These popular celebrities love to play Valorant

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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Various popular celebrities have shown interest in the game‚ with T-Pain and Snoop Dogg streaming their gameplay on Twitch. Kourtney Kardashian and many other A-listers have also been caught on camera playing the popular action shooter. Despite their varying interests‚ these players all share one commonality: they love to have fun playing the game. So how do you find out if your favorite celebrity plays Valorant? Aside from being a gamer‚ Kim Kardashian has a dedicated Valorant player. The Hollywood actress is not your typical casual player. She's a serious gamer who takes her time to grind‚ and even shows her gaming highlights on YouTube. However‚ her fans will be delighted to know that the aspiring actress loves playing Valorant with her devoted fans. In fact‚ she is so passionate about the game that she regularly streams her gameplay on Twitch. Kim Kardashian is another popular celebrity who has a huge fan following.

these popular celebrities love to play valorant
Image source : buzzgoatc

She owns the lifestyle website Poosh and has almost 161 million followers on Instagram. Most of her fans haven't even tried the game‚ so they might be wondering why the famous Hollywood actress loves Valorant so much. Jordan Fisher has been seen playing the game several times and has over 500K Twitch followers. His gameplay highlights have been viewed by millions of followers‚ including many celebrities.