Second Singapore F1 race emerges as possible Russian GP

Saturday, April 9, 2022
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Second Singapore F1 Race Emerges As Possible Russian GP

After the Singapore Formula One race was canceled due to a COVID-19 pandemic‚ speculation grew that the race would be replaced by the Russian GP. The next race is expected to be held in Singapore in 2021‚ and it may be a different one than what we had expected. A Saudi Arabian circuit‚ the Istanbul Park‚ could host the race in 2021. Meanwhile‚ billionaire Lawrence Stroll is working to save Force India.

Singapore F1 race canceled after COVID-19 pandemic

After the outbreak of COVID-19‚ the Singapore Formula One race has been canceled‚ but not all of the event's major competitors are affected. Japan and Canada were also dropped from the F1 calendar‚ while Australia has been postponed due to restrictions in travel. Formula One is now trying to figure out the future of the race‚ as a number of races will be cancelled this year. The 2021 Singapore Formula One Grand Prix has been canceled due to safety and logistical reasons‚ and the COVID-19 pandemic. Ticket sales are still ongoing‚ but the event will be moved to another location. Formula One is considering moving the race to China or Turkey. They are also considering a second race at the Circuit of the Americas‚ which will host the U.S. Grand Prix on Oct. 24. The decision to move the Singapore Grand Prix to another city is a good sign for the sport‚ but it depends on how Formula One continues its global strategy. After all‚ the last time F1 race was canceled‚ it was due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Despite the growing global impact of this illness‚ the race in Singapore was scheduled to take place on Oct. 1-3‚ which is less than two months after the Canadian Grand Prix was postponed. Despite the negative impact on the sport‚ it remains an important event for the Singapore tourism industry. The grand prix has grown to become a marquee event in the race calendar‚ with around 268‚000 fans expected to attend the races over three days. The race is expected to draw a substantial number of foreign visitors‚ with nearly 40 percent of the crowd coming from overseas. In addition‚ Singapore's current contract with F1 owners Liberty Media was supposed to end after this year's race‚ but due to the COVID-19 outbreak‚ it has been canceled until the event is fixed.

Russia GP race in Singapore could be replaced

After F1 canceled the race in Sochi due to the Russian federation's invasion of Ukraine‚ the promoters of the upcoming season are considering staging a Second Singapore F1 race in September. They have also discussed the possibility of hosting two races in Singapore at different times. After the first grand prix in Qatar in 2013‚ F1 was eager to return to the Gulf state and stage a second one. However‚ the recent developments have put the idea under the microscope. The 2022 Formula 1 calendar will retain a record 23-race schedule despite the cancellation of the Russian Grand Prix. Despite this setback‚ F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali is confident they can find a suitable replacement race at short notice. While the race date in Singapore is not known‚ the competition's calendar is jam-packed with three major events. The season begins in March 2022 and will continue to the end of the 2022 season. Another popular venue is Circuit of the Americas‚ which was originally scheduled to host the Russian Grand Prix. The circuit has recently welcomed international sport for the Winter Olympics‚ and the first F1 driver was born in China. The Malaysian circuit has also grown in popularity‚ and Sepang was even linked with F1 when the planned Vietnam GP was canceled. If the US is unable to find a suitable venue‚ the United States Grand Prix could be relocated to Austin‚ Texas. The 2021 Singapore Grand Prix is already on the F1 calendar. However‚ it is still not final‚ because the city-state has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. However‚ the organisers are considering several options‚ including rescheduling the race in another city. If the Qatar deal isn't finalized‚ a second race in Singapore could replace the Russian GP. While the Singapore Grand Prix is unique‚ the venue is prone to problems. The venue is surrounded by tall buildings‚ creating an unflattering field of vision and catch fencing that prevents spectators from capturing the action. The wire mesh fences never improved the quality of the race pictures‚ and they can easily be forgotten while watching the event at the track. However‚ it is still a highly anticipated race and has a loyal following among fans.

Istanbul Park circuit in Saudi Arabia to host Formula 1 race in 2021

The Turkish Grand Prix will take place on the Intercity Istanbul Park circuit on the Asian side of the city. The circuit has 14 corners and is an anti-clockwise‚ 5.338-km course with big changes in gradient. The most difficult bend on the track is Turn 8‚ which has four apexes and an average 150-degree incline. Drivers will have to catch the right angle to get through the corner. While F1 does not exist for the drivers' interests‚ it exists within a sport that exists to test and entertain fans. The tougher conditions make for more exciting races‚ and the Turkish Grand Prix in 2020 was an utterly spectacular endorsement of that. The new surfaces could be forgiving but still pose a challenge. That is good news for the fans and for Formula 1. The decision to include Turkey on the 2021 calendar is a positive step for the sport. Previously‚ the country was considered for the race‚ but was unable to host it. A similar decision was made in 2018‚ when the Canadian Grand Prix was canceled due to a pandemic. In 2019‚ Turkey was also considered‚ but was later removed. The race is now scheduled for the weekend of 11-13 June. The track is 10km from Sabiha Gokcen International Airport‚ a major hub for Pegasus Airlines. There are dozens of budget hotels in central Istanbul‚ offering history‚ culture‚ and nightlife. But the closest hotels are located about 80km from the circuit. Fortunately‚ taxis are cheap and plentiful in Istanbul. And there is no need to worry about getting to the track by car if you are flying to Istanbul. As for the rest of the schedule‚ the U.S. Grand Prix will be back in Austin‚ Texas‚ on Oct. 23. The Portuguese Grand Prix is slated for early June‚ and the Turkish GP will take place the following weekend. The final race of the season will be held in Abu Dhabi on Nov. 20‚ two days before the British Grand Prix. And the Chinese Grand Prix‚ which was supposed to be held in the summer of 2021‚ will be moved to a later date.

Force India save by billionaire Lawrence Stroll

A consortium led by billionaire Lawrence Stroll has rescued the Formula 1 team from administration‚ which is the equivalent of American bankruptcy. The deal will save all 405 jobs at the Silverstone-based team and ensure funding for the foreseeable future. Stroll is the father of Lance Stroll‚ who is currently driving for Williams. The consortium is backed by a number of other businessmen‚ including Andre Desmarais of Monaco Sports and Management‚ John Idol of the fashion business‚ and financial expert Michael de Picciotto. The move will help keep the team racing next season‚ and is a welcome development for the team. In addition to Stroll‚ the team's previous owners had financial problems‚ including Midland and Spyker. Vijay Mallya had acquired the team‚ but it was in 2007 that it was sold off to billionaire Lawrence Stroll‚ the father of Williams F1 driver Lance Stroll. In addition to Stroll‚ Andre Desmarais‚ the CEO of Canadian conglomerate Power Corporation‚ has purchased the majority of the team from Mallya's consortium. As a result of Stroll's investment‚ the team will remain in Formula One‚ but with a new name. The team will compete as Racing Point Force India. Since the team is a new outfit‚ the team will have to apply for membership as a new one. The new team will have more challenges on the track‚ but the new team will be able to compete with the more experienced teams. After this season‚ Lance Stroll is expected to join his father's team. Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez will most likely move to Williams. Another billionaire‚ Bill Stroll‚ has been involved in the F1 world for the past several years. He is the executive chairman of Aston Martin and also has a huge private Ferrari collection. Previously‚ Stroll built his fortune in fashion‚ launching the Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors brands. This gives him an understanding of what it takes to run a high-end sports car. With Stroll in the picture‚ it's not hard to see why the British billionaire has rescued the Force India team.