Taco Bell Brings Back Mexican Pizza After 17-Month Hiatus

Tuesday, April 19, 2022
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Taco Bell Brings Back Mexican Pizza After 17 Month Hiatus

The long awaited return of Taco Bell's Mexican pizza is gaining a new spokesperson - Doja Cat. The famous cat has been actively promoting the menu item‚ composing a song called Refried Beans (Mexican Pizza). The song incorporates the familiar bong sound associated with Taco Bell's Mexican pizza. And‚ as if this wasn't enough‚ Taco Bell has announced rewards to fans who sign petitions and tweet #IBroughtBackTheMexicanPizza.

Doja Cat is Taco Bell's spokesperson for Mexican pizza

Doja Cat has become the voice of the people of Taco Bell and has helped bring Mexican Pizza back onto the menu. The Grammy winning singer wrote a song and released it on the TikTok platform to celebrate the return of the menu item. During the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival‚ the artist even performed a song about the Mexican Pizza and encouraged the company to bring it back to its menu. Doja Cat's rap song Refried Beans‚ Mexican Pizza has been spreading the word about the coming back of Taco Bell's Mexican food. Doja Cat has even added the famous bong sound from Taco Bell to promote the re-introduction of the popular dish. In addition‚ Taco Bell has announced rewards for those who sign a petition to bring back the Mexican pizza and fans who tweet #IBroughtBackTheMexicanPizza. Since the Mexican Pizza has been missing from Taco Bell's menu for seventeen months‚ fans have been requesting its return. Doja Cat acknowledged her influence and announced her involvement in the return of the popular dish on Twitter. The news is good news for fans of the Mexican Pizza and will be welcomed by many. While many of us love Mexican Pizza‚ the sad news for some is that it has been discontinued by Taco Bell due to cost reasons. After an epic 17-month hiatus‚ the Mexican Pizza is returning to the menu after a petition was launched by customers. Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza is made up of two flour shells topped with melted cheese‚ tomatoes‚ and refried beans. Its return is good news for Mexican Pizza lovers and those with dietary restrictions. However‚ do not rush to the drive-through to try it out. Doja Cat is the perfect spokesperson for Mexican Pizza and is announcing its arrival on the menu. While the Mexican Pizza has become a favorite for vegetarians‚ there are still some restrictions. Customers must be a DashPass user in order to receive this offer. The offer is valid at participating Taco Bell restaurants. The Mexican Pizza is made up of two crispy flour shells topped with beans‚ pizza sauce‚ seasoned beef‚ and tomatoes. During the Time Back promotion‚ Taco Bell will also be offering Mexican pizza to customers with DashPass. The Mexican Pizza has a new name - Doja Cat. As a spokesperson for the Mexican Pizza menu item‚ Doja Cat is reviving her career as the voice of the brand. The new name for the Mexican Pizza was chosen because it's a fusion of both Mexican pizza and Cat culture. However‚ she has not given up her previous life as the spokesperson for Taco Bell.

It's a popular menu item

Taco Bell has finally announced that the beloved Mexican Pizza is returning to their menu. It had been out of stock for 17 months‚ but rumors have intensified in recent months‚ so much so that it was even confirmed by the company itself. On May 19‚ loyal Taco Bell customers will be treated to a special IOU reward when they make their next purchase. While not authentic Mexican food‚ Mexican Pizza is the ultimate guilty pleasure. To bring back the beloved Mexican Pizza‚ the chain took the advice of its social media mascot‚ Doja Cat. Not only did he confirm the news via Twitter‚ but he also joked about how his popularity had influenced the company to bring it back. After announcing the news on Twitter‚ Taco Bell announced that the Mexican Pizza would return to menus on May 19. As a reward for tweeting the hashtag #IBroughtBackTheMexicanPizza‚ Taco Bell will reward petitioners with free Mexican pizza. Additionally‚ loyalty members will receive early access to the menu. In addition to free Mexican pizza‚ DoorDash will deliver it to homes for the first week of Time Back. Using the DashPass can also save you $2 on the Mexican pizza order. The return of Mexican Pizza is a great sign for Taco Bell's eco-friendly efforts. The company streamlined operations and reduced its environmental impact‚ and has partnered with TerraCycle to recycle its sauce packets. They are also working toward a 2025 goal of 100% compostable and recyclable packaging. There are also some great news for loyal Taco Bell customers. Keep an eye out for the delicious new Mexican Pizza! In addition to the new Mexican Pizza‚ Taco Bell is celebrating the reintroduction of the item with special deals. For example‚ loyal Taco Bell Rewards members can use a special IOU offer to get a free Mexican Pizza. The Mexican Pizza will be available for delivery on DoorDash during the first week of May‚ and will be $2 off when ordered with a 12-inch sub or larger fountain drink. Many people have waited for the Mexican Pizza to return to the menu after its 17-month absence‚ but this recent announcement makes the wait even more worthwhile. The Mexican Pizza is made of two crispy flour shells topped with seasoned beef‚ tomatoes‚ and pizza sauce. The vegetarian option is available without the seasoned beef. You can even customize your Mexican Pizza to suit your taste. A vegan or vegetarian Mexican Pizza can be a great option for a tasty meal!

It's being reintroduced after a 17-month hiatus

After a long absence‚ Mexican Pizza is returning to Taco Bell menus! The re-introduction comes after 166‚000 customers signed a petition urging the chain to reintroduce the menu item. The new version will be even cheesier than before‚ with a crisp chalupa shell stuffed with cheese. Although the de-cluttering process hasn't pleased everyone‚ Taco Bell explained its reasons for the modifications‚ saying it is necessary for continuous progress in areas such as plant-based diets. They will also bring back select classics for a limited time. This news has prompted a lot of discussion on social media‚ and it appears some fans may be switching their allegiances. While Taco Bell hasn't officially announced the return of the Mexican Pizza‚ it is likely to return to menus in the near future. The reintroduction of this popular item comes as a surprise to many fans. The pizza was eliminated as part of a broader menu culling process that helped the fast-food giant reduce costs and complexity. After an 11-month hiatus‚ Taco Bell will bring back the Mexican Pizza to its menus. The burger chain will return the Mexican pizza to menus in April or May 2022‚ according to a report by The Verge. The company plans to bring back the Mexican Pizza in 2020‚ but it could have done more. If the re-introduction is successful‚ it will be a welcome addition to Taco Bell menus. The new taco is also coming back with new customization options. For a mere $3.89‚ you can add a slice of Mexican Pizza to any combination for just under $8. It will also be available at participating restaurants in Aruba‚ Costa Rica‚ and the Dominican Republic. Similarly‚ mystery rewards for watching the Big Game can be redeemed as free Mexican Pizza. Loyalty members will also have access to the new taco starting on May 17. Previously‚ Taco Bell eliminated the potato-based Meximelt after a lawsuit was filed against the company. It was one of the chain's most popular menu items. However‚ the chain has been exploring the Beyond Meat protein option‚ which is also being considered for the reintroduction of the Mexican pizza. Its revamped menu is an attempt to streamline processes and improve customer service.

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