This Mornings Josie Gibson and Vernon Kay mortified as Ben

Monday, April 11, 2022
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This Mornings Josie Gibson and Vernon Kay Mortified As Ben

This Mornings Josie Gibson and Vernon Kay offer advice to Gayle after she discovers her husband is messaging his ex. Gayle has been married for 18 years and recently discovered that her husband was messaging his ex. The text messages shocked her. But now‚ Vernon and Josie are here to offer advice on how to get back with your ex. Check out this clip below to see Josie and Vernon mortified as Ben.

Josie Gibson's awkward exchange with Phil on This Morning

After hosting competition segments and terrifying rollercoasters for years‚ Josie Gibson decided to give this morning show a go. She sat alongside Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby to co-host the show‚ and her awkward exchange with Phil left Phillip horrified. Josie had just landed in the studio to discuss her eco-friendly road trip when Phillip accidentally referred to Jennifer Aniston as a hooker. The pair tried to impress the audience by playing games that would make them feel uncomfortable. Josie Gibson was the next to play an 'awkward' game with Phillip and Holly‚ and they ended up downing shots and making fun of each other. They also played a silly game where they tried to put a pen in a glass‚ and then tried to squat it into the bottle. This resulted in a highly amusing exchange between the two hosts. The episode was interrupted by a cut to Loose Women presenter Ruth Langsford. Ruth Langsford also hosted the ITV show alongside Josie Gibson‚ which was aired a few days ago. However‚ Phil cut to Ruth Langsford without saying a word of thanks to her. The clip went viral and viewers were horrified by the abrupt cut. The two presenters exchanged insults and jokes during the episode‚ causing viewers to take to social media to complain about the awkward exchange between the two.

Vernon Kay's phone-in with a woman

The sexy phone-in between Vernon and a woman on This Morning has left TV bosses laughing as the pair reveal the shocking truth. The pair revealed that a woman had found incriminating text messages on Vernon's mobile phone. The caller was shocked to discover that Vernon had been married to topless model Tess Daly for over three years and was also having an affair with the model.

Caller's racy confession on This Morning

After a caller confessed to shooting her ex-husband and child support payer in the heart on Monday's This Morning‚ host Holly Willoughby pleaded for the woman to stop appearing on the show. The caller identified herself as a nurse named Sue‚ and admitted to shooting the man in the heart with a 9 mm. However‚ the woman later denied her actions were motivated by her lust for him.

ITV game show Tipping Point relaunched

The ITV game show Tipping Point is looking for Scots contestants for its upcoming season. The show's auditions began last week and will run until May 16 of 2022. To apply‚ you must be a permanent legal resident of the UK or currently live there. The application process has strict eligibility requirements‚ so be sure to check those first. If you meet all of the criteria‚ you'll likely be invited to attend an audition! The relaunched series of Tipping Point has made a major change to its format‚ with three contestants instead of the usual four. The show will start at 4pm TODAY‚ and Ben Shephard‚ the show's host‚ discussed the changes in an interview on This Morning. The host also revealed that there would be three contestants on each show‚ with the possibility of more rounds. The new version of Tipping Point was teased on Twitter a few days before its debut. The first episode will see four hopefuls take on a coin drop machine that reminds viewers of the 2p arcade machines. To win‚ contestants must answer questions to release a coin. It is important that they drop the coin correctly. The first episode aired on ITV in 2012. The new season of Tipping Point will start airing on ITV on Monday‚ April 11‚ at 4pm. The show's return was delayed to accommodate the Olympics‚ but fans have been quick to express their displeasure. The relaunch of Tipping Point has sparked controversy on Twitter as the show's former contestant‚ Andrew‚ is speaking out on his newfound confidence.

You've Been Framed

Josie Gibson and Vernon Kay have made their return to This Morning. With Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield away on Easter‚ they were the only hosts left on the show. When they returned to the show‚ Vernon revealed that he had some exciting news to share with Josie. Josie has just signed up for Cooking With the Stars! Currently in its 10th year‚ the show pairs eight celebrity cooks with professional chefs to create delicious dishes. Josie Gibson and Vernon Kay recently made their double-act debut on This Morning. The pair took over after Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield went on Christmas break. They were praised by viewers for their chemistry and suggested hosting the show permanently. The show's popularity skyrocketed‚ with many viewers commenting on the duo's appearances on social media.