The Takeaways: Trump could cause constitutional crisis

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Is Trump's Appointment of Jeff Clark Jeffr a Red Flag?

If you've been following the news on Trump's reelection efforts‚ you've probably wondered whether or not he acted inappropriately by appointing an environmental lawyer as attorney general. He's also a former environmental attorney‚ and his appointment comes on the heels of a riot in the Capitol. But is all of this a red flag for a president who is not a patriot?

WASHINGTON (AP) — The. House jan 6 committee is using thursdays hearing to show Trump's pressure on Justice Department officials to install a loyalist in charge who would investigate the false claims of fraud by former presidents and stop certification of the 2020 election won by Democrat Joe Biden. This is the latest example of the closeness the United States has come to facing a constitutional crisis. If the leaders in the departments had not threatened resignation‚ the incumbent defeated was able orchestrate a plan to allow the government to reverse election results from several key states. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Republican from Illinois) led the hearing and said it would demonstrate how close we were to losing it all. These are some important lessons from the fifth hearing by the committee investigating the cause of the rebellion at Capitol on January 6‚ 2021. After Trump sent his supporters to the Capitol while Congress was declaring Biden's victory‚ the committee tried to prove that Trumps attempts to reverse the loss led to the deathly siege. TRUMPS JUSTICE OFFICE IN TURMOIL Trump pressed department heads day after day to investigate false allegations of fraud in the election of November 2020. William Barr‚ the former Attorney General of Texas‚ described Trump's swirling false voter fraud theories as "wack-amole". We did not believe that Trump's offers were appropriate. This was stated by Jeffrey Rosen‚ Jeffrey Rosen who took over as acting attorney general following Barr's resignation. Trump was told by officials that the states would conduct their elections without federal intervention. Trump continued to press harder despite repeatedly being assured that there wasn't fraud. In late December 2020 Trump asked Rosen a strange question. Trump wanted Clark as his successor at the department. ___ WHO IS JEFF CLARK? Clark was the head of the civil division which dealt with environmental cases. A Republican senator from Pennsylvania introduced him to Trump‚ who was a member of the House's conservative Freedom Caucus. Clark circulated a proposal to have battleground state legislatures not certify election results. The disputed states might submit alternative electors to Trump by limiting their votes for Biden. His colleagues were alarmed by Clark's ideas‚ and Trump was shocked at his sudden ascendancy into Trumps orbit. Richard Donoghue (ex-acting deputy attorney general) said that it may have spiraled us into an constitutional crisis. Donoghue pointed out that Jeff Clark was not qualified to be an attorney general during a heated meeting. Clark replied that he worked in complex civil and environmental issues. Donoghue responded: What about going back to work and we'll call you if there is an oil leak? ___ SUBPOENAS SERVED ON FAKE ELECTORS’ As the Department of Justice stepped up its investigation into the hearing‚ it was adjourned. Searching for Clark's Virginia Home This week‚ federal agents served subpoenas throughout the country in relation to Trump's scheme to make fake voters with the intent of nullifying Biden’s victory. Although the purpose of these searches were not immediately apparent‚ the House committee pressured the department into stepping up its investigation. Representatives from key Republican states are being investigated‚ as well as those who worked on fake voters in the lead-up to January 6‚ when Congress would be tallying the results. David Shafer was the chairman of Georgia's Republican Party. On Wednesday‚ Michael McDonald (Nevada GOP chair) handed over his cell phone to federal agents when they approached him in Las Vegas. They also presented a warrant. According to sources familiar with the matter‚ those who spoke under anonymity and were not permitted to speak publicly about the development said that this was the case. ___ For full coverage of the Jan. 6 hearings‚ go to