See Olivia Rodrigo Perform Complicated With Avril Lavigne at

Sunday, May 1, 2022
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See Olivia Rodrigo Perform Complicated With Avril Lavigne at Coachella

If you're a music fan‚ you're probably interested in seeing Olivia Rodrigo perform her hit song Complicated with Avril Lavigne at Coachella. The singer released her debut single Complicated in 2002‚ which launched her career. Rodrigo shared photos and videos of her performance on Instagram‚ and Lavigne was gushing about her new collaboration.


Complicated is one of the biggest hits of 2022 for Canadian pop star Olivia Rodrigo‚ who has performed the song every night since its April launch. Avril Lavigne‚ the song's songwriter‚ has also given Rodrigo a tribute award at the Variety Hitmakers Brunch in December. Although her Coachella setlist has not been announced‚ Rodrigo's solo tour will be continuing after the Toronto stop. She will be joined on her tour by the band Baby Queen‚ who will support her throughout the North American leg. Complicated is a sultry song from Avril Lavigne's 2002 album‚ Complicated. And it's hard not to think of it as the defining song of the 2000s. Olivia's cover of it sounds incredible‚ and fans will be able to hear Avril Lavigne's voice in the background of her dazzling performance. Following the surprise performance‚ Rodrigo thanked Lavigne in an Instagram caption. The pair performed Complicated together‚ and images of the duo's Coachella performance soon started to flood the web. Fans called the pair the duo the world needs right now. Olivia Rodrigo performed Complicated with Avril Lavigne at Coachella in California this past weekend. Avril Lavigne and Olivia Rodrigo shared a touching moment during their performance at Coachella‚ as Olivia and Avril performed their hit Complicated together. The performance marked the start of Olivia Rodrigo's debut album tour. Olivia Jade‚ who is just one year younger than Avril Lavigne‚ praised Avril Lavigne's album before the pair took the stage. The two musicians then shared a special moment at the Grammys at the 64th annual ceremony.

Coachella 2018

Olivia Rodrigo performed a duet of Complicated with Avril Lavigne at Coachellera 2018. The performance was a surprise for fans. The pair performed the song during a karaoke session. Olivia wore a heart-shaped top with fishnets and knee-high boots while Avril wore a miniskirt and chunky black ankle boots. Olivia Rodrigo has made headlines in recent months after performing a cover of Avril Lavigne's hit song Complicated at Coachella. The singer recently received an award for Songwriter of the Year at the Hitmakers Brunch‚ where Avril Lavigne presented her with the award. After Toronto‚ Rodrigo will continue her tour and will also have time for a new romance. She was spotted with DJ Zack Bia earlier this week.

Coachella 2019

After playing a series of surprise concerts‚ Olivia Rodrigo and Avril Lavigne teamed up to perform a duet during the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. The duo sang Complicated in an unexpected collaboration. The karaoke-themed performance was met with a lighthearted reaction from the audience. Rodrigo wore a heart-shaped top‚ fishnets‚ and knee-high boots. Lavigne‚ meanwhile‚ donned a leather jacket and a miniskirt. She also wore chunky black ankle boots. In addition to covering Avril Lavigne's hit Complicated‚ Rodrigo also covered the song Seether by Verruca Salt. She is currently on a North American tour to promote her chart-topping 2021 debut album‚ Sour. This tour is a celebration of the '90s alternative rock genre. In Toronto‚ Olivia Rodrigo surprised her audience by inviting Avril Lavigne to perform her song Complicated. The two performed the 2002 teen anthem at the festival‚ and fans were thrilled by the surprise appearance. Fans of both singers were quick to share photos and videos on social media. In addition to Olivia Rodrigo's performance‚ Avril Lavigne was in attendance for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival on Saturday and Sunday. In addition to Avril Lavigne and Olivia Rodrigo‚ aespa is set to headline the festival's main stage on April 23. The group will perform some of their best-known songs as well as an unreleased song. Moreover‚ they'll be the first KPOP girl group to perform on a Coachella main stage.

Coachella 2020

After performing Fall and Still‚ Rodrigo has already received several major awards and recognitions. Avril Lavigne also presented Rodrigo with the Songwriter of the Year award at the Grammys. This year‚ the duo is hitting the road together to promote their new album‚ Love Sux. Olivia Rodrigo will perform Complicated with Avril Lavigne at Coachella 2020. During a surprise performance at Coachella 2020‚ Olivia Rodrigo performed Complicated alongside Avril Lavigne‚ who performed the same song. Both artists have been close friends for years‚ and they have a unique bond. Although they're not related‚ Avril Lavigne has been a significant influence on Olivia's career‚ and she was also cited as a pop-punk princess by Avril Lavigne during the 64th Grammy Awards ceremony. Avril Lavigne's performance at Coachella was a tribute to fellow female rockers. Rodrigo performed 11 songs from her debut album‚ including hit singles Complicated and Feeling Good. She also performed a cover of Veruca Salt‚ an '90s alternative rock band. Rodrigo will continue touring the U.S. and Europe in July. The singer-songwriter from Los Angeles will perform her latest single Complicated in a headline set at Coachella 2020. She will also perform Praying Through the Fire by Bo Burnham. Her latest album‚ Stand For Tomorrow‚ is set to be released later this summer. The album was produced by Black Keys' Dan Auerbach. She has a stunning voice and is ready to take the world by storm. The festival is a unique hybrid of hip-hop‚ jazz‚ and pop. Avril Lavigne and Olivia Rodrigo will perform together for the first time in Coachella 2020. As the festival is mostly outdoor‚ it is vulnerable to coronavirus. More than 125‚000 revelers from all over the world flock to Coachella every day.