Single lottery ticket wins $473M, largest Powerball jackpot in

Friday, April 29, 2022
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Single Lottery Ticket Wins $473M Largest Powerball Jackpot in History

There's only one winner of the state's $473 million Powerball jackpot: an anonymous player whose ticket was purchased at a Safeway grocery store. The jackpot will grow to $490 million by Wednesday night‚ and the winning ticket will be worth $355.1 million in cash. In Arizona‚ two players matched all five white numbers drawn for a $2 million jackpot each‚ while a third player in Oklahoma increased their winnings by using the Power Play option‚ doubling his prize to $2 million. In Michigan‚ six tickets each won $200.

Single lottery ticket wins $473M largest Powerball jackpot in Arizona

A single lottery ticket sold in a suburb of Phoenix‚ Arizona‚ has won the $473 million Powerball jackpot‚ the second largest of the year. The ticket holder will be able to choose between a 29-year annuity or a lump sum payment of $283.3 million. In addition to the Arizona jackpot‚ smaller prizes included a $1 million prize won by an Indiana ticket that matched five white balls but didn't match the red Powerball. The prize has never been claimed by anyone‚ but the interest in the pot keeps rising as the bonanza develops. A single lottery ticket from an Arizona grocery store is now worth $473.1 million. The winner can choose to remain anonymous and collect the prize over 29 years. This is not unusual in states that allow anonymous prize winners. In Arizona‚ the lottery was sold at a Safeway‚ where the winning ticket was sold. The winning ticket in the Powerball drawing in California matched all six numbers. The ticket holder could choose between a cash option of almost half a billion dollars or a lump sum of nearly $500 million. In addition to the Arizona lottery winner‚ five other tickets in California also matched the winning numbers. Although the California lottery ticket won the largest prize‚ the cash option was less than half of the winning amount.

Tickets are sold at Safeway stores

A lucky Tucson resident recently won a $1 million jackpot after purchasing a Powerball ticket from a Safeway store. The winning ticket matched five of the six Mega Millions numbers and the Powerball number. The winning ticket was bought at a Safeway store on Tarval Street between 17th and 18th avenues. The winning ticket was one of 34 nationwide. Only eight of the winning tickets came from California. Unlike many other grocery stores‚ Safeway also sells Powerball lottery tickets. The store sells both US and Canadian versions. Whether you live in California‚ New York‚ Connecticut‚ or Florida‚ you can purchase Powerball tickets at Safeway stores. You can purchase a ticket at the Customer Service counter‚ or you can visit one of the stores with cash. If you wish to purchase multiple Powerball tickets‚ you can purchase them at one Safeway location or multiple.

Winner is anonymous

One woman who won the $560 million Powerball jackpot is now an anonymous winner thanks to the New Hampshire Lottery. The woman took the state to court to keep her identity anonymous‚ arguing that she would receive countless requests for money. The state of New Hampshire countered that releasing the winner's name would invade her privacy‚ and it would cause an upsurge in unwanted solicitations and harassment. Ultimately‚ the court ruled in her favor‚ allowing the woman to claim her prize in an anonymous manner. The lottery commission relied heavily on threats to lottery winners' safety when arguing that releasing the winner's name would violate his right to privacy. In recent years‚ lottery winners have been physically harmed‚ scammed‚ and threatened. In response‚ the lottery commission has continued to defend its anonymity policy. This policy has been in place for a long time and has fended off previous open-records requests. The New Hampshire lottery winner is not the only lottery winner to choose anonymity. In fact‚ in many states‚ the lottery winner can claim his prize under a pseudonym or under an organization's name. Moreover‚ if the winner is unable to prove that revealing his name would cause harm‚ the lottery organization may opt to keep his identity anonymous. This is a great way to keep the mystery surrounding the jackpot winner to a minimum. Another lottery winner who has chosen anonymity is a woman from New Hampshire. She won the $560 million jackpot in January but signed her name on the back of her ticket. The woman decided to hire a lawyer to protect her privacy. Afterward‚ she was informed that by signing the ticket‚ she forfeited her right to remain anonymous. The law in New Hampshire also allows lottery winners to claim their prizes through a trust or legal entity. That way‚ it is impossible for outside parties to find out their names. This is not a universal right‚ but a lot of states allow it. While most states publicize lottery winners‚ some allow their names to remain anonymous. This practice is the norm in several states‚ including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. While lottery winners are still required to disclose their identity‚ six states have laws that allow the winner to remain anonymous. However‚ Powerball lottery winners in New Hampshire and the U.S. Virgin Islands have different laws on who can remain anonymous. While the decision is up to the state of winner's privacy‚ it does not affect the outcome of the lottery.

Chance of winning is 1 in 24.9

As the lottery bonanza builds‚ the amount of interest in the lottery keeps on rising. On Wednesday night‚ the jackpot is expected to be worth at least $473 million and as much as $283.2 million. A big stake winning ticket was purchased in Gilbert‚ Arizona‚ for $473 million. The ticket was sold at a fast-outing corner store. The odds of winning the prize are now 1 in 24.9‚ and the lucky ticket holder has the option to choose between a cash payment or an annuity. The Powerball is played in 29 states‚ except for Hawaii and Utah. Only three states have state lotteries‚ and gambling is illegal in Utah and Hawaii. Washington‚ D.C.‚ Puerto Rico‚ and the U.S. Virgin Islands have Powerball drawings. The chance of winning the $473M largest Powerball jackpot is one in 24.9 million. That's a lower chance than winning the Super Lotto or getting struck by lightning.