Sophie Turner Says Expecting Second Baby with Joe Jonas Is the

Wednesday, May 4, 2022
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Sophie Turner Says Expecting Second Baby With Joe Jonas Is the Plan

After welcoming her first child with Joe Jonas‚ actress Sophie Turner shared throwback photos of her pregnancy. In December 2020‚ she will be showing off her bump in front of a bathroom mirror in an adorable throwback photo. The actor added a new tattoo to her growing collection for baby Willa. She also posted a self-portrait showing off her new tattoo. Sophie Turner has been busy adding to her collection of tattoos since becoming a mom.

Sophie Turner's tattoo of the letter J

The British actress got her first tattoo in February 2016. It represents her five brothers and sisters. Her tattoo also depicts a northern star‚ which symbolizes her family. The actor and producer has been sporting tattoos for several years‚ and one of her latest designs is a small X-Men on her left thigh. Her tattoo artist‚ Curt Montgomery‚ inked the X-Men on Turner's thigh. The actress recently unveiled her new ink in an Instagram story. In it‚ fans noticed that the letter J is located right below the tattoo of her husband‚ Joe Jonas. The actor and singer were notoriously private throughout their pregnancy‚ and they have maintained a low-key approach since the birth of their daughter. Despite her low-key nature‚ she's been seen rocking matching tattoos of her husband's initials. After the birth of her daughter Willa‚ Sophie Turner has gotten a new tattoo to honor her new daughter. The actress has more than ten tattoos on her body‚ and each one tells a story. She recently shared a photo of her tattoo in her Instagram Story and compared it to the tattoo of her daughter. The new tattoo is an homage to Willa‚ her 3-month-old daughter. Aside from a 'J'‚ the actress has a tiny W on her wrist. This is the start of her daughter's name‚ Willa. Her husband Joe Jonas has a 'J' on his wrist‚ but he has yet to make an official statement. But his wife's letter S is also a tribute to Willa. And the actress also sported a matching necklace featuring her husband Joe Jonas' initials.

Her desire to settle down with Joe Jonas

The reality TV star and Joe Jonas made their relationship public via Instagram. The two appeared to be making out in the photos‚ and the relationship was confirmed by the pair shortly thereafter. After the wedding‚ the couple reunited with their fraternal band and are currently on tour. However‚ their relationship has been characterized by a lack of privacy. In an Instagram post‚ Turner expressed that she is very happy with Jonas. The couple dated for two years before tying the knot in 2017. However‚ they met during a ski trip in Mammoth‚ California‚ and were soon spotted together at a club. Later‚ they met Sophie's parents at a North London pub‚ and the two went on to become official on Instagram. Joe also spotted the couple out together at the MTV Europe Music Awards and at a Kings of Leon concert. While Sophie Turner's marriage with Joe Jonas is a big step for both of them‚ the actor and singer's family are reportedly unsure about their relationship. While they have been spotted out together a number of times since their wedding‚ their first public appearance was at a friend's wedding in Malibu last May. The pair even posed for a photo in the wedding photo booth. They have been spotted on several occasions since‚ including their trip to the Netherlands. This couple's first child is due any day now. Joe and Sophie Jonas aren't shy about expressing their views‚ and she's certainly not afraid to do so. But Sophie's comments on purity rings and their wedding ceremony were met with criticism from both sides. However‚ Jonas' family has not been happy about Sophie's comment. The Jonas family's reaction to Sophie's comments was a huge disappointment for the family‚ but luckily‚ Sophie has a history of expressing her opinions without fear of ridicule. Although the Jonas brothers did not make the announcement‚ they were reportedly married. The wedding was streamed live on YouTube and an Elvis impersonator performed the ceremony. Though the couple have not commented on their relationship‚ it seems that they did indeed get married. In addition to their engagement‚ the couple were also spotted together at the Met Gala. They were engaged for 14 months‚ and their love is clearly evident. While there are critics of the relationship‚ many think it's a great thing for the couple. The couple first met through mutual friends in 2016 and were officially engaged in 2017 after the Billboard Music Awards. They later married in a lavish ceremony in southern France. They expect their first child in July 2020. Their relationship began on the internet and soon became public. Their desire to settle down and have a family is unmistakable.

Her bump-showcasing outfits

After announcing her pregnancy with Joe Jonas in June 2019‚ Sophie Turner has shared a series of adorable bump-showcasing outfits. She wore a soft green sweater dress to show off her growing belly. The actor is due in September 2020. The couple‚ who married in June of 2019‚ first announced their pregnancy in November 2016. In a photo‚ Turner showed off her growing baby bump in an adorable sweater dress. On February 26‚ the actress was pregnant with her second child. She was spotted in a red Louis Vuitton gown while attending a party with her husband‚ Joe Jonas. The pair posed for photographs in front of the red carpet‚ embracing one another and holding hands. The pair later walked away from the event holding hands. The couple had just confirmed their news to the press and the red carpet. While Jonas and Turner haven't confirmed the pregnancy‚ the news has fans buzzing. The couple welcomed their daughter Willa in July and have long hoped to expand their family. Willa is expected to turn two in around 2020‚ so there's plenty of time to start planning for the next addition to the Jonas clan. And who knows‚ it might even be a girl! While the couple welcomed their first child‚ they haven't been shy about showing off their growing baby bump. Earlier this month‚ the actress made her first public appearance while pregnant. She paired grey high leggings with a white t-shirt and plaid blazer. The pair's look was so chic that fans couldn't stop admiring her bump! In the past few months‚ Sophie has been letting her outfits do the talking. In L.A.‚ she wore crop tops and low-rise pants. She also wore a red pleated peplum-waist evening gown to the Oscars. And she's still wearing her beloved engagement ring‚ which she wore on her left hand. Sophie also made an appearance at the 2022 Met Gala with her husband. Another pair of bump-showcasing outfits recently emerged online. Sophie Turner wore a red empire waist dress with a high-neckline‚ revealing a baby bump. She also sported a matching sweatshirt. The pair looked glam‚ while Sophie showed off her growing baby bump. Whether this is the first or second time she's sported a bump‚ she's clearly happy and excited. After Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner shared their first baby bump in April‚ they continued to announce the news last month‚ with a series of throwback images of the actress's growing belly. The couple's announcement of their upcoming arrival is similar to that of Rihanna‚ who announced her pregnancy with her boyfriend‚ A$AP Rocks. The two were spotted on the streets of Harlem and were clearly pregnant when they were out.