Summer Walkers' New Haircut is Now a Twitter Meme

Thursday, February 3, 2022
author picture Hugo Bertrand
Video/image : YouTube , Mxetqzgdfuaz9m
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It hasn't been long since Summer Walker revealed her new haircut on Instagram. The singer is sporting a head of shaved hair with a ponytail down the back. Fans are ecstatic at the change, with many comparing her new style to Will Smith's character Zuko in Avatar and to Goro from Mortal Kombat. Similarly, her fans have compared her 'do to Britney Spears'transformation in 2007. As the new hairstyle took the Internet by storm, Summer Walker herself responded by posting a carousel of photos of her new hairstyle on her Instagram burner account. In the caption, she wrote, Legit wanted this haircut my entire life. But it's not my time to be a rocket. After a couple of days, the photos topped 500k likes. Summer Walkers new look has been the subject of a viral meme on Twitter.

The actress's shaved head is now a topic of jokes and memes. This new style has made Summer even more famous. The singer shared a series of images to her Instagram burner account with the caption, Legit wanted this hairstyle my entire life. As a result, her new look has become a meme on Twitter.