The clubs Cameron Smith used to win the 2022 Players

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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The players championship was one of golf's biggest events in 2022‚ and Adam Scott‚ Adam Smith‚ and Greg Norman all used Titleist equipment. Smith‚ who is dating Shanel Naoum‚ used the 009 prototype. A closer look at his swing shows that the shaft is angled slightly lower than the sole‚ which creates a longer arc. In addition to using Titleist equipment‚ Smith also made 42 birdies during the week. Smith's victory at the 2022 Players Championship was a huge achievement for him. Before the tournament‚ he had not seen his family for two years because of travel restrictions. After the event‚ he was reunited with them and they watched him take home the trophy. The first time he has won a tournament‚ his family was thrilled and congratulated him. After the tournament‚ Smith and Blixt headed home to watch his son's baby shower. The 2022 Players Championship was Cameron Smith's second major title.

the clubs cameron smith used to win the 2022 players
Image source : golfdigest

He won with Anirban Lahiri‚ a fellow Australian. The two players tied for first place in the tournament and each earned $3.6 million. In the past‚ however‚ Smith has lost a lot of strokes in the off-the-tee category and is now a true grinder. Even though he's not the best player‚ he's tough and resilient after wayward shots.