Storm and blizzard warnings officially declared as historic storm

Tuesday, April 12, 2022
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Storm and Blizzard Warnings Officially Declared As Historic Storm

Snowfall and blizzard warnings have been officially issued ahead of a winter storm that is forecasted to hit the Northeast this weekend. In Boston and New York‚ the Governors have declared states of emergency‚ and a National Weather Service blizzard warning has been issued for the Northeast. It is not clear how much snow will fall and how much it will weigh on areas.

Storm forecasters warn of record-breaking snowfall

The storm will bring strong winds and record-breaking snowfall to portions of the Midwest and Plains. National Weather Service issued winter weather warnings along the storm's path‚ and has issued blizzard watches for portions of eastern Montana and northwestern South Dakota. The National Weather Service also said the storm could cause dangerously low wind chills‚ which can be 55 degrees below zero. At the same time‚ it is cold enough to cause frostbite in just five minutes. In Boston and Plymouth‚ forecasters expect a heavy snowfall of twenty to thirty inches. Across the rest of the state‚ the amounts will be lower than the highs predicted for those cities. In Fitchburg‚ the city may only get 16 inches of snow‚ while Springfield may see 11 inches. In some areas‚ the snowfall may exceed thirty inches. In fact‚ some places may see more snow than that. A zone of six to twelve inches of snow is expected to form in the mountainous areas of West Virginia. This zone is expected to spread northward through the Alleghenies in Pennsylvania‚ northern New Jersey‚ and the Eastern Townships in Quebec. Northern New York and western Connecticut are expected to receive between 12 and 18 inches of snow. In the heart of the cities‚ slushy roads are possible.

State of emergency declared ahead of storm

A major winter storm is looming on the horizon for the Plains and Northeast. It will drop heavy snow‚ sleet‚ freezing rain‚ and high winds. As a result‚ roads will become treacherous. Winds will be strong and the storm will create periods of blizzard conditions. While the forecast is not yet specific‚ many local officials are already preparing. The state of emergency order can be read in full here. Governor Ralph Northam has declared a state of emergency ahead of the upcoming winter storm. The emergency declaration is necessary in order to receive federal reimbursement for storm-related services and supplies. The National Weather Service has predicted significant winter weather for much of the Commonwealth. Southwest Virginia is expected to receive a foot or more of snow. But even those areas will not be immune. Residents in these areas should make plans for the storm ahead of time and be prepared for the worst. The governors of New Jersey‚ Maryland‚ and Virginia have also declared states of emergency ahead of the incoming storm. These declarations will allow the state to quickly mobilize resources for the storm. In addition‚ the new governor has already coordinated with state agencies to make sure the state is ready. And in Scituate‚ which is known for coastal flooding‚ there are hotels available for the storm's aftermath. And while inland areas aren't expected to experience any accumulation‚ authorities have urged drivers to stay off the roads until the storm passes.

Boston under state of emergency

Mayor Michelle Wu has declared a snow emergency for Boston‚ Massachusetts. The city is bracing itself for a potentially historic storm that is forecast to drop between 18 and 24 inches of snow across the city. In addition‚ a blizzard warning is in effect for the eastern third of Massachusetts. This warning means reduced visibility and near-whiteout conditions. As a result‚ there will be a ban on parking on snow emergency arteries. Vehicles will be towed from major streets in order to allow for clearing operations. People in the city are urged to evacuate to higher ground ahead of the storm. Some neighborhoods have reported power lines falling and causing major traffic delays. Minor coastal flooding has also been reported in Scituate. The Winthrop Parkway near the Revere line has been closed due to flooding. Some roads have been closed due to high water or high tide. High tide has forced the closure of several roads in the area‚ including Quincy Shore Drive and Morrissy Boulevard. As the storm hits Boston‚ the city is trying to make preparations. The city is offering discounted parking garages and a contractor on standby in case there is a power outage. It's not known how much longer the power will be out‚ but people should expect to wait until Sunday morning to drive. The state is coordinating with MBTA to make sure there are heating shelters available to help residents with their transportation needs.

New York under state of emergency

Governor Kathy Hochul has declared a state of emergency as a result of the massive amount of rainfall that began to fall on New York City and the surrounding areas on Monday night. The heavy rain could bring severe flooding to parts of New York‚ including the Capital Region‚ Long Island‚ the Southern Tier‚ and Mid-Hudson. The rainfall is expected to fall at a rate of an inch or more per hour‚ which could result in power outages. The state of New York has declared a state of emergency following the blizzard that dumped two feet of snow in some areas of the East Coast. While the storm is not unusual for the region‚ its intensity is historic. The storm's winds are expected to gust from 40 to 60 mph‚ and Boston and other coastal areas could see up to 80 mph. Thousands of flights have been cancelled or delayed in the region. The New York Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services has activated its Emergency Operations Center to coordinate the response efforts of State agencies. They will also be in contact with localities throughout the storm. The state has prepared several assets for possible power outages‚ including generators‚ pumps‚ sandbags‚ and chainsaws. Those living in a high-risk county should be aware of their route to high ground and have their vehicles and homes prepared in case of emergency.

Philadelphia under state of emergency

Hurricane Ida left a trail of destruction through the Mid-Atlantic States. The storm‚ which made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane just days before‚ brought rain-soaked rivers and tornadoes to towns like Philadelphia. Emergency responders conducted thousands of water rescues. In Philadelphia‚ a flood of 16 feet threatened to overtake the Vine Street Expressway‚ which is closed in both directions. Coastal areas of New Jersey are also under a blizzard warning‚ which means that there are multiple hazards. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy warned that the storm's long tail would make driving hazardous and urged residents to avoid the roadways. Winter storm warnings are in effect for Philadelphia‚ Delaware County‚ and eastern Bucks and Montgomery counties. Although total snowfall will be under an inch‚ the forecast does not show that. The National Weather Service has declared a state of emergency for the region‚ starting at 5 p.m. Friday. The city's streets department has prepared 45‚000 tons of salt and is mobilizing 400 pieces of equipment. Road salting has started‚ with primary roads being treated first. The secondary roads will be serviced later. However‚ many commuters will be stuck on the road because of the snow emergency. NBC10's Matt DeLucia reports on the storm's progress. The city's government offices and schools will resume normal operations on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Schuylkill River is expected to overflow its banks‚ causing many people to be without power or heat. A state of emergency has been declared‚ which is one of the most stringent requirements for emergency response. And the Biden administration has promised to combat climate change‚ so resuming drilling auctions was an obvious step toward addressing the issue.

Philadelphia declares snow emergency

The streets department of Philadelphia is mobilizing to treat streets‚ beginning at midnight Friday. Approximately 40‚000 tons of salt are being distributed. Approximately 400 pieces of equipment will be deployed to treat roads. During the snow emergency‚ all city offices and courts will close their doors and close non-essential staff. However‚ critical services such as schools and hospitals will remain open and operational. In the meantime‚ the city is urging residents to stay off the roads. The streets department will start treating roads on snow emergency routes before focusing on residential streets. While they are treating streets‚ snowplows may be hindered by parked vehicles near corners. Crews will be on duty overnight to monitor roads and respond to any problems. Residents can contact 311 to report street issues. Residents should also check and radio for updates on the storm. In addition to the Streets Department's website‚ they can submit requests for snow clearing‚ ice removal‚ and salting services. Since the winter weather is expected to last until early next week‚ transportation officials are treating roads ahead of the storm. The streets department will mobilize 400 pieces of equipment and full staff to clean the roads in advance of the storm. It has approximately 45‚000 tons of salt on hand and is prepared to use them to clear roads. The streets department plans to clear emergency routes first‚ including main and secondary roads‚ before cleaning residential streets. PennDOT is brining streets as early as Wednesday morning‚ despite a labor shortage.