Tessa Peake-Jones did Only Fools and Horses star date on-screen

Saturday, April 2, 2022
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Did Tessa Peake Jones do her Only Fools and Horses star date on TV? The actress was once linked to David Jason‚ who played the character of Del Boy on the British comedy show. The pair dated for nearly three decades before separating in 2013. As a result‚ Tessa went on to make various television appearances in the years after they split‚ including The Report and The Devil All the Time. After their breakup in 2013‚ the couple got back together and now have two children. In 1988‚ the actress began her role as Raquel Turner on the BBC sitcom. Originally intended to be a one-off guest appearance‚ Raquel was introduced in a special episode entitled 'Dates'. But the character proved so popular that it was later made into a recurring character. In the following episodes‚ she starred alongside Del Boy's son Damien‚ who was played by Ben Smith. In 2008‚ she starred as Raquel Turner in the BBC sitcom. She was initially only supposed to appear in a 'Dates' special. During this episode‚ her character became an ongoing love interest for Del Boy Trotter‚ and the two eventually got married. The two went on to have a child together. Luckily‚ the two ended up getting married and sharing a son. Tessa Peake Jones did Not Date Douglas Hodge in 1998. The two actors dated for three years before splitting. She married Douglas in 1990 and had two children with him. After their divorce in 2013‚ Tessa continued to appear on the show as Raquel. She continued to date Hodge on the show until 1996‚ when she joined Heroes and Villains. They divorced in the same year and have two children together. The two actors were married for nearly three decades. They separated in 2013 and have two children. Despite the high profile of the actress‚ they did not share their relationship. The pair also have two daughters‚ which is a plus for the show. Aside from her role in Only Fools and Horses‚ she also starred in Births‚ Marriages‚ and Deaths. In 1988‚ Tessa Peake Jones played Raquel Turner in the BBC sitcom. She had previously been married to Douglas Hodge for over 30 years and had two children with him. As Raquel‚ she gave birth to Del Boy's son Damien. However‚ she was later reunited with her husband. During her time on the show‚ she has remained close to the show. The actress was born on 9 May 1957 in Hammersmith.

tessa peake jones did only fools and horses star date on screen peake jones on screen
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She has been married for almost three decades and is a mother to two children. In the late eighties‚ she started playing Raquel Turner on the BBC sitcom. She was initially only going to appear in a one-off Christmas special‚ but producers eventually decided to make her a recurring character. In the show‚ she became the mother of Del Boy's son Damien. Tessa Peake-Jones dated Del Boy for nearly three decades before they split up. The actress played Raquel Turner on the BBC sitcom in the Christmas special in 1996. Her husband‚ Douglas Hodge‚ was a professional actor. She had three children with her first husband. Nevertheless‚ she is still happily married to her former husband. During the sitcom's run‚ she dated Del Boy's significant other Raquel Turner. The actress and the actor were seen in the same room at the end of the season. She remained on the show until her divorce in 2017. The two had four children together. Their relationship was so passionate that they stayed together for over thirty years. In addition to their star dates‚ they also had a love child.