Stellenbosch University student suspended for racist pee

Monday, May 16, 2022
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Stellenbosch University Student Suspended For Racist Peeing

A white student has been suspended from Stellenbosch University for urinating on a black student's textbooks and laptop. The university has condemned the act as destructive and abhorrent and said it undermined the institution's values. The vice-chancellor‚ Prof Wim de Villiers‚ has said he was shocked and appalled by the student's behaviour. The SA Students' Congress is calling for the student to be expelled.

Stellenbosch University

A white Stellenbosch University student has been suspended after a video emerged of him urinating on a black student's laptop and books. The student has apologized‚ but some people want the white student expelled from the university. This is a racially motivated act that has left many students upset. But what is the real motive? What did the student have to gain by peeing on a black student's possessions? A white Stellenbosch University student was suspended for urinating on a black student's belongings‚ which prompted protests at the campus on Monday. The university has suspended the student pending a formal disciplinary hearing. However‚ the university has a policy of promoting social cohesion on campus and is committed to ensuring quality tertiary education for all. The university says the incident has prompted an investigation and that the student will be expelled if he continues to offend others. The incident occurred at the Huis Marais residence on campus. The university has sent a letter to the student's parents and has offered counseling to the victim. A formal investigation is being carried out‚ but it is still unclear whether the student will be expelled. He faces criminal charges‚ which may lead to his expulsion from the university. The white Stellenbosch University student who urinated on a black student's books and laptop has been suspended from the university. The incident is considered racially motivated and a violation of university values. The white student's actions have prompted protests on campus‚ and the South African Student Congress has demanded his expulsion. What is the motive behind the racist act? Several witnesses and police are investigating the incident.

Student suspended for urinating on black student's belongings

A white student has been suspended from Stellenbosch University after he was caught on video urinating on a black student's belongings. The incident has been condemned by Stellies officials and has led to national outrage. The student had been in the room with the black student when he started urinating on her laptop‚ books‚ and desk. A white student from Stellenbosch University has been suspended following a racist incident in which he urinated on the black student's laptop and books. The student apologized for the incident but some people want him expelled from the university. However‚ this racist act is completely unacceptable and must be investigated by Stellies staff. The students' affairs director‚ Dr Choice Makhetha‚ is confident that justice will be served. The incident is still under investigation and the university has suspended the student. A further swift investigation is needed to determine the best course of action. Criminal charges are not ruled out‚ but the university needs to ensure that any damages to property are replaced. The incident has also prompted outrage among students and has prompted a slew of protests at the Stellenbosch campus. The incident took place at the Sasco school in the Western Cape. The white student‚ who was suspended‚ urinated on the black student's textbooks and laptop. The university has described the incident as destructive and said it shattered its values. The university's vice-chancellor‚ Prof Wim de Villiers‚ called for the student to be expelled after a racially motivated act.

Institution has zero tolerance for racism

The university has zero tolerance for racism and discrimination. But this hasn't stopped a group of Stellenbosch students from getting into trouble. Students have posted videos online of incidents where they were attacked because they are black‚ or because they are perceived as having more privileges than white people. One student‚ Terence Makapan‚ was attacked on a Sunday morning while out with three white friends. In response to the latest incident‚ a white student at Stellenbosch University has resigned after being suspended for making derogatory comments toward a black student. The student‚ who was reportedly drunk‚ has since apologized. A video of the incident has gone viral‚ and many outraged South Africans have called for the student's expulsion. The incident took place in a student dorm room‚ where the white student was urinating. The university's new chairperson‚ Mr. Axolile Qina‚ made a speech about the need for inclusion. He described racism as a denial of collective identity. He assured the members of the SRC that there will be a new office to deal with racism and discrimination. The incoming chairperson of the SRC‚ Mr. Qina‚ also highlighted the role of 'Afriforum' and OS associations in transforming Stellenbosch. The campus community is diverse and represents different cultures. Almost a quarter of the academic staff are black‚ and the rest is Coloured and Indian. The university has an aggressive policy to combat racism and discrimination. Those who break the law are subject to the appropriate punishment. In addition to this‚ the university encourages student organisations to engage in discussions on this issue. All of these steps will help the university remain inclusive and open to diversity. While removing racist students from residences is not a cure-all‚ the university is making efforts to change. However‚ its slow transformation has put Afrikaans in jeopardy as an academic language. Those who are slow to change should take note that the longer the process takes‚ the less control you have over the outcome. So what can SU do to change the situation? Is there a solution?

Investigation launched into incident

An investigation has been launched into an incident at Stellenbosch University. According to a statement released by the university‚ a white student who was urinating on a black female victim was removed from his Huis Marais residence and offered counselling. The victim is reportedly still processing what happened‚ and appropriate action will be taken once the investigation has been completed. The student has not yet formally been named‚ but his name and contact details were publicly available. Earlier this week‚ an investigation was launched at the University of Stellenbosch after a white student was accused of urinating on a black student's property. The incident took place at the Huis Marais residence on the university's campus‚ and was first brought to the attention of the university's equality unit. It was quickly reported to university structures‚ and a full investigation is underway. The incident sparked outrage among students at Stellenbosch University. A video circulated on the internet showed a white student urinating on the belongings of a black student in the Huis Marais residence. The student was reportedly asleep when the incident occurred. A white student who had been speaking Afrikaans in the residence had previously been barred from the campus. The university's racism policy is constitutional‚ but the incident has led to debate and action. A first-year student who was a part of the university's social committee had made the posters‚ which were later removed. The incident was also brought to the attention of other school organisations. The Prim of Majuba in 2016 admitted that the posters were degrading to women and that action must be taken to assess men's core values. A lecturer of political science‚ Viwe Kobokana‚ has also expressed her concern about the situation at the university.