Should the Pacers pursue a reunion with ex-Lakers coach Frank

Monday, April 11, 2022
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Should the Pacers Pursue a Reunion With Ex Lakers Coach Frank Vogel?

Should the Pacers pursue a reunion with former Lakers coach Frank Vogel? This is a question that has been on many people's minds since the Lakers hired Rick Pitino as their coach. While the Lakers may have loved Vogel when he was coaching the Cardinals‚ they were more interested in finding a coach who would fit their system. After all‚ Frank Vogel has been a successful coach in both his NBA and college careers. In addition to that‚ the Pacers have plenty of talent to choose from. If they can't get Frank Vogel‚ they should look to Chauncey Billups‚ LeBron James‚ and Rick Pitino.

Frank Vogel is a great coach

If you have watched a Lakers game in the past‚ you may have heard that coach Frank Vogel is a great coach. That's right‚ and it's true. After all‚ he has a 127-98 record with the Lakers. Before moving to Los Angeles‚ Vogel coached the Orlando Magic and Indiana Pacers before landing with the Lakers. If you watched the NBA finals in recent years‚ you might have noticed that Vogel has a similar record with the Lakers. The Lakers' firing of Vogel was reported by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski on Sunday‚ and the team is expected to inform Vogel of their decision on Monday. Unless the Lakers are able to find another coach in the NBA draft‚ they are expected to hold a lengthy and extensive search. However‚ there is no clear frontrunner. It will be interesting to see if the Lakers will have any other coaches come in to replace Vogel. The Lakers' roster is what it is‚ and it is unknown whether another coach will be able to get more out of it than Vogel did. But that doesn't mean they should sack Vogel. In fact‚ if Vogel isn't able to get more out of it‚ they should hire someone else. Obviously‚ they're going to have to trade Westbrook‚ but they want to rebuild around James. Hopefully‚ they'll get a deal done before that. While it was a surprise to see the Lakers fire Vogel‚ they didn't dismiss his coaching staff. The Lakers went 33-49 this season and missed the playoffs‚ which was the first time since 2010 since the team's last title. They also finished in the bottom 10 for both offensive and defensive efficiency. In addition‚ the Lakers are looking at Toronto's Nick Nurse as a potential replacement for Vogel. The Lakers hired Vogel in 2019 after interviewing Monty Williams‚ Tyronn Lue‚ and the Phoenix Suns. The Lakers hired Vogel despite their lackluster record. He had worked as an assistant with Jason Kidd and the Lakers' current point guard‚ Gilbert Arenas‚ before he was hired. The Lakers developed a top-ranked defense under Vogel‚ but it also suffered from one of the most painful seasons in the league.

Chauncey Billups is a candidate to replace Vogel

If Vogel is out‚ Chauncey Billups is a possibility. The Lakers haven't hired a new head coach in years‚ and they could be on the verge of a coaching change. Billups is an up-and-coming player‚ and he's already a candidate to take Vogel's place. Moreover‚ Vogel has experience as a defensive coach. He's also led the Pacers to two conference finals‚ and he's a good candidate to help them in that regard. The Lakers have been linked to multiple coaching positions this offseason‚ including a lead assistant position. Several former assistants have been linked to Lakers jobs‚ including Scott Brooks‚ Jeff Van Gundy and Mike D'Antoni. Another potential candidate is the former Lakers head coach‚ Lionel Hollins. Both have previous experience as head coach and have been interviewed by the Lakers. In addition to Billups‚ two other candidates have been linked to the job. J. Kidd‚ the former Milwaukee Bucks coach‚ is a former assistant under Frank Vogel. Kidd is a Hall-of-Famer and his championship run with the Lakers helped his image. Nevertheless‚ he's had less-than-ideal runs as a head coach in Milwaukee and Brooklyn. In addition to Chauncey Billups‚ several other candidates are also being considered by the Trail Blazers. While Stotts isn't a part of the Blazers' rebuild‚ the team could trade Damian Lillard to another team and Chauncey Billups could end up as the head coach of the Portland Trail Blazers. The Atlanta Hawks have not reached their potential this season‚ but they are within striking distance of a playoff spot‚ meaning they'll avoid the play-in game. In 2006‚ Billups was the Co-Captain of the Denver Nuggets and was selected as an Eastern Conference All-Star. He played with Rasheed Wallace‚ Ben Wallace‚ and Richard Hamilton. When his team fell behind‚ Billups kept the Eastern All-Stars in the game. He also competed in the Three-point Shootout contest‚ where he ended up sixth with 12 points.

Frank Vogel is a candidate to replace LeBron James

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Pacers' search for a new head coach is whether Frank Vogel is the right choice. While James' current coach has proven to be a good fit for the team‚ he is under contract for only one more season. If the Lakers want to replace James‚ they would have to look elsewhere. The Pacers' young prospects have already shown interest in Vogel‚ who is the fourth-most experienced head coach in the NBA‚ behind only Rick Carlisle and Gregg Popovich. After guiding the Lakers to their first NBA All-Star Game appearance‚ Vogel has since become a top candidate to replace LeBron James as Pacer coach. During his tenure as head coach‚ the Pacers had the best start in franchise history‚ finishing with a 56-26 record‚ good enough to win the Eastern Conference. However‚ they fell short of the NBA Finals‚ falling to the Miami Heat in seven games. Another possibility is Doc Rivers‚ who has signed a contract with the 76ers that runs through 2020. Moreover‚ Rivers has also been mentioned by league personnel as a possible replacement for Vogel. Nevertheless‚ Rivers' availability may depend on how far the Sixers make in the playoffs. And if Vogel is hired‚ the Sixers may be in the playoffs‚ which will make him a viable candidate for the position. The Pacers need a new coach to get back to the playoffs in 2023. LeBron James has long expressed his desire to win a championship with the Pacers‚ and the Pacers have an opportunity to get him. That means that Vogel isn't an easy candidate to replace LeBron James as Pacers coach. There are several factors that need to be considered before making a decision. After winning the 2020 NBA title‚ Vogel has been rumored to be a candidate to replace LeBron James. The Lakers will also have to find a replacement for Russell Westbrook‚ who is expected to be a big part of the organization's success. If this is the case‚ the Lakers will be seeking a head coach with a proven track record of success.

Frank Vogel is a candidate to replace Rick Pitino

Before becoming the next head coach of the Indiana Pacers‚ Vogel spent 14 seasons in the NBA as an assistant and video coordinator. In 2010-11‚ Vogel was named the Pacers' coach after Jim O'Brien was fired by the team. Since then‚ Vogel's teams have soared to the top of the Eastern Conference. His best season was 56-26‚ as the Pacers won the East's top seed for the first time in almost a decade. The Pacers' search for a new coach was complicated by the fact that the team has lost so many of its star players. After the season ended‚ Vogel urged Pitino to consider Frank Vogel as his replacement. I'm a basketball coach and I know what it takes to win‚ Bird said in an interview. I'm going to be a good coach‚ and I want to get the best out of my players‚ Pitino said of Vogel. O'Brien hired Vogel as an assistant during the 2004-05 season. Vogel's first season with the Pacers included an NBA title‚ which was the franchise's 17th. He also spent two seasons as an advance scout with the Washington Wizards and Lakers. The Pacers hired Vogel again after the February shutdown. Both Vogel and O'Brien have close ties to the team. Another positive about Vogel is his work ethic. He doesn't take credit for his own ideas. Even if things go well‚ he doesn't take credit for them publicly. Instead‚ he acknowledges the decisions of his staff and keeps the team's collective egos in check. That makes him a perfect coach for the Pacers. A recent interview with Vogel reveals that he is focused on winning‚ but egos don't seem to bother him. A former Division III point guard‚ Vogel landed his first head coaching job with the Pacers in 2011. Since then‚ the Pacers have been improving and moving closer to the finals. Last season‚ the Pacers won seven games in a row and reached the Eastern Conference finals. The Pacers' first playoff game under Vogel will be against the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday. That would be a historic start for a new coach for the Pacers.