St. Patricks Day 2022: Waterloo police chief asks residents to avoid

Thursday, March 17, 2022
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To celebrate the holiday in a responsible manner‚ police in Waterloo have warned residents not to host large gatherings on St. Patricks Day 2022. This year‚ about 33‚000 people celebrated the holiday in the Waterloo University District. However‚ Larkin says this is not an excuse to let people get too wild. Despite the safety concerns‚ the police chief is confident that residents will keep the streets safe and show respect. The Waterloo Police chief has asked residents to plan a safe ride home and to stay away from bars. Although there are no restrictions‚ residents are encouraged to celebrate St Patricks Day responsibly by calling a designated driver‚ finding a friend to drive you home‚ or taking a bus. In the past‚ there have been a number of incidents where alcohol was thrown at students‚ and the police are asking residents to exercise extra caution on the date. The City of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University won't comment on the potential activities‚ but they did point out that the city's police have a significant operational plan that he has developed together with the community and bylaw.

st patricks day 2022 waterloo police chief asks residents to avoid st 2022
Image source : therecord