The ceo at rebranded russian mcdonalds doesn't like the fact that old franchisees still use mcdonalds branding to sell big macs

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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McDonald's Golden Arches and Logo in Russia

If you're wondering whether the golden arches and logo are safe‚ consider this: McDonald's has sold off its franchisees in Russia. However‚ there are still some former franchisees selling Big Mac burgers under a different name and using McDonald's branding‚ which is against Russian law. However‚ a former McDonald's franchisee is trying to persuade the remaining franchisees to join his new brand.

Getty Images Former franchisees still use the brand‚ and the CEO who took over the majority of sites isn't pleased about it. After the invasion of Ukraine‚ the Burger King closed down all remaining restaurants. On June 12‚ the restaurants reopened with a Vkusno Tochka (which translates to tasty). Govor‚ the new owner‚ stated that we don't have the rights to use certain colors or the golden arches. We also do not have the right use McDonalds references. Reuters. Vkusno tochka uses many of the same ingredients and equipment to prepare dishes. Big Macs have been removed from the menu. Branded packaging was largely scrapped in favour of big boxes and plains. The logo‚ which still looks like an M‚ has undergone a dramatic transformation. Russia's former McDonalds restaurants were rebranded quickly. Some even took to writing the McDonalds logo on sauce packets. Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP via Getty Images However‚ this is not true for all former McDonalds franchises. While the majority of McDonalds Russian restaurants were franchised‚ about 100 are owned by McDonalds. These locations continue to sell Big Mac hamburgers in Russia under different names and use packaging with McDonalds branding. Reuters reported. Oleg Paroev (CEO of Vkusno tochka) said that they were unhappy about the situation. He said that even though McDonald's continues to be used in violation of Russian law‚ Vkusno Tochka does not have rights to McDonalds and cannot take legal action. Paroev stated that Govor had not purchased around 100 former McDonalds Russian restaurants. Paroev stated that Vkusno Tochka suggested former franchisees be part of the new brand and one already had agreed. Paroev stated that the former franchisees have no access to McDonald's suppliers like Vkusno tochka. He said that it was a mystery to him what products were sold at these restaurants‚ referring to those located in airports and train stations. However‚ I know that the products and ingredients are not identical to those that have been sold previously at McDonalds. Paroev stated to Reuters that Vkusno Tochka was opened on the opening day‚ and that the chain had plans to open 1000 restaurants in the coming five years. Read the original article on business insider