Senator Ron Johnson of the Gop claims that the fake electors to whom he attempted to give pennies on January 6, were actually from gop rep. Mike Kelly

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Rep. Ron Johnson Calls Mike Kelly to Explain Fake Electors Scheme

Rep. Mike Kelly denied being a part of a alleged fake electors plot‚ but he has been called upon to explain the alleged scheme by Rep. Ron Johnson. The two discussed a Select Committee hearing that took place on January 6‚ during which a chief of staff tried to hand fake elector votes to Vice President Mike Pence. The hearing also revealed that Kelly had been in communication with Mike Troupis‚ one of Pence's staffers.

Mike Kelly‚ Rep.‚ walks up the House stairs to the Capitol‚ for the last votes before Friday's two-week recess. Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call‚ Inc via Getty Images Republican Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin stated on Thursday that Republican Rep. Mike Kelly's office had given him a letter from Michigan and Wisconsin. His chief of staff attempted to send it to Vice President Mike Pences on January 6‚ 2021. On Tuesday‚ January 6‚ committee members heard from President Donald Trump's allies about their plan to present an alternative slate to Pence in order to expedite the certification and counting of the Presidential election. The committee showed a collection of text messages between Johnson's chief of staff‚ and a legislative aide‚ in which Johnson's staffer inquired the aide about where the slate should be sent to Pence. Johnson replied that Johnson must hand some to VPOTUS. Pences denied Pences aid‚ and responded that he would not receive it. The January 6 Committee displayed text messages on Tuesday‚ June 21st 2022. Johnson denied involvement in the scheme of alternate electors‚ and his deputy chief-of-staff said that it was a staff to employee exchange.

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Johnson lashed out at the House committee for displaying text messages between him and his chief of staff‚ on Thursday's The Vicki McKenna Show. Johnson‚ while defending himself on the radio hits‚ cited Kelly's office as the source of the push to grant the slate to Pence. Johnson stated on radio that this information came from Mike Kelly‚ a Pennsylvania congressman. Johnson pointed out a recent report from just the news john Solomon reported that Kelly was requested by a Trump campaign official to help him get an alternate list of electors for the vice-president. According to the report‚ Kelly then contacted James Troupis (a Wisconsin lawyer who is familiar with Johnson) to try to obtain assistance from the Wisconsin senators in relation to the plot to elect alternate voters. Johnson's office responded to questions by pointing out that they had a

From Thursday afternoon‚ directing readers towards the Just The News Report. Johnson tweeted that the 1/6 committees' partisan witch hunt was revealed. I was misled with incomplete and partial information. Let me clarify. It is‚ as I said‚ a non-story that corporate media is using to spread the Dems lies. Matt Knoedler (Kelly's Press Secretary) flatly denies Johnsons allegations in an Insider statement on Thursday night. Knoedler stated that Senator Johnson's claims about Representative Kelly were patently false. For the greater part of a decade Mr. Kelly hasn't spoken with Sen. Johnson and has never been privy to Mr. Johnson's claims regarding the 2020 election. Read the original article on. Business insider