Supreme court makes us safer with De Blasio's blasting of gun ruling

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

The newly redrawn U.S. House district of New York would include lower Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn. While de Blasio is not a member of the Supreme Court‚ he is a powerful politician and has a good chance of winning. The recent Yahoo News/YouGov poll indicates that most Americans support stricter gun laws. Meanwhile‚ a modest gun control bill has appeared headed for passage.

Former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio‚ a Congressional Candidate‚ expressed outrage at the incident on Thursday. The us Supreme court ruled that new york's conceal-carry law was invalid it was also illegal to possess a firearm in public‚ without a permit. Obtaining a permit had petitioners must show cause a person may not be allowed to possess a firearm outside of their residence unless they have a particular need. New York has removed this requirement. Seven other states with similar restrictions. A 6-3 decision was issued‚ which saw the court's liberals withdraw. Justice Clarence Thomas argued The state law deprived the plaintiffs two men from new york's upstate wanted their guns to be carried in public regardless of the special need -- to prevent law-abiding citizens who have ordinary self-defense requirements from exercising their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arm in public for self defense. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio attended the New York Fire Department Memorial Service‚ St. Patricks Cathedral in New York City on September 11‚ 2021. (Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images) According to de Blasio‚ this Supreme Court has made us safer‚ and he spoke out in a phone interview with Yahoo News on Thursday afternoon. He said that while the ruling is a win for the right it will actually motivate the left. De Blasio stated that it will anger people across the country‚ especially parents worried about their kids. He is currently in the midst of a very crowded Democratic primary. He will represent parts of Brooklyn and lower Manhattan in Congress if he is elected. According to A‚ most Americans support stricter gun laws. Mass shootings at Buffalo (N.Y.) and Uvalde (Texas)‚ have created a rare consensus in Capitol Hill. It appears that a gun control bill is on its way to passage. NYPD was determined to preserve our existing law. De Blasio said this‚ in reference to the New York Police Department. De Blasio said that the decision was a spit in the face for our officers. The City Hall successor to De Blasio issued an equally harsh assessment. New York cannot be allowed to turn into the Wild West.

. Adams‚ along with Keechant Sewell (the city's police commissioner)‚ echoed the sentiments of other Democratic leaders across the country by promising to work together to limit gun ownership. The expansion of gun ownership in public doesn't mean that it is now legal everywhere. Letitia James (New York's Attorney General) and Eric Adams (Mayor)‚ at the Brooklyn gun control demonstration on June 11.

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(Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images) It is important to remember that there are no changes.

You will be charged if you are caught with a firearm in New York City. Yahoo News was told by Bill Bratton‚ the former New York City police commissioner that the Supreme Court decision would have no effect on the safety of large urban areas like New York. He said that officers from the eight states where concealed carry provisions were nullified might be more cautious about how they interact with their citizens. Bratton said that there are many places where you can't bring a gun‚ but that the law will still be enforced. He also noted that the ruling could have been influenced by partisan views. He said that we are going to need to allow the dust to settle. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh concurred in Thursday's opinion‚ stating that the states will still have the right to implement licensing requirements and regulate firearm sales. He also stated that guns can be banned from schools and other government buildings. Chief Justice John Roberts (the court's swing vote of conservatives)‚ joined Kavanaugh in his opinion. Kavanaugh wrote that the Second Amendment‚ like most rights‚ isn't unlimited. He cited the late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia.