Tacoma boy, 5 years old, claims that the man who murdered her mother pointed the gun at him, according to records

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Court Records Show Elisia Simpson Proven Innocent

Using court records to support your claim of innocence, you should first consider the facts surrounding the case. The first fact you need to know is that Tellieun Harvey is a suspect in the murder of Nicole Simpson. Her case is not unusual and prosecutors have the advantage of the most recent data. In addition to the police report, the court records show that she was charged with first-degree murder.

A man charged with Tacoma mother shot to death in her apartment with her children. Court records reveal that she also pointed the gun at her five-year old daughter. A forensic interviewer heard the girl say she hear a "bang" when Tellieun Harvey, 21 pointed her black pistol at her. Detectives did not find any evidence that shots were fired. According to court records, detectives believe that the girl's report of hearing a sound while her gun was pointed at it was the sound of the trigger being pulled. On Friday, Harvey was arrested in Pierce County Superior Court with first-degree criminal insanity in Elisia Simpson's murder. He also attempted first-degree murder by pointing the gun at his daughter. His behalf was granted not-guilty pleas. Harvey was ordered to be held indefinitely by Judge Phil Sorensen while he is undergoing a mental evaluation that will determine whether he can stand trial. The day Simpson was discovered dead, Harvey's mother was interviewed by police. They were told by her that her son had been acting oddly the previous morning. She took him to Good Samaritan Hospital Puyallup, for treatment. He was then admitted to Wellfound Behavioral Health Hospital, Tacoma by investigators. He was taken into custody without any incident, court records show. According to probable cause documents, Harvey did not make a statement. Elisia Simpson (24 years old) was found murdered in her Tacoma apartment on Tuesday, May 17th. Three of her children were her daughters, aged 2, 3, and 5.

Tacoma Apartment: Mother is dead

According to court records, police were called out to the Pacific Manor Apartments at Pacific Avenue around 10:10 a.m. on May 17, after a woman walked outside and saw children crying on a balcony. One child claimed that their mother had died inside. According to probable cause statements, the child claimed that blood was present and that her mother had been shot eleven times by her boyfriend, Tillen. The door was locked when officers arrived, so they opened it. The first officer saw the young girl running toward him immediately after entering. After picking her up, the officer then grabbed a young girl aged three years old and placed him on the balcony with a second child. According to court records, the officer took the third child from her balcony and carried them all out of the apartment. According to the oldest, her mother had been shot by her boyfriend, "Tillien". The oldest child also stated that her mother's boyfriend, 'Tillien'had held a small gun to her head. They were taken to Mary Bridge Hospital where they received a medical examination. The apartment was also searched by other officers. Court records indicate that Simpson was found lying in bed on her left side with numerous obvious injuries. At the scene, the victim was declared dead. According to probable cause statements, officers found seven.40 caliber casings in the bedroom floor, adjacent hallway and children's bedrooms. The bullet hole was located in the wall just to the left side of the victim's bed.

Harvey's apartment seen by witness

According to the probable cause statement, officers spoke with a variety of witnesses. One witness said that she heard Simpson banging at her apartment around 6:30 am on May 16, and saw Harvey run down the stairs before getting in a car. Court records reveal that the witness gave detectives a photograph she had taken of the man she believed to be the victim's boyfriend. The picture was taken as the victim left the apartment in the early morning of May 16th 2022. This photo was taken on May 16, 2022 at 06:31. He also gave her the license plate number. Court records reveal that detectives interviewed another person who talked to Simpson via Facetime on May 13, according to court records. According to probable cause statements, the witness was concerned for the victim's welfare because she hadn't been to work in over a week. The witness was able to speak with the victim over Facetime and noticed a small knot in her face. She then asked about the incident. The victim refused to give details, except that she said it was why she wasn't at work. Simpson's five-year-old daughter told the interviewer that she was in her room watching Shrek with her mother.

She could also hear the defendant and Simpson arguing, court records reveal. According to records, she claimed that she heard gunshots and, then, after hearing them, stated that the suspect entered her bedroom and pointed a gun at her face with a black gun. Another witness told detectives Harvey had come to her home at 10:15 a.m. on May 16, and seemed agitated. He was acting strangely and shaking, she said. Court records reveal that she refused to have him stay in her home, and drove him to the house of his brother, dropping him off. One witness also told detectives that she had been out with Simpson and Harvey shortly before the murder and that Simpson was afflicted by a swelling in her eye and bruising on her arm. Witnesses reported that the defendant got out his car at a station and then started to cry. According to court records, the victim began crying, claiming that defendant had beat her last night. However, he refused to tell her why, which led her into tears. Witnesses were also informed by the victim that the defendant had placed a gun on her head earlier in day.... The witness stated that defendant's behavior has changed in the past and that he now'spaces out, rocks back and forth and murmurs to himself.

"An act that causes harm to others and himself"

Harvey's mother was contacted by detectives on May 18th, according to court records. They told Harvey that Harvey could be dangerous to herself and other people. According to her, she reported that she took the defendant home from his brother's house on May 17, and noticed that he wasn't acting normally. According to court records, she believed he had a mental illness. According to the mother, defendant had taken his medication. She could see that he was not taking it. According to probable cause statements, she said that he then fell asleep for an extended time. She believed her son required medical attention and took him to Good Samaritan Hospital.