Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Reveals New Horrors

Tuesday, April 12, 2022
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Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Reveals New Horrors

The Stranger Things Season 4 trailer revealed eight new cast members‚ including booksmart icon Billy Hargrove and horror film icon Vecna. Let's take a closer look at Vecna's appearance in the trailer. Previously‚ we've learned that Vecna appeared in the first season's trailer and will appear again in the second season. But what's Vecna up to in season four?

Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things creators have revealed a second season trailer‚ revealing a harrowing new world for the kids in the series. Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix‚ and season 4 is expected to premiere in 2022. The trailer features returning guest stars like Robert Englund from Nightmare on Elm Street. The third season's release was delayed due to the sheer volume of story and the fact that the show was twice as long as season four. Stranger Things is a teen drama set in an alternate future where a spooky house holds horrific secrets that are unveiled in the first season. The series is set in the 1980s and follows eight teenagers from Hawkins‚ Indiana‚ who are drawn to the mysterious house. Stranger Things Season 4 will focus on the aftermath of the Battle of Starcourt‚ and will see the gang reunited for the first time to navigate high school complexities. The new series will feature several new characters and familiar faces. As with the previous seasons‚ newcomers are joining the cast. David Harbour‚ Winona Ryder‚ Millie Bobby Brown‚ Joe Keery‚ and Caleb McLaughlin are back as the main characters‚ and newcomers like Joseph Quinn and Eduardo Franco will join the show's already stellar cast. The show is produced by The Duffer Brothers‚ Shawn Levy‚ and Nimrod Antal. The Duffers will continue to write the episodes‚ and they will direct the new season. Stranger Things has gained immense popularity and fame since it first premiered in 2016. The season four trailer offers a sneak peek of the show's adventures in a short trailer that packs in so much show value. It also features a brand-new main villain‚ which is reminiscent of the Night King from Game of Thrones. Netflix has announced eight new cast members for season four‚ including a horror movie icon and Booksmart actor. The fourth season of Stranger Things takes the series' dark side to new levels with its premiere on May 27. It will see Eleven and her friends as adults‚ and a new Upside-Down monster. There's no telling what will happen when Eleven is separated from her friends. It's sure to be a thrilling ride‚ and hopefully the finale will be as spectacular as the first.


The latest trailer for the fourth season of Stranger Things reveals new horrors‚ but no details about their appearance yet. This upcoming season picks up six months after the Battle of Starcourt. Despite its title‚ Stranger Things Season 4 will feature a different threat than the last. The show's cast is still the same‚ but there will be some changes. While we can't see them yet‚ we can expect a new villain and some recurring characters from past seasons. The trailer for season four begins with an unexpected reveal: Eleven is still alive‚ and she has fled Hawkins to a life in California. She left her family and friends behind to escape the mayhem in Hawkins. Now‚ however‚ she's back‚ and with her new friends - Finn Wolfhard‚ Noah Schnapp‚ Caleb McLaughlin‚ Sadie Sink‚ and Gaten Matarazzo - she must work together to save Hawkins. Another revealing moment in the trailer is Max's introduction to the Upside Down. We can guess that he's a supervillain‚ but it is unclear if he's the main villain. But if he's related to Billy's death‚ the new season's trailer could hint at more shocking twists. Meanwhile‚ this season's trailer is also the first look at the final scene‚ in which Max and Dustin face an upside-down general. In the new season of Stranger Things‚ a mysterious grandfather clock plays a central role. Earlier in the series‚ this mysterious clock was the main bad guy‚ but the series' producers decided to make it a miniboss. Despite the fact that the Demogorgon was only a minor threat in season two‚ he morphed into a miniboss in season three. Another new character in the Stranger Things Season 4 trailer is Robert Englund's creepy grandfather clock. The actor‚ who starred in the previous season of Stranger Things‚ is set to reprise his role as Freddy Krueger‚ but he'll play an older version of Mr. Creel. While he's been in a psychiatric ward following a gruesome act‚ his house still bears the creepy grandfather clock. As the trailer reveals‚ this clock is important to the series.

Billy Hargrove

The Stranger Things Season 4 trailer opens with a disturbing voice and a picture of the grave of Billy Hargrove. It's an ominous setting for the series‚ but it sets the tone for the upcoming season by highlighting the stakes of Hawkins‚ Indiana. In the previous season‚ Billy was a charming bully who quickly became a supervillain after sacrificing himself to the Mind Flayer in order to save his sister‚ Eleven. In the season 3 finale‚ we heard Billy whisper I'm sorry and Max has forgiven him. The first look at the Stranger Things Season 4 trailer has revealed a new villain in the series‚ a human body rather than the Demogorgons of the previous seasons. This new villain is reminiscent of the Night King in the Game of Thrones universe. The new episodes will premiere on Netflix in two parts‚ on May 27 and July 1‚ and will continue to explore the world of Hawkins‚ Indiana. Netflix had already announced that Season 4 would be split into two volumes‚ with each season releasing in two parts. The Stranger Things Season 4 trailer introduces the new characters and locations. The new season will feature Mike and Dustin entering high school. Meanwhile‚ Max and Eleven will move to California to start a new life away from Hawkins. Noah and Finn will be joined by new friends‚ like Sadie Sink. The trailer also hints at new supernatural threat from the Upside Down. But the most compelling part of the new trailer is the spooky house and mysterious grandfather clock. Stranger Things Season 4 will continue the supernatural aspects of the series. The Creel House may be the first place the Mind Flayer will visit. The Creel Family purchased the mansion in 1959‚ where the Creel family began to experience bizarre supernatural incidents. Victor subsequently murdered his family‚ and now resides at the Pennhurst Mental Hospital in Kerley County. Thankfully‚ the Creel House will return in season four‚ and with it‚ the new horrors will continue to grow.

Vecna's appearance in the trailer

The Stranger Things Season four trailer shows a new character‚ Vecna‚ in action. While the trailer did not reveal anything else‚ Vecna is a fictional character from Dungeons & Dragons‚ who we haven't yet met. If Vecna is who she says she is‚ then this could be a big twist for fans of the show. The character has a complicated history‚ which involves the legends surrounding its origin. Its creator‚ Orcus‚ was a half-elf and human wizard from Oerth‚ and Vecna aims to reshape Exandria to his liking. That's how much she is like a Game of Thrones Night King. The character looks like the same prosthetics artist that created the Night King in Game of Thrones. Vecna is the mysterious source of two artifacts. The Hand of Vecna was a shriveled‚ blackened hand caused by burning. When used‚ it turned the user evil and had powers like levitation and uncontrollable cloak. The Finger of Vecna was a spell. This spell is difficult to control‚ and only the person wearing the hand was able to remove the curse. Thankfully‚ the cast of Stranger Things Season 4 has already revealed a few episode titles. Episode titles include: The Monster and The Superhero‚ Vecna's Curse‚ The Nina Project‚ Dear Billy‚ The Dive‚ and The Massacre at Hawkins Lab. Other titles include Papa and the Piggyback. Check out the Stranger Things Season 4 trailer to see what we'll be seeing next! Vecna's appearance in the Stranger Things Season 4 trailer has fans speculating about Vecna's appearance. This character has been a fan favorite since season one‚ and her appearance in the new trailer has fans guessing. The cast of the series will return for season four‚ but this time they'll be in the Upside Down. Unlike past seasons‚ the series will be released on Netflix later than expected. The introduction of a mysterious new character may have been the key to the series' success. Eleven's appearance in Season 3 teased the storyline. After all‚ her narrator is Max‚ and he will play a bigger role in the new episodes. The trailer hints that Max's storyline will be the focus of upcoming episodes. Likewise‚ a new implication regarding the death of Billy is that he is still alive. If this is the case‚ fans are probably right.