This week's news is not real news. Here are some examples of what did not happen

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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International Health Regulations and Donald Trump

The World Health Organization (WHO) is on track to gain enormous powers that would allow them to override the health care policies of any government. A segment posted to social media by former congresswoman Michele Bachmann has been viewed more than 32‚000 times. Bachmann suggested that the WHO director general could impose global lockdowns‚ vaccine mandates‚ climate change policy‚ and gun control measures.

Here's a roundup of untrue visuals and stories that were popular This week. Despite being shared on social media‚ none of these stories are true. They were checked by the Associated Press. These are the facts ___ Experts say Mars is a 'doorway to Mars'‚ a small crack in barren terrain CLAIM: NASA's Mars Rover captured images of an opening in a mountainside on Mars‚ which suggests extraterrestrial life. THE FACTS NASA officials and Mars experts agree. The curious formation It is a small‚ natural-occurring crack in the barren‚ rocky terrain. Andrew Good from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory‚ Pasadena (California)‚ told the AP the photo circulated was a zoomed-in shot of a natural formed rock crevice. NASA published the image on Wednesday via its website more detailed renderings it describes the region as a rock mound called East Cliffs of Mars' Mount Sharp. Curiosity is a robotic rover. Since 2012's landing‚ we have been exploring This mountain. The image was taken on May 7th. Good stated that NASA scientists who oversee the rover estimated the crevice to be 12 inches tall (30 cm) and 16 inches wide (40 cm) respectively. Good sent an email stating that you can find all sorts of fractures and cracks throughout the area. This outcrop is home to many linear fractures. Gaia Stucky de Quay is a Harvard researcher who studies Mars' surface. She said that images show This spot developed linear cracks over time. A large chunk of rock finally broke away‚ possibly due to winds erosion‚ dust storms‚ or even earthquakes. It appears to be a rectangle when low-quality images are taken‚ so it could have been thought it was a doorway. Cracks usually form in straight lines. You can see into the rock wall and the back‚ which has even more cracks‚ but cracks are not always in straight lines. Some online skeptics have questioned the timing of image release despite NASA's assessment and the other Mars experts. This was just days after Congress held its first hearing on unidentified flying objects (or UFOs) in over 50 years on Tuesday. The hearing was not about extraterrestrials. Honed in on concerns China‚ Russia‚ and other highly-equipped adversaries may be using aerospace technology to attack the U.S. without them knowing. This report was contributed by Philip Marcelo‚ an Associated Press journalist from Boston. ___ WHO health regulations don't infringe on US decision-making CLAIM: A proposal by the Biden administration to amend the World Health Organization International Health Regulations would give the WHO director general sovereign authority to make health care decisions. FACTS: A public health emergency is an international situation that the WHO director general can declare under the International Health Regulations. Experts say that while member countries have agreed to follow the guidelines‚ the WHO doesn't have any power over them or interfere with other countries' decisions-making. The WHO is its host. 75th World Health Assembly Some social media users have begun to misrepresent the U.S.'s proposals to the conference. This is where 194 members states meet to discuss their priorities. The U.S. has made a number of changes to the legal framework known as the "The Framework" in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. International Health Regulations These documents define the rights and obligations of countries in dealing with cross-border health emergencies. These amendments require greater transparency and accountability in the handling of such emergency situations. Some comments‚ such as those made by Michele Bachmann (ex-U.S. Congresswoman)‚ bloggers‚ and conservative commentators are misleading the proposal to falsely assert that they would remove U.S. officials from health policy decision-making and give unilateral authority to WHO director-general. The amendments will transfer U.S. health care decisions to the WHO's director-general. Bachmann While calling in to a conservative radio station last week‚ she was called by a former Minnesota congresswoman. It was posted to Facebook and viewed over 32‚000 times. Bachmann suggested that similar amendments could allow the director general to impose global lockdowns as well as vaccine mandates on all member countries. Bachmann didn't respond to our request for comment. These assertions‚ according to experts familiar with International Health Regulations‚ are false and unfounded. Lawrence Gostin is a Georgetown University professor of law. Director The WHO Collaborating Center on National and Global Health Law at the University of Washington told the AP the director-general has only the power to make suggestions‚ not to enact laws‚ or dictate any other national policy decisions. In an email‚ Gostin stated that it is false to claim the IHR could interfere in health care decisions and transfer these decisions to the WHO Director General. Gostin also wrote the 2005 IHR version. He cited China's signing of the IHR but violating it by delaying reporting the initial COVID-19 epidemic and subsequent outbreaks pushing back against the who investigation in its roots. These amendments by the United States seek to stop This happening. They tighten requirements to report information to WHO‚ and allow them to carry out unimpeded investigations among other modifications. The author is Dr. David Freedman. President-elect The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (who served as a WHO expert committee of IHR specialists for 10 years) reiterated the fact that there is no enforcement‚ police‚ or punitive power at the WHO. He said that the IHR's main focus is on the prevention of pandemics and infectious diseases. The IHR does not mention gun control‚ climate change or specific measures such as vaccinations and lockdowns. Social media users also confuse the IHR and a separate WHO effort. Launched To develop a pandemic response and prevention global agreement. Although the accord is being drafted at This time‚ experts informed the AP that there was no evidence to suggest it would give any country decision-making power. Tedros Ghebreyesus‚ WHO Director General‚ stated that there have been some misleading statements made and deliberate distortions of facts by a few groups.

Tuesday clarified that the WHO doesn't override sovereign member countries. This report was contributed by Sophia Tulp‚ an Atlanta journalist for the Associated Press. ___ Trump lies about Afghanistan casualties CLAIM: 18 months passed in Afghanistan during the time that former President Donald Trump was leading‚ and we lost no American soldiers. FACTS Trump was speaking Saturday in Austin‚ Texas. Claimed In 18 months that I was the commander‚ not one American soldier died. I will mention that particular day. Deadly shooting Trump said that we have lost no one in Afghanistan in the 18-month period that he was in Buffalo (New York)‚ after a gunman shot to death 10 Blacks in a grocery store. Trump didn't give any details about the 18-month period that he was talking about and his spokesperson did not respond to requests for clarification. According to Pentagons‚ during Trump's presidency (January 20‚ 2017 to January 20‚ 2021)‚ there were 18 non-hostile deaths and 45 combat deaths in Afghanistan. Defense Casualty Analysis System. There was an 18 month stretch in which there were no combat deaths or hostilities in Afghanistan‚ from February 2020 through August 2021. This included Biden's presidency. There were two combat deaths reports were made in February 2020 when Trump was President. No reports were ever again made until August 2021 when an attack occurred. Killed 13 U.S. troops During Biden's presidency‚ amid Afghanistan's exit. During that period‚ there were several non-hostile U.S. military personnel killed in Afghanistan. This was in particular 2020. The story of Trump's presidency is also different from the one that he presented. Twelve combat deaths were reported in the 18 months that elapsed before Trump's departure from office‚ January 2021. This was between July 2019 and December 2020. Nearly 2500 us service members died during the 20-year war. Angelo Fichera‚ an Associated Press journalist from Philadelphia contributed to This report. ___ Investments in tech leaders by biotech startups have not caused a shortage of formula CLAIM: Bill Gates‚ Microsoft's cofounder and chief executive officer created the current shortage of baby formula. He invested in an artificial milk company. FACTS formula shortage experts agree. Experts say that shoppers searching for This product may have come across it. Empty shelves Some social media users have speculated about the reason for the shortage in the last few days. Social media posts‚ mainly on Facebook and Twitter suggest that the scarcity is connected to Gates' investment in Biomilq‚ a biotech startup. According to Biomilq's website‚ the company is creating a laboratory-produced alternative to breast milk using cultured human cells. Website. A tweet promoting the absurd theory said that Bill Gates has a lot of money in breast milk lab-produced. Now we are facing a shortage of baby formula? This post was liked more than 15‚000 times and link to CNBC's June 2020 story on Gates' investment. The claims‚ however‚ are flawed because the product isn't yet available and experts claim that such an investment would not have the ability to prevent or cause the shortage. Breakthrough Energy Ventures Biomilq received initial financing from‚ an investor firm that focuses on climate change‚ which was founded in June 2020 by Bill Gates‚ according to the statement. It clarified however that all investment decisions are made solely by the firm's leadership and Bill Gates‚ as well as other investors or board members are not involved. The false claims were also made by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg was not alone in his false claims. He also shared the stage with prominent technology investors. Involved Zuckerberg was the first to launch This investment company in 2015. Not listed As an investor‚ board member or advisor on the company's website. According to the spokesperson‚ Zuckerberg was not confirmed by the AP as a shareholder or board member. Biomilq has not yet been made available for consumers. Kelli Reifschneider is the head of business at the company. She stated that the product was still in its research and development stage and would not be available for purchase for at most four more years. False claims that investment in the company could have contributed to the shortage are also made. The ongoing shortage is due to supply disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This was further exacerbated when a safety recall two experts spoke out about Abbott Nutrition‚ a firm that produces several brands of powdered formulation. Abbott Nutrition is only one company that produces most U.S. formula supplies. The recall of This product and the subsequent shutdown of its factory resulted in a significant loss of market share‚ according to the AP. Reported. Rachna Shah (University of Minnesota) is a supply chains and operations professor. Keely L. Crxton (University of Ohio State University professor of logistics who studies supply chain resilience)‚ told the AP there was no evidence that Gates' investment contributed to the current shortage. Large players in the market can limit competition. When there's no competition prices will rise or control supply. Shah stated that Bill Gates's investment in This area is not responsible for the shortage we are currently experiencing. The experts stated that even if Biomilq were on the market it is unlikely the product could either cause or prevent the current situation. This report was contributed by Karena Phan‚ Associated Press reporter in New York. ___ Find AP Fact Checks here: https://apnewscom/apfactcheck ___ Follow @APFactCheck Twitter: https://twittercom/apfactcheck