This is Going To Hurt: Ben Whishaw Series Release Date

Tuesday, February 8, 2022
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This is Going to Hurt, the new drama from BBC One, is based on the memoir of Adam Kay, who is a doctor who works in the NHS. The series features Ben Whishaw as the fictional character, Adam, and is adapted from the book. Based on real events, the memoir reveals the ups and downs of life in a gynaecology ward. The new drama is based on the memoir by David Kay. The novel was released in 2017, but production was delayed. The show's release date has been pushed back, and the show is scheduled to conclude filming in June 2021. The BBC has released the first trailer, which shows Whishaw in character as Adam. The British actor is well known for his work on A Very English Scandal, Skyfall, and Paddington, and will play Adam in this series. This is Going To Hurt is based on the memoir by Adam Kay.

This is Going to Hurt follows a young doctor named Adam, who works his way up the hospital hierarchy. He deals with the stresses and horrors of his work, while trying to keep his personal life in the background. The stress at work is too much for him to bear and his family is beginning to disintegrate.