Socceroos automatic World Cup qualification hopes dashed in 2-0

Thursday, March 24, 2022
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Australia's automatic World Cup qualification hopes have been shattered after they were thwarted by Japan in Sydney on Thursday. The Socceroos haven't beaten Japan since 2009 and the result will be hard to take. Their build-up was disastrous and their lack of chemistry was on show from the first whistle. Their opponents had more organisation and were more clinical than their Australian counterparts. Despite Australia's loss to Japan‚ they remain in the race to reach the World Cup. With three points and a game to spare‚ the Green Falcons have a good chance of qualifying. Moreover‚ a win over Vietnam would pad their goal difference‚ while a loss to China could see them slipped three points behind Australia. However‚ a result against the UAE or a loss against China would guarantee Australia a place in the playoff‚ despite the results against the Socceroos. The Socceroos' chances of reaching the World Cup have been shattered in the last eight games. After a second-place finish against Saudi Arabia‚ they face their first-placed Asian team‚ presumably Peru. If they beat them‚ their automatic qualification hopes will be secure. Otherwise‚ they'll have to reach the playoffs by beating the third-placed team from the other Asian group - United Arab Emirates. This is not an easy task and will need some luck. As for the other games‚ Australia will have to play Saudi Arabia in a one-legged play-off in Jeddah. If they can win this match‚ they'll qualify for the World Cup. If they lose the game‚ they'll have to make up for it in the intercontinental playoff against the fifth-placed South American nation. In order to qualify‚ Australia will have to win two playoff matches: against a third-placed team from the group and an eighth-placed team from Group B. The game against Japan was the final game in their group and the Socceroos' automatic World Cup qualification hopes are now hanging in the balance. They'll need to win both their two remaining playoff games to reach the finals. To qualify‚ Australia must beat the UAE and the South American powerhouse in one leg. There are a number of other factors that will determine Australia's chances. The result means Australia will have to play the final two teams from Asia and the Americas in the intercontinental playoff‚ which is a one-legged affair. They'll have to play both teams on neutral ground. And the win will be crucial for Australia as their goal-less streak will be over soon. If the Socceroos are to reach the finals‚ they'll have to win the one-legged tie against the fifth-placed nation. Australia's automatic World Cup qualification hopes were dashed in a two-0 home loss to Japan.

socceroos automatic world cup qualification hopes dashed in 2 0 2 0
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But it's important to note that the Socceroos are not yet out of the running and must now win two of the remaining four matches in order to make it to the finals. The three-legged playoff‚ meanwhile‚ will be played against the third-placed team in Asia's other qualifying group. If the Socceroos win that game‚ they'll be guaranteed to go to the finals. The final match in the group against the second-placed team is redundant. The winner of the match will be the third-placed team in the other Asian group. The top two places in the group ensure a place in the finals‚ but a third-placed team will play the last. This means that Australia needs to win the other three games to avoid the intercontinental playoff path. The three games are crucial for the Socceroos' World Cup qualification. The third-placed team will now face the second-placed team in the group. The top two teams in each group will qualify automatically. If Australia manages to finish third‚ the finals will be decided between the two countries. If they fail to win‚ they'll have to win all the games in the group.