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Saturday, April 16, 2022
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Is Brett Hundley Better Than Kyler Murray?

Brett Hundley and Kyler Murray tussled in the first half and it was easy to see why Kliff Kingsbury leaned heavily on the veteran quarterback to win the game. However‚ his performance and comments about his contract extension from the Cardinals left me confused. Is Brett Hundley a better quarterback than Kyler Murray? Or is Kyler Murray just a better fit in Arizona than I thought?

Kyler Murray's career

The Arizona Cardinals' offseason has been nothing short of a soap opera. From conflicting reports that Cardinals ownership won't send Murray his playoff bonuses to the fact that the quarterback scrubbed all of his Instagram posts after the Pro Bowl‚ it's impossible to gauge what the future holds for the former No. 1 overall pick. And now‚ according to Chris Mortensen‚ there are alarming vibes between Kyler Murray and the Cardinals. The Arizona Cardinals are seeking to improve Kyler Murray's leadership and maturity. It's difficult to determine whether Murray will sign a deal with the Cardinals‚ but the team seems to believe in his development. In addition to the recent revelations‚ the team released a letter from Murray's agent requesting a financial commitment from the Cardinals. While the letter doesn't confirm Murray's decision to forgo offseason activities‚ it doesn't rule out future games either. The situation has other teams watching Murray's progress‚ and it is impossible to know if he'll stay as a Cardinal. In the case of Kyler Murray vz the Cardinals it's hard to judge his career‚ but the A's signed Murray ninth overall in the June draft. Murray's signing bonus was $4.66 million‚ but he did not speak about the scrubbing of his Instagram account. And while it's hard to judge his career‚ a player with a similar background and personality could have a similar fate to Kyler Murray. The Oklahoma Sooners' coach‚ Lincoln Riley‚ thought that Murray was extraordinary. He had 285 at-bats for Oklahoma. Later on‚ he was a summer in the Cape Cod Baseball League‚ and had nine home runs and 47 RBIs. And he stole 10 bases. Somers was right. And it was a lucky break for Kyler Murray‚ because he would likely have been called up to the Major Leagues by 2020 or 2021. Somers weighed the pros and cons of hiring Kyler Murray. His athleticism is impressive‚ and the A's organization isn't likely to let him get away with this decision. The A's had to make a move in the late draft‚ and Murray would have been a perfect fit. However‚ after two years‚ it seems that Murray is a better fit for the Cardinals.

Brett Hundley's performance

Brett Hundley has had a very good preseason‚ outplaying Kyler Murray on a few key plays. Last week‚ he completed 10 of 14 passes for 104 yards and added a 14-yard scamper to his stat line. Hundley's touchdown pass to Trent Sherfield was a masterpiece. In addition‚ Hundley's performance has boosted his confidence and given the Cardinals high hopes for the 2020 season. The Arizona Cardinals have employed former Packers prospect Brett Hundley as a backup quarterback. Despite Murray's high draft stock‚ he did not start a game last year. During the season before‚ he threw 10 passes. On March 17‚ Hundley became a free agent‚ and the Cardinals signed him as a backup. The team's only other QB was Chris Streveler‚ who joined the team after a two-year stint in the Canadian Football League. While Hundley's overall performance was strong‚ Murray's performance lacked any sort of consistency. Murray finished the game 29 of 54 for 137 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions. The offensive line is still a question mark‚ but Murray did make some nice throws. On one of his final plays‚ he connected with KeeSean Johnson down the field after a zone coverage bust. And Arizona's offense converted four of five third downs during a stretch. While the Arizona Cardinals' quarterback Kyler Murray is expected to return to the field‚ it remains to be seen whether he'll be ready to play in Week 13. The Cardinals are currently down 11 points against the Los Angeles Rams and are hoping to win the division and the top NFC seed with a victory. The injury-plagued quarterback is expected to miss several more games this season. The Cardinals' quarterback depth chart is quite impressive. After Kyler Murray and Nick Foles‚ only Brett Hundley and Kyler Murray have actual NFL experience. The Arizona Cardinals ranked 28th in the league on Pro Football Focus's list of backup quarterback depth. By contrast‚ the Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans are the only teams with Brett Hundley and Kyler Murray.

Kliff Kingsbury's comments on Kyler Murray's contract extension

If you watch any NFL game on Sunday‚ you'll notice that the first thing you'll notice about Kyler Murray is the way he talks to the media. His agent and team executives both acknowledged that Kyler Murray's comments are part of his job. The quarterback's direct-to-consumer approach started with social media posts about his undressing and evolved into a statement touting his quarterback credentials. While the statement was unorthodox‚ it was loud and he made sure to be heard. Although Kyler Murray is only 23 years old‚ he has three seasons of NFL experience under his belt and has improved his numbers each season. His first season‚ he started 7-0 and finished 4-7. During his second season‚ he threw 26 touchdowns and rushed for 819 yards. It's hard to find a quarterback with the type of production and talent that Kliff Kingsbury can develop. The team's new head coach‚ Kliff Kingsbury‚ did not know that Murray would send out a statement. He reviewed it‚ but did not speak to Murray personally. He has not spoken with Murray since. According to sources‚ Murray has deleted all social media accounts and made no mention of the team. He felt like he was being blamed for the team's loss and he feels like a scapegoat. In the statement‚ Kingsbury called Murray self-centered and immature. However‚ this is not the only important part of the conversation about Kyler Murray's future with the Arizona Cardinals. Kliff Kingsbury made comments at the NFL's annual meeting‚ and the two sides seem to be in a good place. The Cardinals' coach did not know about the statement made by Erik Burkhardt‚ but Kingsbury's comments about Kyler Murray's contract extension are not surprising. There are several ways in which Kyler Murray could hold out for the rest of the season without a contract extension. If the two sides were to agree‚ Murray could hold out the entire season‚ and not get a new one until the Cardinals' bye week in 2022. Kingsbury's comments on Kyler Murray's contract extension are the best indication yet of what the future holds for the quarterback.

Kyler Murray's Gruden voice

After being selected No. 1 overall in the 2017 NFL draft‚ Kyler Murray was stopped by the Oakland Raiders. The offense gave him two penalties for illegal moves before the snap and incorrect clapping. Murray explained his actions to reporters after the game. Here's a look at his Gruden voice. Gruden has used Kyler Murray's Gruden voice in the past to highlight the dual-threat ability of the running back. Gruden also likes to make sure that his players keep their foot on the gas pedal during the game. The playmaker has made a name for himself by calling his teammates Clemson guys. While most draft scouts agree that Murray has good talent and is a great fit for Oakland‚ a high-end quarterback isn't going to cost the Cardinals a top pick. Jon Gruden spent time with Kyler Murray and gave him extra practice. In fact‚ the quarterback was so impressed with Gruden's style of coaching that he decided to stay at Oklahoma and play college football. The Raiders also got a bonus of $5.4 million for signing Murray and a labor agreement. Of course‚ this is still a long way off‚ but there is no reason not to consider Kyler Murray. Despite his shaky start‚ the former Clemson quarterback has changed Jon Gruden's perception of what a quarterback should sound like. Murray's Gruden voice has become a buzzword for college football. And now‚ it's easier than ever to get excited for a new season. And it's not even close to the biggest games of the year. As a runner-up in the NFL Draft‚ Kyler Murray has become a superstar in his own right. The Arizona Cardinals were rumored to be interested in both Murray and Bosa. With the secrecy and lies amidst the excitement‚ the Cardinals have been playing chicken with Jon Gruden‚ a renowned coach who's long wanted Kyler Murray. With two first-round picks in the offseason‚ they may be playing chicken with the NFL.