The Atlanta Falcons need to bring Julio Jones back to Atlanta

Thursday, March 17, 2022
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The Atlanta Falcons should sign Julio Jones‚ the best wide receiver in the league. While the team would love to trade him‚ they have to realize that the market is flooded with receivers. The trade was made in June with a 2022 second-round pick and a 2023 fourth-round pick. The move was a great deal at the time‚ but a year later‚ Jones was cut after only one season with the Titans. The season ended with a 31-catch‚ 434-yard performance‚ and a touchdown. A number-two receiver is needed to help The Atlanta Falcons make a run. The current secondary has some issues that need to be addressed. While the Titans have a solid number-one receiver in AJ Brown‚ Julio was a cap-trap. As a result‚ the team needs to re-sign the veteran wide receiver. Bringing him back to Atlanta would be a great move for the organization. The Falcons need to bring Julio Jones back home.

the atlanta falcons need to bring julio jones back
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The star wide receiver‚ who is worth nearly $300 million‚ requested a trade from the Titans less than a year ago. His future in the NFL is limited‚ and he wants to be part of a championship team before he retires. With this in mind‚ it is imperative that The Atlanta Falcons get rid of the aging wide receiver and sign him to a new deal.