The U.S. cdc has confirmed evidence of monkeypox local transmission

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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One Massachusetts Man Infected With Monkeypox

The CDC has confirmed that one man has been infected with monkeypox this year in Massachusetts. The virus is not sexually transmitted but has been known to cause skin lesions in close contacts. Monkeypox is endemic in Africa‚ especially central and western areas. The outbreak is widespread among both men and women‚ and it has spread to places where the disease is not normally spread.

(Reuters) - The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)‚ reported that there were evidences of monkeypox being transmitted locally‚ as well as reports of people who had been abroad. These cases mostly affect men who have sex‚ however‚ Dr. Agam Rao‚ a CDC staff member‚ stated that women can also get infected during a Thursday panel. In certain areas of Africa‚ monkeypox is an epidemic. This viral infection causes severe skin inflammations. The current epidemic has affected countries that the virus is not normally spread to‚ raising concern. According to the CDC‚ there have been also reports of transmission between family members or close friends. Rao stated that close friends‚ such as those who share towels or bedding with each other‚ are also at risk of contracting infection. This isn't just a matter of intimate contact. According to the public health agency‚ the current outbreak also has smaller lesions than the classic form of monkeypox. Last month‚ the CDC published guidelines recommending that laboratory personnel and at-risk individuals use Bavarian Nordics Jynneos as a vaccine. This makes Emergent BioSolutions (ACAM2000) a second vaccine. On Thursday morning‚ New York City established a temporary clinic in order to provide the Jynneos two-dose vaccine to anyone who has been affected by monkeypox. This includes gay men and bisexuals. Although there were cases of myocarditis‚ which is a form of inflammation of the heart‚ that was linked to ACAM2000‚ these cases are not reported after Jynneos use‚ according to the CDC. It said that there is only a small supply of Jynneos available and that the agency was looking at how best to use them. Reporting by Amruta Shahdekar‚ Bengaluru. Editing by Aditya Singhi.