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Thursday, May 5, 2022
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Storage News Ticker

You can read about the new storage features in this article. Storage news ticker supports hard links and symbolic links‚ and the input is one line per article. It assumes the first field is the name of an existing copy of the article‚ and links subsequent entries to it using hard or symbolic links. The -D flag specifies the directory to store article spool files; the default is /var/news/storage/articles/. The -s flag prevents the automatic fsync(2) after updating links.

Expireover removes articles from the news overview database

Expireover removes articles from the database when they have expired. It reads spool directory and writes one-line summary of article to a file with a current time. This tool can be used to initialize the database or to sync the database after a crash. It uses -r flag to specify different reasons and a process ID for each reason. Expireover sends a go command to the local feeder daemon when finished. The -o flag sets the highest and lowest article number to a new value. This flag can be applied for each article in a single batch. Expireover can also be run with a -r flag to clear all previously saved articles. Its syntax is similar to'remove-from-storage' but allows you to set the lowest and highest article number. By default‚ Expireover sends high and low-article values to the Storage news ticker database. It needs to be known when sending Overview data to a client. Otherwise‚ it will believe that all articles are available and fail to retrieve the article text. In addition‚ it does not send the Expire-only-articles flag. Its low-article value is sufficient for a newsgroup. The -v flag increases the program's verbosity. The higher the level‚ the more output it produces. The first level prints totals‚ level two prints reports of individual files‚ and level five prints more lines per line processed. The -w flag warps time. If used with -f‚ it uses the name specified by the flag -f. This flag makes the process of deleting old articles less effective. Expireover is a useful tool that removes articles from the storage news ticker. Using it is not difficult‚ but you must set up a Storage news ticker server before you use it. Then‚ you can run it as root user and specify the file name. If you don't specify a path‚ it will use the file name in /var/news/storage/articles/.

Crosspost attempts to link all the subsequent entries to the first entry

The main idea behind Crosspost is to create a symbolic link between all subsequent entries of a storage news ticker. It works by reading group and article number data from files‚ or standard input if no files are specified. Once this information is obtained‚ the program can create hard links between the articles. This reduces disk IO. In addition‚ using crosspost can save disk space.