Still in shock Twist as big Tyson fan hires lawyer after plane scuffle

Friday, April 22, 2022
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Twist As Big Tyson Fan Hires Lawyer After Plane Scuffle

Even after the airline scuffle‚ Twist fans are still in shock‚ but they're not the only ones. A big Tyson fan has hired a lawyer and is still in shock that the boxer accidentally hit an overzealous fan. In a separate article‚ Tyson defends himself‚ but his lawyer is concerned about whether he can sue.

Tyson punches fellow passenger

JetBlue passengers were outraged on Wednesday when Mike Tyson allegedly punched a fellow passenger during an airport scuffle. The incident prompted the San Francisco Police Department to respond to the incident. Police say that two people were detained for fighting and one suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The second person‚ who refused to cooperate with the investigation‚ was not a passenger on the flight. A witness to the incident described the man as a loud man‚ who was wearing a shirt with a tattoo of Michael Tyson on it. According to the San Francisco Police Department‚ the alleged victim refused to cooperate with the investigation and the two men were released. A JetBlue rep did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The boxer was in San Francisco for the 420 cannabis festival at Golden Gate Park on Wednesday. Tyson‚ who reportedly made a deal with a weed grower to start a cannabis-infused brand‚ said the fight against Dillian Whyte would be his last professional fight. The former boxer did not apologize for his actions after the incident. He has since gone public and released a new T-shirt promoting his upcoming Weed tour. The T-shirt features images of Tyson at the Hippie Hill 4/20 celebration in San Francisco. Tyson is one of the most famous boxers in history. He has won 50 professional fights with only two losses. His record includes 44 knockouts. Tyson served three years in prison for a conviction for rape‚ for which he was banned for life. Although Tyson was not convicted of killing anyone in the ring‚ he was infamous for biting Evander Holyfield's ear during a 1997 fight. He was once afraid of killing his opponents‚ and even sexy with his groupies prior to fights. After his defeat by Douglas‚ Tyson's bodyguard‚ Rudy Gonzalez‚ was reportedly so distraught that he later pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault.

Tyson hits overly enthusiastic fan

Mike Tyson was caught on video punching a passenger on a JetBlue flight‚ the witness says. The man‚ Melvin Townsend‚ III‚ was an overly enthusiastic fan. The boxing legend reportedly became frustrated with Townsend after he tried to take a selfie with him. He was extremely drunk‚ according to a source‚ who said Townsend threw a water bottle at Tyson. The incident is under investigation by the San Francisco Police Department. TMZ Sports‚ the website that published the video‚ claims Tyson did not appear angry at first‚ but eventually became visibly upset when the man insisted on taking a selfie with him. After he took the photo‚ the man kept trying to talk to Tyson. Tyson allegedly became angry and told him to stop‚ at which point he hit him multiple times. A source close to Tyson told TMZ that the fan was drunk. The boxing legend's anger was evident on the cell phone video‚ showing Tyson striking the man multiple times. The plane was headed to Florida from Los Angeles when the incident occurred. The boxer had earlier taken a selfie with a passenger. The overly excited fan reportedly tried to push Tyson away‚ causing Tyson to punch him in the head. After the incident‚ Tyson walked off the plane and the man received medical attention. He has not been arrested‚ but police are investigating the incident. The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office said it was aware of the video but refused to comment. The boxer was in San Francisco for the 4/20 festival in Golden Gate Park and was promoting a cannabis brand. The US Federal Aviation Administration said it had no reports of the incident‚ but that the incident was non-reportable.

Tyson defends himself

Mike Tyson has defended himself after an airplane scuffle that left a 55-year-old man bloodied. The incident took place during a conversation between Tyson and a man who was visibly intoxicated. Tyson told the man to chill out and began punching him‚ leaving a bloodied side of the man's head. The incident prompted the victim to contact the police and seek medical attention‚ but Tyson didn't apologize. A video of the incident has surfaced online. According to the video posted on TMZ Sports‚ Mike Tyson repeatedly punched the man in the face. The assault appears to be a reaction to the man's persistent bothering of Tyson. While normal people are split on Tyson's actions‚ many believe he had every right to defend himself. Others‚ however‚ feel that words cannot be answered with physical harm. However‚ the MMA community is standing behind Tyson. The fight with Dillian Whyte will be Tyson's last before retirement. Tyson says his title defense against Dillian Whyte on Saturday will be his last fight before retiring. Tyson is 33 years old‚ and earning more money than ever. Tyson is a controversial and colorful character. He is a world heavyweight champion and a controversial personality. He has defended his title on numerous occasions‚ but he says this is his last fight before retiring.

Tyson's lawyer thinks he could sue

Mike Tyson's attorney believes he could sue after the plane scuffle because video shows that the heavyweight boxing legend struck an unnamed passenger and left him bloodied. Video footage shows Tyson leaning over a seat and delivering a barrage of punches to Townsend. Though the incident initially appeared to be a friendly one‚ Tyson allegedly became agitated by his fan's excessive excitement and began striking Townsend. If the police officer had punched Tyson‚ it could be considered a violation of his 1995 parole. Tyson's lawyer says he could sue the airport for docking his pay by up to $10 million. He was jailed in Indiana for rape‚ and punching the policeman might be a violation of his 1995 parole. Holyfield could press criminal charges against Tyson. The man threw a glass of h2o at Tyson‚ but the boxer has not said it. The tycoon also did not mention the incident to the authorities. He also had a t-shirt on with the company's logo‚ but canceled due to the change in the company's structure. He was also photographed at a marijuana festival in San Francisco. After the incident‚ the boxer could sue Tyson for damages. The boxing commission will investigate Tyson for possible negligence. The fight was a high-profile event‚ and Tyson's lawyer is confident that he could collect millions of dollars. Don King has also filed suit against Tyson. While Tyson's lawyer is confident that the boxer can recover‚ the lawsuit could be complex.

Mike Tyson's reaction to plane scuffle

A video showing Mike Tyson's reaction to a plane scuffle has gone viral on social media. It is hard to believe that Tyson was on the plane. One passenger threw a water bottle at him‚ but Tyson didn't let it bother him. He even took a selfie with the man. The San Francisco Police Department responded to a reported physical altercation on board the plane. When officers arrived‚ they detained two people. After the altercation‚ Tyson began throwing punches at the other passenger‚ and the fight was captured on video. A passenger tried to pull Tyson away‚ but he didn't listen. The passenger was talking to him before the fight and the two got into an argument. Tyson was also punched several times in the face. In all‚ the plane passenger received medical attention and spoke with police. Despite Tyson's alleged outbursts‚ the incident is unlikely to have any negative consequences for the fighter. The incident reportedly occurred on a plane traveling from San Francisco to Florida. Although the plane footage does not show the entire altercation‚ it does show him punching the passenger and harassing him. However‚ the passenger then attempts to calm Tyson down. The video of the incident is now available online. The video of Tyson's plane scuffle went viral and received widespread media coverage. Jake Paul‚ a social media user‚ shared the video of the incident. He also tweeted about getting a hall pass for beating a man's asses. UFC president Dana White responded with a classic video. Tyson once famously pranked White. If you are a fan of the boxer‚ you will surely enjoy this video.