State police increase patrols of revere beach to arrest five people

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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New Hampshire State Police Will Deploy More Patrols at Revere Beach and Hampton Beach Following Saturday's Fighting

New Hampshire State Police are planning to deploy more patrols at both beaches on Sunday following Saturday's fights. A boy was injured in the confrontation and taken to the Massachusetts General Hospital. Saturday night saw a parking ban on the Revere Beach Boulevard. The ban was meant to discourage illegal parking. Police were also on patrol at the neighboring Hampton Beach on Saturday. At that time, they made 10 arrests, including one person charged with disorderly conduct and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Multiple arrests were made at Revere beach by extra State police patrols on Saturday Five people were arrested by police as of 5:05 p.m. Revere Beach Boulevard was also closed for parking. State Police increased patrols on the beach to keep up with large numbers of people trying to flee the heat. This increased police presence follows a week in which one victim was admitted to the hospital and five other people were detained for fighting at the bandstand. Col. Christopher Mason stated that there will be an increase in police presence at the beach to provide a peaceful and safe environment for everyone. Beachgoers are reminded that loud music, alcohol and marijuana are prohibited on the beaches by police officers. Revere Beach is closed for half an hour after sunset. On Saturday, Revere Beach will close at 8:30 pm. If conditions change, the State Police will post updates to their social media accounts. Previously: Revere beach has large crowds, which prompts an increase in police presence. Download the FREE Boston 25 News app for breaking news alerts. Follow Boston 25 News on Facebook and Twitter. | Watch Boston 25 News NOW