Sixth child is killed in mysterious cases of hepatitis with an unknown cause

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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CDC Investigators Searching For Cause of Hepatitis Outbreak in Alabama

The CDC has issued a nationwide health alert about the hepatitis outbreak‚ indicating that nine children in Alabama were infected with the virus and were hospitalized. Of the nine children who became sick‚ nine developed severe liver inflammation. In fact‚ one of them developed acute liver failure. The cause of the outbreak is not yet known‚ but CDC investigators are casting a wide net to find the cause of this outbreak.

In connection to the tragedy‚ another child died in the U.S. Strange cases of severe liver disease Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed that this has been happening among children all over the world and in the United States. During a telephone briefing‚ Dr. Jay Butler (deputy director for infectious diseases at the CDC) told reporters that investigators were informed of an additional death. Officials reported previously that five more children had died from the same disease. Many of these patients are very sick and can cause severe liver damage. This is a serious disease‚ so we were very careful about it. Unfortunately‚ many of them do not survive despite being treated‚ according to Dr. Umesh Parshar of the CDC's Division of Viral Diseases. More: Investigators expand their investigation into unsolved cases of pediatric hepatitis in the US The CDC has announced that‚ as reported this week at least 180 cases are being investigated there have been 36 cases of severe hepatitis in children from 36 US states and territories. This is an increase on the 109 cases reported earlier this month. Officials said that 15 of 180 children involved in this investigation have needed a transplant. There is currently no epidemiological connection between these cases. PHOTO: A technician holds a sample of hepatitis with human samples as background. (Tek Image/science Photo Library/AP/FILE) Officials stated that the vast majority of these cases date back to October 2021. However‚ only 7% cases were reported in the last two weeks. We are all curious about the causes of these diseases in children‚ and I am sure we were. Butler said that we continue to collaborate with state health officials and clinicians to collect more data. However‚ it can take some time to evaluate the evidence. More: Investigations underway into clusters of cases in children with severe hepatitis. Butler stated that although this is a developing situation‚ and there are ongoing investigations‚ it's important to remember that children with severe hepatitis or those suffering from the disease remain uncommon. The investigation continues to determine if the child's severe hepatitis outbreak is a real increase or if there are any existing patterns. Thanks to the improved detection‚ this has been possible. Although it is rare‚ sometimes children get severe hepatitis. PHOTO: March 19‚ 2019‚ Atlanta is seeing the Emergency Operations Center of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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2021. (Eric Baradat/AFP via Getty Images FILE He said that there is not enough evidence so far to support the idea that spike could be used to describe current cases. This question has been around for a while‚ but we are now recognizing it as a reasonable answer. Butler stated that we don't see a significant increase in cases. While evidence suggests that it might play a role in some cases‚ the leading hypothesis is still that of adenovirus. However‚ more research continues into this exact possibility. A prior infection is also being considered. COVID-19 Butler said that the role of mitigation is also important. Many children were not exposed to virus in the past due to quarantines. MORE: Parents should know 5 facts about CDC Alert on Hepatitis in Children Officials reported that there are many other avenues of investigation to determine if COVID-19 or any other co-factors could have a connection. Butler reiterated the fact that there is no direct connection between COVID-19 and these vaccines‚ especially since most of these kids are not old enough to get it. Parents are urged to continue to watch for signs of hepatitis and contact their pediatrician if necessary. sixth child is killed in mysterious cases of hepatitis with an unknown cause originally appeared on abcnewsgocom