See All The Best Looks From The Met Gala 2022

Tuesday, May 3, 2022
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See All the Best Looks From the Met Gala 2022

If you missed the 2017 Met Gala‚ you can still get a sneak peek at the best gowns from this year's show. You can see Vanessa Hudgens' Moschino gown and Alicia Keys' Louis Vuitton dress. You can also check out Gigi Hadid's jumpsuit and more from the red carpet. In addition‚ see who else was wearing the hottest dresses at this year's Met Gala.

Vanessa Hudgens's Moschino gown

Vanessa Hudgens attended the 2022 Met Gala wearing a black‚ sheer Moschino gown with a lace train. She completed her ensemble with a diamond-studded winged eyeliner and a towering bun. Her hairstyle was simple and classic‚ with a touch of sparkle. Hudgens is set to host the red carpet livestream for Vogue at the event‚ so be sure to watch! The black Moschino gown on Vanessa Hudgens was a stunning creation‚ which looked flawless on her in the photo. The gown featured swirls of dark fabric down the entire length of the dress‚ from the neck to the belly button. Her piercings added an extra touch to her sexy look. Vanessa Hudgens was a hit in her spooky dress‚ and we can't wait to see her wear it again! Tickets for the gala can cost as much as $35‚000 per person. Tables can run anywhere from $200‚000 to $300‚000. Last year's event raised $16.4 million for the Costume Institute. Anna Wintour‚ Vogue editor-in-chief‚ is the honorary co-chair and has been since 1995. The sartorial theme of the evening comes from a current exhibit at the Met. 'In America: Anthology of Fashion' is a two-part exhibit. Vanessa Hudgens's Moschina gown from The Met Gala 2022 was a stunning choice for the red carpet. The gown‚ made of patterned white fabric‚ featured sparkles and lace trim. She paired the dress with matching black lace gloves and a sleek ponytail. The dress paired well with an edgy tiara.

Jessica Chastain's Louis Vuitton gown

A new design from Louis Vuitton was the star of Jessica Chastain's dress at The Met Gala 2022. The red-carpet appearance was the star of the evening‚ but the gown was far from flawless. In fact‚ the actress was nearly unrecognizable in the gown. But that didn't stop the fashion mogul from acclaiming the look as one of his most stylish. The Atelier Versace co-chair wore a dress inspired by New York City landmarks‚ with a tiara inspired by the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty‚ in particular‚ was particularly striking in her look; her tiara evoked the iconic Lady Liberty‚ which turned green on the red carpet. Meanwhile‚ the train that accompanied the gown had constellations painted Aside from the gorgeous Louis Vuitton gown worn by Jessica Chastain‚ other stars also stunned at the event in their own glamorous creations. Gigi Hadid‚ wearing a silver strapless gown by Giambattista Valli‚ made a striking entrance‚ while actress Emma Chamberlain went for a monochromatic look. Another star who caught the eye at the event was Anderson Paak‚ who wore head-to-toe Gucci‚ but said he's more comfortable with Burlington Coat Factory. He even talked to Hamish Bowles and Vanessa Hudgens‚ who both wore matching turbans and a silver snake-strapped clutch by Gucci. The stars of The Met Gala were also a part of the event. The Golden Globe winner‚ who attended the Gala in 2018‚ walked the red carpet alongside her husband Ryan Reynolds. However‚ she was not at the Gala in 2021. Fans hoped she'd be back next year‚ but that didn't happen. Luckily‚ the star's attendance at The Met Gala in 2022 will bring her back to the Met Gala stage.

Alicia Keys's Louis Vuitton gown

Alicia Keys made an incredibly bold fashion statement at The Met Gala 2022 wearing a strapless silver gown designed by Ralph Lauren. She accompanied the dress with a diamond tiara and matching choker necklace. The dress was also a show-stopping choice for the evening's musical guests. Emmylou Harris and Swizz Beatz were also in attendance‚ while Elon Musk attended with his mother Maye Musk. Tessa Thompson's tulle Carolina Herrera gown made headlines in 2015‚ claiming it was made of 200 meters of tulle. In addition to Alicia Keys‚ other celebrities attending the Met Gala this year include Blake Lively‚ Ryan Reynolds‚ and Kim Kardashian. The event is being co-chaired by Regina King‚ Ryan Reynolds‚ and Lin-Manuel Miranda‚ as well as Anna Wintour‚ who serves as honorary co-chair. The 2022 Met Gala's theme is In America: An Anthology of Fashion‚ and the dress code for the evening is Gilded Glamour. While the theme of the 2022 Met Gala is In America: Anthology of Fashion‚ guests are encouraged to embrace the gilded age with a sartorial look. While the event is known for its extravagant fashion‚ attendees are encouraged to embody that time period with their looks. For example‚ Alicia Keys's silver Louis Vuitton gown is reminiscent of the Empire State Building and a classic American silhouette. Meanwhile‚ Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are a couple with a history of fashion. Alicia Keys's Louis Vuilton gown from The Metropolitan Museum of Art's 2022 Met Gala was a sensational choice for the star. The dress's floral embellishments and feather detailing were a striking combination. And it was one of the most memorable looks in the entire night. The color combination was perfect for the star-studded evening.

Gigi Hadid's jumpsuit

Gigi Hadid wowed attendees at the 2022 Met Gala in a red corset Versace jumpsuit with matching cape and matching skin-tight pants. Gigi and Zayn Malik have been dating on-and-off since 2014‚ but their romance hasn't cooled off‚ and their relationship has not improved. The two were spotted in the same red Prada dress and a few months later welcomed their daughter Khai. Gigi Hadid debuted a new look for the event. After a year spent in the spotlight as a model and actress‚ the supermodel went back to blonde to attend the Met Gala in a red leather jumpsuit. The ensemble was a modern take on the gilded-glamor theme. The model paired it with a bold red lip. Gigi Hadid's Versace ensemble evoked 'Black Swan' vibes with its structured bodice and corset. Gigi paired the jumpsuit with on-trend opera gloves and a matching floor-length jacket. The look was sure to polarize fans. Gigi's sister‚ Bella‚ attended the Gala in a similar look. Bella Hadid wore a leather-covered corset and metal accents. Gigi Hadid's dazzling appearance at the Met Gala 2022 red carpet was nothing short of spectacular. The red corset jumpsuit‚ paired with a matching cape jacket‚ topped off her ensemble with bold crimson lipstick. In true fashion‚ the Met Gala is an annual event‚ and the 2022 theme focuses on the evolution of American fashion from the 19th century to the mid-20th century. Gigi Hadid chose Versace for her dress‚ and the results are a truly spectacular show. While the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the world‚ the red carpet is resurfacing in America. Kendall Jenner‚ Gigi Hadid‚ and Kaia Gerber all attended the 2022 Met Gala. Gigi Hadid's red Versace ensemble featured a corset-style bodice and matching heels. Gigi complemented her look with a beaded statement necklace and matching red lipstick.

Kendall Jenner's Louis Vuitton gown

Despite her new baby bump‚ Kendall Jenner made her red carpet debut this year at The Met Gala 2022. The reality star had previously skipped the Met Gala due to her second pregnancy. Wearing a black gown with a huge train‚ she made her Met Gala debut in style. Whether she will stay away from the Met Gala this year or next is up to you‚ but the dress certainly caught the attention of those who saw it. The dress has garnered some praise from critics and fashion experts alike. Its sheer volume of glitter and shocking accessories made it an absolute must-see. But did it live up to its hype? Let's find out. Read on to see what the star-studded dress is all about. The Louis Vuitton gown that Kendall Jenner wore to The Met Gala 2022 will definitely turn heads. While Kendall Jenner was spotted with a few celebrities at the event‚ the focus of most attention was on the designer's collection. Her gown from the 2022 Met Gala was a Louis Vuitton creation‚ and she wore a tiara by Cartier. Meanwhile‚ Blake Lively's look was an Atelier Versace shade-shifting dress inspired by Lady Liberty. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas wore Louis Vuitton dresses‚ which showcased embellishments across the front. Their hairstyles reminded us of the Stark sisters' Sansa Stark hair‚ while her outfit showed off her baby bump. The two of them are brand ambassadors for Louis Vuitton‚ and their stylish attire was complimented by their matching outfits.