Texas state senator sues dps for uvalde school shooting records

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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Robb Elementary School Shooting Revealed

After the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School in Texas‚ Gov. Greg Abbott has revealed new details about the shooter. One of the most striking details was that the gunman had no previous criminal history. The Texas Rangers have confirmed that at least 18 students and two school staff members were killed in the shooting. Governor Greg Abbott has also confirmed that the gunman was killed by responding officers.

According to Yahoo News legal documents‚ Roland Gutierrez (Texas state senator) sued Texas Department of Public Safety. He claimed that the agency had unlawfully denied a request for public records following the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde last month. Gutierrez (a Democrat) stated that the State of Texas had failed to give Uvalde truthful answers in the aftermath of the massacre. Families who have lost children over the past weeks haven't been notified by the government about the details of who was present at the scene‚ the tools they had to stop him‚ or why they chose to sit and wait rather than act. Gutierrez requested a ballistics investigation on the shooting and policy manuals. These documents would explain the cooperation between law enforcement during active shooters. This lawsuit comes just over one month after the shooting in May 24‚ when an 18-year old gunman shot and killed 19 children‚ two teachers‚ and left the DPS with 10 days to either respond or to seek a ruling from the attorney general. According to the suit‚ neither did the agency. After interrupting the press conference by Governor. Greg Abbott speaks out about Uvalde's mass shooting. (Yasin Ozturk/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) Gutierrez stated last week that lack of transparency from law enforcement had led to lack of trust among Uvalde residents. Gutierrez stated that the lack of trust stems less from the mistakes and omissions than it is the fact no one speaks up. Transparency and truth are not possible. If you don't admit to what you are doing wrong‚ and tell me how it happened‚ then there will be problems. Texas Governor. Greg Abbott (a Republican) has been accused of spreading misinformation. Abbott stated that the gunman was confronted by a Uvalde district officer in a press conference the day following the attack. Later‚ he claimed that he had been misled by Uvalde school district officers about the events of the shooting. “livid” about it. Renae Eze is Abbott's press secretary. Said in a statement Tuesday: All information that the Office of Governor holds regarding the Uvalde shooting has been made public‚ or in an expedited manner. Since day one‚ Governor Abbott insists that any information related to Robb Elementary School's tragedy be made available to all victims' families and Uvalde residents. Texas Governor. Greg Abbott outside Robb Elementary School‚ a temporary memorial. (Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images). The suit on Wednesday seems to be the latest in a series of procedural errors‚ walkbacks‚ and silence by local law enforcement. This has lead to criticisms alleging that the Uvalde Police Department covered up the incident. Late last week‚ Vice reported The city of Uvalde‚ along with its police force‚ worked together with a private firm of lawyers to stop nearly all records of the shooting being made public. ProPublica and Texas Tribune claim they have submitted about 70 people made requests for documentation from the state and local emergency services for Robb Elementary's tragic events. These requests cover % calls and footage from police bodies‚ as well as communication between federal‚ local and state agencies. None of these requests has been granted so far. Kelley Shannon (executive director of Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas) stated that the public demands transparency right away. Law enforcement agencies that are most educated understand the importance and urgency of transparency‚ openness‚ and taking action right away. Multiple requests from Yahoo News for comments by Texas DPS were not answered.

We intimidate people so reporters were told to get out of Uvalde City Hall. Texas lawmakers are meeting with law enforcement here behind closed doors. A local priest and victim's father were also instructed by the fire marshal to leave.

-- Shimon Prokupecz (@ShimonPro). CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz on Monday‚ he was shown that he and other members of the media were ordered to leave Uvalde City Hall.

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There were lawmakers meeting behind closed doors with law enforcement. Many users condemned the footage on social media using #UvaldeCoverUp Later that evening‚.

After the incident‚ it was evident that the officer's response displayed ineptitude as well as cowardice.

Uvalde police officers were present at the school with their rifles and at most one ballistic shield just over an hour before confronting the shooter. Azara posted a tweet about the 58 minute bloodshed and massacre that took place as officers stood indifferently outside of the classroom. Armoured and protected. Only the ineptitude or cowardice of these individuals warrants disclosure. Make the goods. #UvaldeCoverUp. Sara Spector (a Uvalde former prosecutor for five years‚ who was last in Uvalde in 2017)‚ told Yahoo News that she doubts the truth will be revealed to the public‚ given her experiences with the local police. After the second conference‚ I realized that Spector was lying and that it was a cover up. This was something I had known eight years ago. It brought back a lot memories that I hadn't forgotten. Steven McCraw (center)‚ director of Texas Department of Public Safety. (Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images) While legal consequences pile up‚ Uvalde is seeing physical changes. At a. City council meeting on Tuesday Robb Elementary School was demolished. However‚ he did not give a timeline. He said that you can't ask any teacher or child ever to return to school. Beto O’Rourke (Democratic gubernatorial Candidate) has consistently voiced concern about Abbott's murder. O'Rourke‚ stop misleading us

In response to the report that Abbott had been resisting public records being released. Texans should know the truth about Uvalde. Please tell the truth. _____. Cover photo by Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images