The worlds oldest person, Japans Kane Tanaka, dies at age 119

Tuesday, April 26, 2022
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The World's Oldest Person‚ Japan's Kane Tanaka‚ Dies at Age 119

In February 2019‚ the oldest confirmed person on earth will have died in Fukuoka‚ Japan. Takashi Tanaka was born in 1898‚ the same year Bing Crosby‚ Lou Gehrig‚ and Ella Baker were born. It was the same year that the first transatlantic radio transmission was made and the Wright Brothers achieved the first airplane flight. So‚ the question is‚ how long will Takashi Tanaka hold the record?

Kane Tanaka is the world's oldest verified living person

When it comes to the oldest verified living person in the world‚ Kane Tanaka tops the list. His birthday is celebrated on August 16‚ and people from all over the world send him birthday gifts. Coca-Cola even sent him two bottles‚ labeled with his name and age. He was delighted to receive them. A Japanese magazine called the World's Oldest Living Person also tweeted about his birthday‚ which made Kane Tanaka's birthday all the more special. He has spent most of his life caring for his five children‚ and he ran a small business. He also made and sold desserts and Udon noodles. Tanaka was set to be a torchbearer in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020‚ but his participation was canceled due to the pandemic. Until now‚ the world's oldest verified living person was 122-year-old Jeanne Louise Calment‚ who died in 1997. There have been several other older people‚ but none have yet been verified by Guinness. Despite her age‚ Tanaka is able to move around with the help of a walker and still plays games. Her hobbies include solving math problems‚ writing poetry‚ and playing Othello. She also enjoys playing board games and puzzles. She also credits her long life to her faith in God and his family. He has not seen his family members for more than 18 months‚ but she continues to be curious. Takashi Tanaka was born on July 8‚ 1897‚ in Fukuoka Prefecture. He was the first person to reach the age of 118 in 1998 and the third in history. He also became the world's oldest Japanese born before 1907. On 23 January 2022‚ he became the world's oldest person verified to date. There is a good chance that he will break this record.

She lived through five different eras

The Japanese woman who surpassed the century-old mark to become the oldest living person in Japan is Kane Tanaka. Born prematurely in 1902‚ she lived through five eras. During her early life‚ she was born during the Meiji period and her parents filed her birth certificate a week late. After the Meiji period ended‚ she married her cousin‚ Hideo Tanaka‚ and lived for another nine years. She worked in a noodle store during the Second Sino-Japanese War and a rice cake store afterward. She was so healthy‚ in fact‚ that she even worked as a nurse. After the war‚ she was a regular in the media‚ and she was even featured on the national day of respect for the elderly. She was also famous for her sweet tooth‚ and she ate a whole box of chocolate on the day she received the Guinness World Records certificate. But her love for chocolate didn't end there. The year 1911 was a pivotal time in history. The US was led by Theodore Roosevelt‚ and the British were ruled by Edward VII. There were many other important events happening during that year‚ including the Wright Brothers making the first powered motor-driven airplane flight. The Tour de France was also staged for the first time‚ and Russia and Japan declared war on each other. After her death‚ Kane Tanaka was cremated in her native Japan. Her eldest son and husband fought in the Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II‚ respectively. The world's oldest verified person‚ Kane Tanaka‚ passed away on April 19‚ 2022. She was born on Jan. 2‚ 1903 in Fukuoka‚ Japan. She attributed her long life to family‚ faith‚ hope‚ and sleep. Her death was reported in the hospital in Fukuoka on April 19. Her cause of death was unknown. She survived two bouts of cancer‚ the Spanish flu‚ and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fraud has been a concern in monitoring the world's oldest people

Several researchers have questioned the accuracy of records of the world's oldest people. Earlier studies found that Jeanne Calment's age was 122 years‚ but now Russian researchers say that she was a fraud. The daughter of Jeanne Calment‚ Yvonne‚ took on her mother's identity after her mother's death in 1934. She assumed the woman's identity to avoid paying inheritance tax. She died in 1997 at the supposed age of 122 years and 164 days‚ but was actually 99 years old. A gerontologist became suspicious when the woman's age did not fit with the usual data trends.

She held the record for more than a decade

In March 2016‚ Guinness World Records presented an official certificate to Japans Kane Tanaka who had been living past his 115th birthday. He also received flowers and a box of chocolates. He announced his intention to eat 100 of them. Kane Tanaka is the second oldest validated person to date. He passed Sarah Knauss's record of 119 years‚ 97 days. The 86-year-old was born on December 11‚ 1908. He had five siblings and four adopted children. His father had worked in the military and supported the family by running a noodle shop and rice cake store. He often woke up at 6am and spent the afternoon studying mathematics and calligraphy. He loved playing Othello and the game of chess‚ and had beaten the rest-home staff at several games of the classic board game. Tanaka's grandson‚ Eiji‚ wants to congratulate him in person and wish him well. He hopes that Tanaka stays healthy and has fun every day. The rest-home staff will surely be impressed when they see him at 117. It is not only Tanaka's achievement that has made her so famous. A renowned Japanese sailor is also planning to give a special award to Tanaka for her feat. According to the Guinness World Records‚ the oldest person alive was Kane Tanaka. The Japanese woman was born on 2 January 1903‚ the year the Wright Brothers achieved their first controlled flight. She was in remarkably good health until recently‚ and spent her time playing board games‚ solving puzzles‚ drinking soda‚ and eating chocolate. She was a mother of four and a wife of one husband‚ Hideo Tanaka.

She is survived by her great-granddaughter

Known to her family as Kake‚ Kane Tanaka turned 119 years old on Jan. 2. She kept herself mentally and physically active by solving math problems and playing a game similar to Othello. Even after 18 months without seeing her children or grandchildren‚ she remained curious. Her great-granddaughter‚ Junko Tanaka‚ has created a Twitter account in her name in honor of her grandmother. In addition to World War II‚ Tanaka grew up during the 1920s and was married at age 19. She continued working at her family's noodle store until the age of 103. She survived two bouts of cancer and the Spanish flu of 1918‚ as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. She was planning to carry the Olympic torch through the village of Shime during the 2020 Games‚ but the coronavirus outbreak forced her to decline the honor. In addition to her great-granddaughter‚ Tanaka's family said she had spent the last several years of her life in nursing homes. While she is now living in a nursing home in Fukuoka‚ her family said she kept herself active by playing games and doing math. She was even tapped to carry the Olympic torch during the Tokyo Olympics‚ but her family felt it was too risky because of her COVID-19. Her longevity has been attributed to her faith in God and good nutrition. She fought against diseases for nearly all of her life‚ including paratyphoid fever and pancreatic cancer at the age of 35. She was also active in her grocery stores and was preparing to carry the Olympic torch at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. She is also known for her love of fizzy drinks and her enjoyment of math.