚ joined Hannity Tuesday to talk about the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Penn‚ who was filming a documentary in Ukraine on the day of the invasion‚ has been back to witness the destruction firsthand. Sean Hannity started what would turn out to be an extended civil conversation‚ despite the political differences between them. He recalled their first conversation. Hannity called Penn in an attempt to get him to join the program to talk about Ukraine‚ but he didn't receive the reply he expected.

sean penn michael fanone daniel hodges capitol police metropolitan officer penn a citizen looking for justice attends the jan 6 hearing of committee

Hannity and Penn both claim that Penn told Hannity the first thing he did was to tell Hannity he didn't trust him. What was the reason for your distrust in me? Hannity laughed and asked‚ Yes‚ Penn said‚ there are many reasons that I don't trust you. Hannity struggled to let that go and would bring up the question of trust again. Penn stated that he did not get too concerned about Hannity's lack of trust because the events in Ukraine are so important. Penn stated that he doesn't think he has the time or patience to allow his lack of trust become a trivial thing. People‚ including babies are being killed. These people fight for our dreams‚ which is what all Americans want. That was something we also discussed and agreed to. Penn talked about his first encounter with Volodymyr Zelensky‚ the Ukrainian president. This was months before Hannity brought up the topic of trust. Penn stated that it was interesting. He had first met Penn via Zoom. Did you feel comfortable with him? Hannity said‚ I trust him more than you. Penn said that this baggage dates back to 2007‚ when Hannity called Penn an enemy of state. Hannity asked Penn why Penn didn't believe him at the end. Penn then used an analogy as a way to summarize their situation. Penn explained that after an accident‚ there is a lot more physical therapy. It's not possible to do it all in one day.