The cheap-as-chips chills of steel and sapphire will always haunt us

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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Big Finish Presents Sapphire & Steel

Big Finish Productions has announced that there will be new audio adventures of the popular detective duo‚ Sapphire and Steel. Unfortunately‚ Lumley and McCallum were unavailable to reprise their roles due to commitments in the United States‚ so the characters were recast with Susannah Harker and David Warner. The audio adventures are produced by Nigel Fairs and Jason Haigh-Ellery.

Spooky: Joanna Lumley and David McCallum in Sapphire Steel – Alamy Two people stand in front of the cafeteria's window‚ looking into space. The camera zooms in on the greasy spoon‚ which is seen drifting through the deep‚ frozen nothingness. This is a terrifyingly disturbing scene‚ enhanced by ITV's early Eighties production values. The fact that one of them is. Joanna lumley she was a national treasure in 1982. David McCallum is her companion‚ well-known for his role as the Blue-Eyed Hero of Man from U.N.C.L.E. He was chillingly mysterious‚ more so than the ice-cool‚ standing next to Lumley during their final sequence of Sapphire and Steel. The series was one of the most bizarre TV programs ever produced. It followed the adventures and outwitting of two time-travelling super-agents‚ Sapphire (McCallum)‚ and Steel (Lumley). A shoestring production crew brought these nightmares to life. Yet‚ the sheer number of horrifying horrors that they produced was frightening. Plague victims' restless spirit‚ an unnamed man wearing a bowler hat‚ and submariners starving to death. None of these were easy to forget once they had been seen. Sapphire and Steel said goodbye to the shock of their lives after scaring six audiences with its late evening slot. It was an old truck stop restaurant where Sapphire and Steel were lured by Transient Beings‚ precursors of Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith. The Matrix. Sapphire and Steel found out that the cafe was now in deep space. Lumley‚ McCallum then took their bows via a cosmic Cliff-hanger. There was no resolution.

It was planned for Sapphire and Steel's return. Unfortunately‚ ITV's organisational changes led to the cancellation of this project. Luther It was relaunched several times by Neil Cross‚ who failed to succeed. The truck stop episode was a big hit and it was voted one of the most-watched episodes. Sapphire Steel's supernatural subjects make it fitting that the steel has experienced a haunted afterlife in all these decades. Sapphire Steel's spirit is infused the lazarus project sky's big prestige thriller‚ titled "The Big New Sky" and featuring a team of crack agents who travel across the globe to fix problems in the universe. Sapphire and Steel lives on as well. Russian Doll The Netflix smash in which time takes control of Natasha Lyonne and actively interferes with her life. Sapphire and Steel both see time as a sentient and somewhat malevolent force. Steel tells us this in episode one‚ when he and Sapphire are investigating the disappearances of a father and mother in their haunted house. There is too much clocks and insufficient light sources. Steel tells Steel that you cannot go back in time. Once in a while time does enter the present...break in...break through. In 2022‚ Sapphire and Steel will be remembered as an ominous helping of Hauntology from the late Seventies and early Eighties. These were the days of terrifying public information videos‚ and children's television so frightening that it today would come with a warning to adults. Shutterstock: Time Joanna Lumley in Sapphire‚ David McCallum in Steel Sapphire and Steel‚ which was initially intended to be a children's show in the same vein as Children of the Stones‚ is undoubtedly part of this tradition. It is evident that its legacy extends beyond the niche of pop culture when it was viewed in 21st-century. This was the precursor to the x-files lumley said‚ noticing the similarities between McCallum and McCallum and Mulder and Scully in the Nineties. It's difficult to believe that David Lynch hasn't encountered Sapphire and Steel. Its low-key‚ eerie quality and blood-curdling way of making the everyday seem extraordinary make it a powerful influence. Twin Peaks. Like Twin Peaks' uncanniness‚ it was in large part due to Peter J Hammond refusing to give too many details. Popular theories suggest that Sapphire and Steel were sent by aliens to Earth. Steel can lower temperatures‚ while Sapphire can reverse time. Their extraterrestrial status has yet to be confirmed. Instead‚ we are told that they are members of an interstellar team named after precious and metallic elements. We are also introduced to Lead and Silver. Hammond said that I was reluctant to reveal too much because once they tell you where they came from‚ it's a commitment. Hammond‚ a TV journalist and jobbing writer was an accomplished one. He had previously worked for Z Cars and Dixon of Dock Green before moving on to Emmerdale. Before Sapphire and Steel‚ his breakout project was Ace of Wands. This children's show featured a magician who has telekinetic powers. Joanna Lumley plays Sapphire on ITV/Shutterstock The series' success convinced Thames TV that he would be writing another children's show‚ The Time Menders. It was deemed too disturbing‚ even by Seventies standards. The series was subsequently cancelled. Svengali Grade‚ a buccaneering producer‚ is now in control. She was the one who green-lit Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner back in 1967. The Time Menders offered him a contract for his ITV-franchise‚ Associated Television. It was renamed Sapphire and steel and reconfigured to appeal to adults. The reliance on indoor locations‚ and the dialogue-driven plot made it possible for Grade to put it together in a short time. Grade knew that smart casting is crucial. He opened his check book to pay for McCallum and Lumley‚ who are megawattage stars. Lumley might have recognized that most of her budget was on her salary when she arrived on the set. Lumley would declare that it was all about chips. She was not discouraged by the scarcity of funds and her portrayal as Sapphire was rated positively alongside McCallum's more serious performance. Their partnership was forged in TV horror and over the course of those six seasons‚ which each consisted of several linked episodes‚ they created undoubtedly one of Britain's greatest sci-fi series. Sapphire Steel is part of a taskforce consisting interdimensional agents. ITV/Shutterstock Even though the show was pre-watershed‚ horror was a major theme. The first season takes place inside a haunted house‚ where ghosts are summoned from the young girl who is reciting Ring a Ring o Roses. The second series features a haunted railway station abandoned by the ghost of a World War One soldier who was killed hours after the Armistice. Sapphire Steel later introduced aliens that have made war on meat‚ and Transient Beings. These are dressed like bank managers‚ but their eyes shine red. Sapphire and Steel were‚ despite all their spookinesses‚ generally very easy to read grey matter. All involved were bound to make TV more accessible for the common viewer. McCallum used to say that my mother had a cleaner named Mrs Puttock. She saw the first episode of the series and told me she loved it. However‚ it was difficult for her to understand. So‚ we tried to make sure the stories were Puttock-proof. However‚ there was always a finite audience for the marrow-chilling and time-travel-themed telly. In 1982‚ ATV was acquired by Central Television. The plug was then pulled. The cliffhanger where Sapphire and Steel were lured to the end-of-the universe restaurant was over. It still irks at least one person today. Lumley lamented that I loathe it. It's still there. That petrol station is where I am stuck.