Snow Squall Leads to 50-Car Pileup on Pennsylvania Highway

Tuesday, March 29, 2022
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A Snow squall is being blamed for a major pileup on a section of the Pennsylvania highway. The accident‚ near McAdoo‚ Pa.‚ involved at least 50 vehicles and injured five people. Fortunately‚ no one was killed. The National Weather Service has warned motorists to avoid the area until conditions improve. While the road conditions are extremely dangerous‚ this incident is not a typical blizzard. Earlier‚ a Snow squall warning had been issued for several counties in the state‚ which included the region where the crash occurred. The Snow squall is an intense period of moderate to heavy snowfall‚ usually accompanied by strong surface winds and lightning. The accumulation of Snow can be significant. The accident was expected to occur as part of a strong arctic front that was sweeping through New York and New England. The precipitation is expected to fall in large amounts and create hazardous conditions for travel. The Snow squall triggered the crash and caused a mass pileup on Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania. At least 50 cars and tractor-trailers were involved. The Schuylkill County Office of Emergency Management said that at least 20 people were taken to local hospitals. The number of fatalities was not immediately known. The accident affected more than two dozen lanes of the highway‚ but thankfully‚ all lanes were open by the time the Snow storm ended. On Monday morning‚ police said that more than 50 cars were involved in a pileup that was accompanied by a fire. The roadway was shut down for several hours‚ causing chaos for commuters. Several vehicles were still on fire at the scene on Monday afternoon. The accident occurred around 10:30 a.m. on northbound I-81‚ near Minersville‚ which is about 100 miles northwest of Philadelphia. Initially‚ a Snow squall warning wasn't issued for the region where the accident took place. At the time of the accident‚ there was a narrow band of Snow falling on the road. The narrow band of Snow caused a mass pileup that involved more than 50 vehicles‚ and many people were taken to the hospital. Some of the cars burned to the ground‚ while others were unable to drive due to low visibility. The incident on a Pennsylvania highway was reported late Monday morning. The Snow squall was not a weather warning for the area‚ but the area's narrow band of Snow was falling in the direction of the highway. This band of Snow was not only falling across the road‚ but it was also blocking the road and making it difficult for emergency personnel to reach the accident site. The squall itself was likely the culprit‚ but the threat of further Snow squalls further complicated the efforts of emergency crews. As of Tuesday afternoon‚ the cause of the accident has not been determined. Trooper David Beohm‚ a spokesman for the Schuylkill County Office of Emergency Management‚ said that the Snow squall was a contributing factor in the crash. Although no one was injured‚ the snow-covered roadway is dangerous for drivers and the public. He added: The Snow squall that swept through the region overnight had wiped out visibility on the highway‚ making it impossible for drivers to navigate the road safely. Several dozen emergency responders were called to the scene and helped to clear the snow-covered highway. The resulting pileup snarled traffic for miles‚ making it difficult for emergency crews to reach the wreckage. The Pennsylvania State Police were notified of the accident and were en route. They were able to access the wreckage after the pileup and stopped the traffic. The Snow squall caused the pileup and blocked traffic for miles‚ making it nearly impossible for emergency responders to get to the scene. The threat of additional Snow squalls made it difficult for them to access the scene and make any necessary repairs.