SNL and Jake Gyllenhaal want to know why you liked that

Sunday, April 10, 2022
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Bowen Yang‚ Jake Gyllenhaal‚ and Camila Cabello

If you've ever watched SNL‚ you may have been captivated by Bowen Yang's convincing love for Marshmallow Peeps. If you've been watching SNL for any length of time‚ you may also have been blown away by Jake Gyllenhaal's hilarious appearance on the show. Maybe you were also mesmerized by Camila Cabello's energetic performance of her pop song. Whether you grew up watching SNL or simply sat in your living room watching Gyllenhaal's hilarious performance of A Little Bit of Love last night‚ this list is sure to impress.

Bowen Yang's relationship with Taylor Swift

Following Swift's appearance on SNL last month‚ Bowen Yang and Taylor Swift were spotted getting some face time. Yang even improvised a line and told the singer that Treacherous is the sound of falling in love. On Twitter‚ Yang praised Swift and even shared a picture of himself and Swift outside her dressing room. Meanwhile‚ Swift's fans took to social media to express their own opinions. Bowen Yang has never been jaded by Swift's popularity. Since joining Saturday Night Live‚ the actor has appeared on many popular TV shows and in numerous films. He met Swift while waiting outside her dressing room after the show and knocked on her door. The two reportedly had a conversation about her new single‚ Sorry‚ before she said no. While Taylor Swift is the most well-known celebrity to date a Chinese woman‚ Bowen is a gay man. His parents are only just beginning to understand the cultural significance of S.N.L. Bowen's mom‚ Ruilin Yang‚ grew up in a straw-and-mud hut in rural China. The two had no formal education‚ and her parents were illiterate. The singer - a self-proclaimed Swiftie - is also a fan of the 11-time Grammy winner. Yang spotted her outside Swift's dressing room after the November 13 show‚ and debated whether to knock or not. The two also reunited at the after-party. And‚ despite the rumors‚ the two remained close. In a separate sketch‚ a robot stand-up comic and a couple at a benefit for Broadway theatre were the two celebrities pictured on the show. The two also performed a song in a duet titled Everybody's Doing Drugs. The song False God featured a guest appearance by Lenny Pickett. In a touching moment‚ Swift's performance reminded fans of A Star is Born. In addition to the new version of the song‚ the pair exchanged loving glances and sang their new song‚ All Too Well. Despite Swift's cloying lyricism‚ she still manages to win over the audience.

Jake Gyllenhaal's appearance on SNL

When Jake Gyllenhaal appeared on Saturday Night Live last night‚ we couldn't help but smile. This was the first time the actor had hosted the show in 15 years. He also had a memorable moment - he sang a power ballad about remembering an old love. You can watch the video below to see what you missed. And don't forget to comment below on what you liked best about the performance! For some‚ Gyllenhaal's return to Saturday Night Live is nothing short of an accomplishment. He previously hosted the show in 2007‚ and he did so dressed in a glittery gown and wig. As for the dancing‚ Gyllenhaal enlisted the help of Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph. The actor has said that he never imagined he would be invited back to host Saturday Night Live‚ and that he wasn't sure he could pull it off. However‚ he did. The actor performed a cover of Celine Dion's song It's All Coming Back to Me Now in his SNL appearance. Chloe Fineman‚ Ego Nwodim‚ and Cecily Strong all joined him on stage to sing along with the star. The audience seemed to like Gyllenhaal's performance very much and we were happy to have him back on the show. Whether or not Gyllenhaal is the right choice for SNL depends on your taste in movies. If you like movies with heavy-metal content‚ this might be a great time to catch his show. In addition‚ he's a good choice for a host for SNL. His role will keep audiences laughing for hours. If you are looking for a host for Saturday Night Live‚ consider this.

Camila Cabello's energetic performance of her pop song

At this point‚ Camila Cabello is a prominent figure in mainstream pop‚ and her past with girl group Fifth Harmony is all but forgotten. But there are still some positive things to say about Camila's time with the group. While the group was short-lived and polarizing‚ Cabello never seemed to lose her positive attitude. Besides‚ she was a member of the chart-topping group that made Work From Home‚ Sledgehammer‚ and BO$$ - songs that made her a superstar. So‚ what can you expect from her solo debut? One of the highlights of Camila Cabello's career so far is her ability to release two songs at the same time. The second song is a cover of Selena Gomez's Bad Things. While Senorita has become one of the most popular songs on Spotify‚ Cabello's version has garnered more attention than either of the two. She's the first Latin-American artist to have two number-one singles in the same year‚ and has a solid grasp of pop music. After releasing the first two singles from Familia‚ Cabello is preparing to perform Havana at the MTV VMAs. The singer's music video for the song was also released last month‚ and Camila Cabello performed Havana live at the event. The performance will be broadcast live on TikTok and will debut her new songs for the album. The new single Havana is the last in the Latin music playlist on NPR. It's the latest single from the Disney remake of Cinderella‚ and Cabello has been putting her success behind the release of her new album. But before that‚ she will close the season of Latin music on the broadcast network with a concert for her fans. And if she has a hit song‚ she might just be the next big thing in pop music. Never Be the Same Tour has featured several openers‚ and Michigan-based singer Bazzi was a regular on the bill. Despite being the opening act on the bill‚ Bazzi's short set wowed the sold-out crowd. Her soothing voice reminiscent of the Weeknd's is a treat to listen to. She sang Call Me as the opening act.