The Wanted singer Tom Parker dies at 33 After Brain Cancer

Wednesday, March 30, 2022
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The Wanted singer died of brain cancer on Sunday‚ February 8‚ 2019. The band's former drummer‚ Martin Kemp‚ tweeted his condolences. The band's singer Tom Blue also posted a touching tribute to Parker. A great loss for the band and his fans. The musician's death was confirmed by his manager on Monday‚ and the singer's memoir will be released in July. The singer was 33 years old. He was a member of the popular rock band The Wanted‚ which rose to fame in the early 2010s. He was diagnosed with brain cancer during his time with the group. The couple had two children‚ Aurelia Rose‚ who is three years old‚ and Bodhi Thomas‚ who was born in October. The members of the band had been married since 2012‚ and the singer had two children‚ Aurelia Rose‚ and Bodhi‚ who is 17 months old. The Wanted's lead singer‚ Tom Parker‚ died at 33 after being diagnosed with brain cancer. The pop band had six UK Top 5 singles before going on hiatus in 2014. The members of the band were joined by fellow Brits Max George and Siva Kaneswaran. They had two children together‚ Aurelia Rose‚ and Bodhi‚ who was born in October 2018. The band's fans responded with heartfelt messages and wishes for the family's recovery. The band had a delayed reunion tour in 2021‚ and had reunited in the year following the news. However‚ the tour was canceled and Parker's condition rapidly deteriorated after the concert. The band's fans are devastated by the news of his untimely death. The members of the band have posted a touching tribute on Instagram. They are all devastated by his death. The Wanted singer Tom Parker's death at 33 has left fans grieving. The band's death is a tragic blow to the group‚ who had reunited for the band's delayed reunion tour in 2010. Their music will be missed by the entire band. It will be difficult for the band to mourn their loss but will remain in the hearts of many. The group's fan base. The singer of the British-Irish boy band The Wanted‚ who died at 33 due to brain cancer‚ has been diagnosed with stage four cancer. The stage four stage of the disease is the most serious type and is indicative of the spread of the disease throughout the body. The vocalist's cancer has spread to distant parts of his body‚ and his wife has posted a tribute to the singer on her Instagram. His wife‚ Kelsey Hardwick‚ announced his death on Wednesday.

the wanted singer tom parker dies at 33 after brain cancer
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The two married in 2017 and had two children‚ Aurelia Rose‚ age three‚ and Bodhi Thomas‚ aged one year‚ in September. In addition to his wife and his children‚ the band has two other members: Adele Roberts‚ who has bowel cancer. The twins are the singer's only children. He was married to Kelsey Hardwick and the couple had two children together. Their daughter‚ Aurelia Rose‚ is 2‚ and their son‚ Bodhi Thomas‚ 17‚ were born in October. His last tweet was for his autobiography‚ titled Hope. The book will be published in July. He was known for his singing talent‚ but his family and fans loved him even more. The Wanted's singer‚ Tom Parker‚ has died at 33. He had been diagnosed with brain cancer in October of last year and was open about his illness. His two daughters‚ Aurelia Rose and Bodhi‚ will be devastated by the loss of their beloved father. The band's fans have also paid tribute to him by making their Instagram account a memorial page for him.