The trial of a man charged with murdering a woman begins

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Paint Chips Found on Lijun Wang's Body - Forensic Experts Say

During a preliminary hearing, forensic experts said that the paint chips found on Wang's body matched paint samples from a San Mateo auto body shop. Additionally, the trunk of Li's car contained similar paint chips. After Li was arrested, Wang's boyfriend accompanied her to an attorney to file for political asylum. The brothel where Wang worked was investigated by Bay Area police. A witness, a doctor named Dr. Mark Super, also examined Wang's body and found white paint chips.

This week, testimony began in the 2017 homicide trial of a San Francisco man who was accused of killing a woman and dumping her body into a Merced trashcan. Defendant William Li After the body of Lijun Wang, 30, was discovered wrapped in three bags inside a garbage can in 3100 Block of G Street in central Merced, the victim was taken into custody Li (56 years old) has pleaded guilty to one murder charge and will be sentenced to a maximum term of 20 years in prison. Although Merced police had not previously provided details on the motive for the murder, they did testify that Li was connected to it by geolocation and cell phone records. Matthew Serratto (the Chief Deputy District Attorney in this case) told jurors that other evidence against Li included records showing Li searched for data or documents about how to erase them from his iPhone. Serratto stated that the evidence includes a file with a single teardrop icon containing a map and a newspaper article. Serratto said that Li had dumped her body into the alley. Evidence of frequent contact and evidence that there was a relationship exists. This is what he did. He fulfilled the charges he received. Jeffrey Tenenbaum, the defense attorney, told the jury that Li had moved Wang's body but didn't actually murder him. Tenenbaum stated that he would ask the jury to convict him based on this statement. Tenenbaum said that he will cross-examine Li's relatives who could testify about his client's passive nature. Tenenbaum stated that Li is quiet. Tenenbaum said that Li is a quiet man who does his job well. He is not violent, as you'll see. He is not violent. Merced police conducted an investigation and found that Wang was a Chinese citizen who arrived in the U.S.A. in 2016. According to police, Wang was a prostitute who worked to repay travel debts to the United States. According to Serratto, she is believed to have met Li in a massage parlor. They eventually became close friends. Serratto stated that they became close friends when Serratto helped her apply for asylum. At her request, he also retained her passport when she was identified by Bay Area police as a prostitute during an investigation into a brothel where she had worked.

A friend received strange text messages

On Friday's second day, Dr. Mark Super (a forensic pathologist with the Merced County Coroner's Office) said that he noticed small white paint chips sticking to Wang's back. These were visible above her waistband and under her jacket. This is the key element of the case. In 2018, at a preliminary hearing, forensic experts confirmed that the paint chips found on Wang's body was identical to two samples of paint from San Mateo's auto body shop. They were also found in Li's trunk. Super described the signs of asphyxiation, which led him to identify her cause of death as asphyxia by neck compression. Super stated that her unconsciousness was clearly caused by an assailant. It is clear that this was a crime of homicide. An older friend of Wang, a man with whom he had met at New York's dinner in 2014/2015, told Wang that they kept in touch for several years via text message apps such as WeChat and WhatsApp. As the defense stated, the Sun-Star does not identify the witness. According to the man, Wang and he texted one another about their plans for Superbowl Sunday on the day that her body was discovered. He texted her multiple times the day that she was discovered in the dumpster asking what her plans were for the day. She didn't reply. He texted her that he was worried about me. Let me know if everything is okay. Wang's friend discovered that she was dead, but he still received messages from her account up to February 2017. These messages claimed that Wang had been married and had purchased a new phone, but it didn't work. They also stated that she was busy. She was also told that she had been targeted and needed to flee to Canada by the U.S. government. He said that he didn't get it why she was in such trouble with the U.S. government. This is when I realized something wasn't quite right. Wang's sister got in touch and found out the Sun-Star's first Sun-Star story on Wang's body found in a dumpster. Wang was told the tale by his sister, who believed that it may be her. The Merced detective who was investigating the case confirmed that Wang was the one found dead in Merced. The witness stated that someone had sent those messages to me, referring to his posthumous friend's texts. It's not clear who. Li is still free to be released on bail. The trial will resume Tuesday with testimony.