Thumping win keeps All Whites perfect at World Cup qualifiers

Thursday, March 24, 2022
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New Zealand have stayed perfect at the Oceania Fifa World Cup qualifiers after a 7-1 win over New Caledonia on Friday. The All Whites scored four goals in the first 16 minutes to turn a scoreless draw into a rout. Two of the goals were scored by young striker Alex Greive‚ who joined St Mirren in December and has since made an impressive debut. The All Whites started off confidently‚ despite being without a number of front line players. The side responded well to conceding their first goal of the tournament‚ and looked solid defensively. A penalty converted by Bill Tuiloma‚ Andre de Jong and Logan Rogerson sealed victory in the second half. Chris Wood made it 4-0 late in the second half after an offside call. The New Zealand intensity slowed down completely at the end of the match. Despite the loss‚ New Zealand played a confident game. They were missing several front-line players for the start of the tournament‚ but fought back to win a draw against Australia. While New Zealand lacked a clinical edge in the first half‚ the team did manage to score three goals through penalties. They scored one goal apiece in the second half‚ including Logan Rogerson's first goal‚ while Andre de Jong and Bill Tuiloma added the third. The intensity dropped by the end of the match‚ however. After the defeat to New Caledonia‚ New Zealand continued to play with confidence. Even without a number of front-line players‚ the side played well after conceding their opening goal. The defending defence looked solid and the attack looked dangerous‚ but lacking a clinical edge. The first All Whites goal came from a penalty for which Bill Tuiloma‚ Andre de Jong and Logan Rogerson converted. With a 4-0 scoreline‚ the All Whites finished strong and dominated the match. Despite the lack of front-line players‚ New Zealand dominated possession and controlled the game. Despite the loss of a few key players‚ the All Whites were able to stay atop the group despite the absence of some key players. They fought hard to keep the scoreline low and their opponents to concede goals. The result of the match was a 2-0 All-Whites victory‚ and they will remain so for as long as they continue to play confidently. Despite the thumping win over New Caledonia‚ New Zealand was lacking in fire and shape for the majority of the match. But after conceding their first goal of the tournament‚ the All Whites responded well and were strong at the back. After conceding their opener‚ they looked solid‚ but were lacking in a clinical edge in the first half. In the second half‚ the All-Whites scored three goals: a goal from a corner and two from Wood. Despite conceding their first goal of the tournament‚ the All-Whites stayed perfect in the World Cup qualifiers‚ with a 4-0 victory over Fiji in Qatar.

thumping win keeps all whites perfect at world cup qualifiers
Image source : e0365dmc

Chris Wood scored a brace and made the All-Whites' record for goals with 32. The All-Whites are now 3-0 and have won all four matches. The win also makes them the most successful team in the world at the World Championship. The victory was a great result for the All-Whites‚ who remain undefeated in the World Cup qualifiers. The New Zealanders‚ who were weakened by injuries during the tournament‚ played confidently and defended well. The first half was a difficult time for the All-Whites‚ but they responded well after conceding the goal. They looked solid in defence but lacked a certain clinical edge. During the second half‚ they finally found their stride‚ and the intensity dropped significantly. In the opening game of the tournament‚ the All-Whites looked confident and were well drilled. Although they were missing several front-line players‚ they had to cope with a difficult start and conceded their first goal. After conceding their first goal‚ the All-Whites were solid but lacked a certain clinical edge in the first half. Then‚ Logan Rogerson and Andre de Jong scored‚ while Chris Wood made it 4-0 in the second half. But by the time the match ended‚ the intensity had dropped.