Taylor Swift Dropping Re-Release Single—Could 1989 Or Speak

Friday, May 6, 2022
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Taylor Swift Dropping Re Release Single - 1989 Or Speak

With all the hype surrounding her upcoming re-release‚ we have no idea when Taylor Swift will finally drop her much-anticipated re-release single‚ 1989 Or Speak. But the wait will be worth it: The singer just dropped the All Too Well music video and teased fans of her new song with the Speak Now music video. Here's what we know so far.

This Love (Taylor's Version)

We know Taylor Swift is meticulous and is known for dropping cryptic messages‚ but is there any evidence to support her re-recording 1989? We can only speculate. The song is included in a trailer for an upcoming Amazon Prime Video series‚ so that's a good start. Taylor also shared a lyric video for the track on YouTube. Fans have speculated that the song could be part of her next album. The re-release of 1989 is also likely related to Swift's recent announcement to remake five of her previous albums. She has already re-recorded Red and Wildest Dreams‚ which are both from her Big Machine albums. However‚ she hasn't shared a release date for the albums. However‚ fans should expect an album re-release of 'Red' this fall. It is unclear if Swift's 1989 album will be re-released‚ but we can speculate about the potential track. While we have no official information‚ the song will likely be released in 2022. The artwork for Speak Now was also changed to depict falling confetti‚ which is a reference to the song Long Live. As a result‚ there's no official release date for the album.


The album's title refers to its theme of love‚ heartache and aspiration. Taylor Swift co-wrote the song with Colbie Caillat. The album's charting performance is due in large part to its acoustic quality‚ and the album's production value. It has earned Swift numerous accolades‚ including best female album and best country album. Following the re-release of Fearless‚ the singer has promised to release a new album. Fearless (Taylor's Version) will be released on April 9‚ 2021. The album will feature six previously unreleased tracks from Swift's vault‚ as well as new versions of many of her Fearless tracks. The first single from the album‚ This Love‚ was released on Valentine's Day. 1989 has also been a hit single in the country music charts‚ and the album will include tracks from Maren Morris and Keith Urban. Although fans were thrilled to hear the re-recorded 1989 tracks‚ they are also worried about the copyright issue. Taylor Swift is being sued by Nathan Butler and Sean Hall for copyright infringement. While a judge tossed their lawsuit‚ the original songwriters of the song are appealing the ruling. In the meantime‚ fans are left wondering if Swift will release another song from 1989 or Speak Now.


If you're a fan of Taylor Swift‚ you may be wondering if she's dropping another re-release single. After all‚ she's already dropped a re-recorded version of her debut single Red and the following week‚ she's revealing that 1989 song This Love will be featured in a new adaptation of the Hulu TV show. Meanwhile‚ Swift's fan club is announcing a surprise merch drop - Taylor's Version! If you're interested in the details of Swift's next release‚ then read on. The latest tidbits have a lot of fans buzzing about the 1989 re-record. The official store has released merchandise for both 1989 and Speak Now‚ and fans are deciphering her Instagram posts and social media updates to find out what song she'll be releasing next. In fact‚ it's a pretty obvious choice‚ as This Love is one of her most underrated songs from 1989. Although we don't have an official release date for 1989 or Speak Now‚ a re-recorded version is likely to follow. Unlike Red‚ Swift's version is not due until next year. Taylor also changed the artwork for all of her songs on Spotify to show falling confetti‚ a reference to confetti in the song Long Live. As a bonus‚ she posted a picture of herself celebrating her birthday.


One of the most interesting aspects of the Reputation of Taylor Swift's re-release of her first album is the rumor that the artist has a sixth album that she has kept secret. The album was reportedly called Karma‚ but the rumor quickly dissolved after negative press surrounded it. As a result‚ Reputation has been one of Swift's most successful albums‚ and the singer has been compared to many other pop stars. The re-release of her first album has been widely speculated‚ but the truth is‚ it's much easier than that. Swift's first album 1989 topped the Billboard 200 for 11 weeks. It was also her first collaboration with producer Jack Antonoff. The second single from 1989 is titled This Love‚ and it's featured in the song's video. The song is a re-recorded version of the single Wildest Dreams‚ and Swift was asked by fans to give it another try after the viral video trend. The multimillionaire Taylor is likely not concerned about the financial cost of reproducing her own old work. Her re-release of her single could be motivated by money and principle. According to music lawyer James Sammataro‚ a license fee of just a few dollars could justify the re-release of Swift's 1989 or Speak. This fee is not a big deal‚ and the cost of production is trivial in comparison.

Taylor Swift's next album

One of the biggest questions about the singer's upcoming album is whether she will rework her old songs‚ such as 1989‚ for her next album. This year‚ she released the single I Don't Want to Live My Life Like I Did Back in the Day‚ which made fans wonder if she'd be returning to the same genre. Fans have been trying to figure out the answer to this question since the beginning of the year‚ scouring Instagram posts and interview appearances for clues. It was even suspected that she'd be reworking some old songs‚ but that didn't happen. In June 2021‚ Swift will re-release her fourth studio album‚ Red. This album was considered the artist's first foray into mainstream pop. Released on October 22‚ 2012‚ it was Swift's fourth studio album with Big Machine Records. Fans also have high expectations for the album‚ and the artist's announcement makes fans hopeful. But what should fans expect from the album? Will the fans get their wish?

Katy Perry's appearance on All Too Well

Katy Perry re-ignited her feud with Taylor Swift when she posted a video of herself listening to Kanye West's song‚ Famous. The singer explicitly describes how he made Taylor Swift famous. Then she sang along to the song. It was clear that Perry chose the song because she already knew it would hit the mark with Swift. And she didn't disappoint. While Taylor Swift's return to major streaming services coincided with Katy Perry's album release‚ the feud between the two musicians remains unresolved. Swift's reps have not commented on the situation. However‚ many fans think that Swift purposely provoked Katy‚ which could explain why they've never been friends. But either way‚ the feud is nowhere near over and Katy wants Taylor Swift to apologize and move on.

New merch collection

For fans who are eager to celebrate her 1989 and Speak Now album releases‚ Taylor Swift has released a brand-new merch collection themed around her albums. The merch collection celebrates the album's deep cut This Love and the upcoming Hulu adaptation of the song. While Swift's merch is usually limited‚ she has expanded her selection this time around. This collection includes everything from a key necklace to heart sunglasses. The new collection includes towels‚ scrunchies‚ cover-ups‚ and other accessories in colors inspired by the seagull sweatshirt that adorned her 1989 album cover. The line also features hats‚ stickers‚ and other sundries that feature the singer's artwork. If you're going to the beach or want to look adorable while wearing one of Swift's products‚ this collection is for you!

More songs to be re-recorded

After releasing a new single in November and a video for Speak Now‚ the singer is reportedly working on a re-release of her 1989 album. Fans are anxiously waiting for the re-release‚ but there are still several questions surrounding the track. First‚ what is the purpose of releasing the album again? It has been speculated that it could be for promotional reasons‚ or it could be to improve the quality of the original. Regardless‚ Swift has been working hard on the re-release‚ and this new single will no doubt be her next big hit. While no one knows for sure‚ fans are anticipating the new album - or at least a new re-release single from it - with hopes of a second album. According to her social media accounts‚ the singer has confirmed re-recording five of her first albums‚ though the release date hasn't been revealed. In addition to releasing a new single‚ Taylor Swift is also reportedly re-recording five of her albums.