The Masked Singer: Mushroom revealed as Absolutely Fabulous

Saturday, February 12, 2022
author picture Louis Robert
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The first episode of the new series of The Masked Singer featured actress Bea Arthur as Mushroom. The audience's guesses varied, but the judges guessed Aisling Bea, Sarah Millican and Liam Gallagher. Fans also speculated that the Irish star could be Jodie Whittaker, Sheridan Smith or Joanna Lumley. Some viewers believed that the actress was a member of the British royal family and that she would be the perfect candidate. The reveal of Mushroom came as no surprise, but many viewers were confused about his identity after seeing his accent and his hat. The VT clue mentioned a link with fragrance and Charlotte Church's birthday. The two semi-finalists were revealed together on the same night, and this is why the mystery continues to elude viewers. The rumours of his identity haven't stopped the show from picking Mushroom as Absolutely Fabulous. Mushroom has been identified as Absolutely Fabulous.

She sang There Are Worse Things to Do Than Be Me by Bjork. The singer's Irish accent seemed to come through strongly when she sang, and the audience jumped at the possibility that Mushroom could be from Ireland. Several contestants have already been named as the Irish actress Siobhan McSweeney, who plays the lead role in the musical Grease.