The lapsed fans guide to the 2022 NHL playoffs - Top storylines

Monday, May 2, 2022
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The Vultured Fans Guide to the 2022 NHL Playoffs

The Stanley Cup playoffs are known for their close-checking‚ low-event hockey. Teams like the Flames and Hurricanes are notorious for their tight-checking‚ and there are a handful of teams in this year's postseason that play in both styles. There is a certain charm to the Stanley Cup playoffs - and the games can be a good excuse to raise a beer glass or a champagne glass.

Carolina Hurricanes vs Boston Bruins

The No. 2 Metro Division teams‚ the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Carolina Hurricanes‚ have a lot of interesting storylines to watch throughout the playoffs. The Carolina Hurricanes had their best season in years‚ with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin putting up huge numbers. Their goaltending‚ particularly Frederik Andersen‚ was outstanding‚ but late season injuries hampered their playoff hopes. The Boston Bruins‚ meanwhile‚ no longer have two playoff mainstays in Tuukka Rask and David Krejci. However‚ they still have Patrice Bergeron and Adam Fox‚ and this could be a series to watch in 2022. After realigning its divisions and adding more games‚ the NHL is returning to an 82-game schedule. The playoffs will return to the wild card system that was in place from 2014 to 2016. Lineups will be the same as in 2019-20‚ with an expansion team from Seattle‚ the Kraken. In addition‚ the Arizona Coyotes have been relocated to make room for the Seattle Kraken. The Tampa Bay Lightning‚ meanwhile‚ is trying to become the first staff to win three straight Stanley Cup championships since 1982. In addition‚ they have several factors to be considered: Steven Stamkos‚ Victor Hedman‚ and Brayden Point. However‚ their postseason fortitude and goaltending will remain questionable. On the flip side‚ the Tampa Bay Lightning is trying to make history by capturing the third consecutive Stanley Cup championship since 1982. They have players like Steven Stamkos‚ Victor Hedman‚ and Brayden Point‚ but questionable postseason fortitude.

Florida Panthers vs Washington Capitals

The lapsed fans guide to the 2032 NHL playoffs is packed with intriguing stories‚ from a potential Stanley Cup contender to a series that will be entertaining enough to keep fans on their toes. Compared to most other things in life‚ hockey playoffs are a lot more fun to watch. For those new to the NHL‚ the first two series are likely to be the most exciting. In the East‚ the New York Islanders will be up against the Pittsburgh Penguins‚ while the Washington Capitals will be up against the Boston Bruins. Despite losing their regular season series against Vegas Golden Knights‚ the Washington Capitals will be playing their old rivals in the Eastern Conference Finals‚ while the Boston Bruins will face the Vancouver Canucks. Aside from the usual playoff drama‚ the playoffs will feature some interesting changes. The first season was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic‚ so the NHL made some changes. Despite these changes‚ the season itself will remain relatively unchanged‚ with changes to 12 teams and the addition of a new team. However‚ the playoffs will be more exciting than ever - even for lapsed fans. Among the key storylines to watch are the injuries to Alex Ovechkin‚ the best player in the league‚ and the Boston Bruins. While the playoffs aren't expected to be as exciting as the NHL season of 2018‚ the Eastern Conference is expected to feature some of the most memorable moments. For lapsed fans‚ the postseason will be a chance to see their favorite team in action.

Edmonton Oilers vs Calgary Flames

The lapsed fans guide to the 2021 NHL playoffs includes several top storylines that will surely keep the hockey world talking for the rest of the season. After a surprising season in which they reached the Stanley Cup Final‚ the Montreal Canadiens aren't in the best shape heading into next year. First‚ star winger Johnny Gaudreau is out of the lineup with multiple injuries. He'll miss the entire season and is expected to be out for several months‚ although coach Marc Bergevin has warned that the season could be extended. The Edmonton Oilers and Tampa Bay Lightning were slated to meet in the first round of the playoffs‚ despite the fact that they are both No. 1 seeded in their respective divisions. Both teams boasted high-caliber players‚ including pending free agents Johnny Gaudreau and Phillip Danault. The Kings also lacked superstar defenseman Drew Doughty‚ who's currently out with a wrist injury. However‚ the Toronto Maple Leafs and Tampa Bay Lightning are the teams to beat in the Atlantic Division‚ and they are both expected to advance to the final round. Edmonton - As the Pacific Division champion‚ the Flames are the odds-on favorite to win the Stanley Cup. They have the league's best offense‚ scoring 4.1 goals per game. And they're also the underdogs for the playoffs. The Calgary Flames and Minnesota Wild have met twice in the first round in the past three seasons‚ with the former winning the Stanley Cup and the latter advancing to the Western Conference finals.

Colorado Avalanche vs Chicago Blackhawks

The lapsed fans guide to the 2032 NHL playoffs: What to watch for‚ what to avoid‚ and who will be the favorites. In 2022‚ the Avalanche and Panthers are the top seeds in the East and West. The Avalanche are expected to make a deep run‚ and are among the NHL's top teams‚ but the Panthers are favored. The first round will feature Colorado‚ who won the Western Conference and the Central Division‚ and the Nashville Predators. While they are not likely to win a Stanley Cup this year‚ the Avalanche were a threat to win the President's Trophy last year. The Predators won the regular season series 3-1‚ but Colorado is favored to win the division. Calgary Flames and Dallas Stars are the other two teams to watch‚ and the first round is arguably the most chaotic. The Flames had 3 40-goal scorers‚ 1 of the league's best goalies‚ and a bonzer line. The Dallas Stars‚ meanwhile‚ had an explosive line up of players with Joe Pavelski (81 points) and Roope Hintz (37 goals). The Vegas Golden Knights were the favorite to win the Stanley Cup this season‚ and they had disgruntled Buffalo Sabres prima Jack Eichel advertised them as their team. However‚ injuries and salary-cap issues caused them to falter. In the off-season‚ the team parted ways with goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury and traded him to the Chicago Blackhawks.

New York Rangers vs Pittsburgh Penguins

There are many reasons to love this Stanley Cup series. Not only is the New York Rangers' core filled with superstars‚ but they've also won the Metropolitan Division and are among the top-ranked teams in the league. But despite the luster‚ the series presents some hard choices for hockey fans. Let's compare the top two first-round series. One promises to be must-watch TV every night‚ while the other lacks intrigue. For one‚ the Rangers have a young lineup. But the Rangers' veterans are capable of making a difference. Mika Zibanejad and Chris Kreider have had career years and put up 81 points in 81 games‚ respectively. They could use their veteran players to make an impact. Pittsburgh has been able to suppress opponent opportunities lately‚ but a good defense will be necessary for them to win this series. A healthy Shesterkin is the heavy favorite to win the Vezina this year. With a goals-against average of 2.07 and a save percentage of.935‚ Shesterkin has already proven that he is a superior goaltender against the Penguins. In eight career meetings between the teams‚ Shesterkin has posted a.914 save percentage against the Pens.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Chicago Blackhawks

As the Stanley Cup playoffs near‚ the lapsed fan's guide to the playoffs is an excellent way to catch up on what's happening on the ice. The Toronto Maple Leafs and Tampa Bay Lightning have two of the most intriguing playoff series in the first round. For the Leafs‚ a loss could mark their sixth straight series elimination. While the Tampa Bay Lightning's seven-game winning streak is impressive‚ it doesn't mean the Leafs' season is over. The Toronto Maple Leafs are a perennial contender in the Western Conference. Despite being the No. 1 seed in the Atlantic Division‚ they have struggled in recent seasons and are looking for a first-round win in the playoffs since 1967. Their top players include Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner‚ who are the two most popular MVP candidates in the NHL. The team also has question marks regarding their goaltending and postseason fortitude‚ which is crucial in the playoffs. The next round of playoffs is the most exciting for hockey fans. Two teams will meet for the first time in 2022. The New York Rangers and the Pittsburgh Penguins both have excellent record. Although the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup in the last postseason‚ the Wild have a better chance of winning the series. The two teams last played in the playoffs in 2016‚ and the Penguins won that series.